Mercedes-Benz Trucks achieves 1,000 kW charging with eActros 600

During testing at its development center in Wörth am Thein, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has achieved a charging speed of 1,000 kilowatts (kW) or 1 megawatt (MW) with the new eActros 600, which launches later this year. This means Mercedes one-ups MAN, which reached a charging speed of 700 kW, albeit at a public charging station in collaboration with ABB.

The Megawatt Charging System (MCS) will be an important step in the charging infrastructure for electric trucks as it launches in late 2024 or early 2025. It will allow for up to 3.75 MW of charging power, compared to the limit of just 400 kW of the current CCS charging standard, which is also used by electric cars.

The MCS charging standard will become available by 2025 and requires a new connector, which can be retrofitted / Daimler Truck

First to 1,000 kW

With long-distance electric trucks now appearing on the market, most truckmakers are implementing the MCS system (which requires a different connector) into their new BEV models. MAN demonstrated its eTruck prototype charging at 700 kW at a public charging station from ABB just last month, setting a new record. Now, Mercedes-Benz Trucks goes just a step further, achieving 1,000 kW during testing.

To be fair, Mercedes-Benz Trucks didn’t go to a public charging station but rather achieved the milestone during internal testing of the new eActros 600 at its Wörth am Rhein development center. Mercedes promises that MCS charging at 1,000 kW will be enabled as soon as it becomes available, with the connector being pre-installed. Still, customers can also choose to retrofit their trucks with MCS capability.

Thanks to the eActros’ 800-volt battery and super-high amperages, a peak charging power of over 1,000 kW was achieved. But the MCS standard can deliver up to 3.75 MW at its peak / Daimler Truck

1,000 km per day with charging stops

The eActros 600 uses three battery packs of 207 kWh, with a total capacity of 621 kWh, allowing for a 500 km range with a loaded trailer. Thanks to megawatt fast charging, over 1,000 km of driving per day should be achievable if a quick charge is possible during the driver’s mandatory break. Series production of the eActros 600 should start before the end of 2024.


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