Renault targets families with new ‘adaptable’ Symbioz seven-seater

Renault has completed its C-segment E-Tech Hybrid vehicle offerings of the Arkana and Austral with the new Symbioz, a 4.41 m long seven-seater with a sliding bench seat that adjusts for trunk space or leg room and folds to create a flat floor if needed.

It’s a modern interpretation of the Renault 16, launched in 1965. This car premiered the hatchback access to the trunk and included a bench seat that was adjustable for a ‘holiday travel’ position. With the hybrid powertrain and no worries about fuel shortage, the Symbioz is the dream remedy for people’s ‘range anxiety’ while going on holiday, which often refrains them from buying an EV.

Voitures à vivre

“Never has a car lived up to its name so perfectly! Symbioz takes the best from our latest Renault cars and combines it with our ‘voitures à vivre’ DNA: the new Renault design, our efficient E-Tech full hybrid technology, and the best multimedia system in the market,” Fabrice Cambolive, CEO of Renault Brand, advertises its latest product.

Modularity is the main USP of this model. “The rear bench is designed to slide over 16 cm, creating knee room of 221 mm for passengers at the rear while also maintaining a trunk capacity of 492 liters in this configuration.”

“When adults do not occupy the rear seats, the bench seat slides forward to increase boot capacity to 624 liters and up to 1,582 liters when the rear seats are fully folded (60:40).” By simply swiping a foot under the sensor on the rear bumper, the tailgate opens electrically.

Automatic tinting sunroof

The feeling of ample space inside the car is amplified by the Solarbay tinted glass sunroof that darkens in segments on demand, using PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology. This way, you can do without the need for a mechanical blind.

You can choose between four sunroof positions: fully transparent, fully opaque, transparent front, and opaque rear. The roof automatically dims when the driver turns off the ignition and leaves the vehicle.


It’s no surprise that Symbioz shares its dashboard with New Captur. From the Techno version upward to the Iconic and Esprit Alpine trim levels, Symbioz features the OpenR Link multimedia system with Google built-in. It is based on Android Automotive 12 and is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, wired or via Bluetooth.

Apart from the driver’s 10.3” screen, there is a central 10.4” vertical touchscreen (on all versions) that allows drivers and passengers to adjust settings or access multimedia. An optional Harman Kardon hi-fi system with nine speakers is also available.

Customizable interior mood

Renault offers ‘MULTI-SENSE settings’ that allow for varying vehicle parameters, both technical (such as the steering feel) and adjusting the onboard mood lighting. You can choose eight lighting colors for the dashboard screen and 48 colors for the interior lighting.

Those can be adjusted automatically every 30 minutes based on the circadian cycle (24-hour biological clock) and time of day, meaning cool colors during the day and warm colors when it is dark.

Hybrid E-Tech by Renault

The Symbioz is not an EV nor a plug-in hybrid, though it features Renault’s E-Tech full-hybrid technology. It combines two electric motors (a 36 kW e-motor and an 18 kW HSG – High-Voltage Starter Generator with a 69 kW (94 hp) 1.6 L 4-cylinder engine on gasoline. The gearbox has four gears for the ICE and two for the main electric motor.

It’s a classic hybrid (HEV) equipped with a limited (1.2 kWh) battery that recharges automatically. Renault claims that Symbioz always starts in electric mode, “allowing drivers to remain in full-electric mode up to 80% of the time in the city, with fuel savings of up to 40% compared with a conventional gasoline engine over an urban cycle.” Count on average fuel consumption of 4.6 liters/100 km (WLTP).

Like most modern cars today, Symbioz comes with new-generation driver aids (ADAS), 29 in total, with Active Driver Assist (level 2 autonomous driving) and intelligent speed adaptation among the most advanced functions. The adaptive cruise control can be set to adapt automatically (or not) to the legal speed limits detected.


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