Oosterweel starts tunneling under Albert Canal

Lantis and contractor consortium TM Roco have started the construction of the channel tunnels between the future Oosterweel junction, located on the right bank of Antwerp near the Noordkasteel, and the Antwerp Ring Road. The tunnels, which start at the America Dock and run under the Albert Canal, should be ready by 2030 and form the long-awaited missing link that completes the beltway.

The tunnels will consist of four tubes, stacked two on top of each other, and are 2.5 kilometers long. Near the Noorderlaan, they split into a northern and southern connection to the Ring. The lower tubes connect to the Antwerp Ring, which leads toward the Netherlands; traffic will travel to and from the Sportpaleis and the E313 via the upper tubes.

Strict safety measures

The construction of the channel tunnels marks the start of a new part of the Antwerp Oosterweel project, which is crucial for promoting smooth and safe traffic. The tunnel elements will be made on-site. A large construction pit is being dug along one side of the Albert Canal, making the canal narrower for ship traffic.

Lantis has developed various measures with the Flemish Waterway (De Vlaamse Waterweg NV) to ensure shipping traffic during the works. Because the works on the channel tunnels are located at a very busy intersection in the waterway, strict safety measures have been taken.

The agreements regarding the safe passage of shipping traffic were confirmed on Wednesday with the signing of the Vessel Traffic Services Albert Canal Oosterweel Charter by contractor consortium TM Roco, Port of Antwerp-Bruges, City of Antwerp, De Vlaamse Waterweg, Lantis, and Minister for Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters (Open Vld).


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