New electric KGM Torres EVX dives under €40K for launch

The newly reshaped Korean brand KG Mobility (KGM, in short) has announced the prices of its electric SUV. The Torres EVX will start in Belgium at €43,990. However, with a ‘launch reduction’ of €4,700, it will dive under the €40K threshold, the limit for the €5,000 Flemish EV incentive.

All versions of the Torres EVX have a 152 kW (206 hp) electric motor on the front axle, powered by a 73.4-kWh battery. The range is homologated at 462 km. The KGM Torres EVX was unveiled last year but is only available now.

The electric SUV hasn’t changed much and remains an electric variant of the Torres. Following the Korando e-Motion – Ssangyong/KGM’s first EV – the Torres EVX sits higher in the range at €43,990.

The KGM Torres EVX’s 73.4-kWh battery gives it up to 462 km range /KGM

Therefore, not only is it about €10,000 more expensive than the ICE-powered Torres, but it’s also, and most importantly, cheaper than the Korando e-Motion. All while offering more range and equipment. The new Torres EVX falls short of the €40k limit for the Flemish EV incentive.

462 km of range

Unveiled last year, the Torres EVX takes the general shape of the ICE-powered Torres and fits a new front end and interior. The dashboard layout is completely different, with two 12.3-inch screens and a floating center console. The change to an electric drive doesn’t impact space, as the Torres offers up to 839 liters of boot space.

As standard, the electric KGM Torres EVX has two 12.3-inch screens /KGM

The electric drive train is the same as what was announced last year. The Torres EVX uses an e-motor on the front axle, producing 206 hp and 339 Nm of torque. That’s enough to bring it to 100 kph in 8.11 seconds, making it the fastest in the range.

The Torres EVX uses a 73,4-kWh LFP battery that offers up to 462 km of range (WLTP). That range can go as high as 635 km in city driving conditions. Charging is done via a 10.5-kW onboard charger, while fast charging can max out at 145 kW. That’ll bring the battery from 10 to 80% in 37 minutes. The KGM Torres EVX also features a V2L function that can power up to 2.2 kW of other appliances.


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