59 accidents caused by ignoring red light in Brussels

Last year, 59 accidents were caused by ignoring red lights in Brussels. From 1 June, Brussels will launch a new awareness campaign,

“Do you think 1 minute before the red light is too long?” to call on motorists, cyclists, steppers, and pedestrians alike to obey traffic rules and respect traffic lights.

Vulnerable road users are mostly victim

Driving through a red light can have dramatic consequences. Other road users cannot adjust their behavior, leading to serious accidents, especially with vulnerable road users.

For example, most victims in Brussels were pedestrians (29%, with 21% seriously injured or killed), followed by motorists (22%, 2% of them seriously injured or killed), cyclists and steppers (17%, with 6% and 10% seriously injured or killed respectively), and motorcyclists (5%).

Most accidents caused by ignoring red lights were also caused by motorists.

A fine of up to 174 euros

“Traffic has rules. You must follow those rules,” says Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt (Groen) at the campaign launch. In June, posters will be placed throughout Brussels, radio spots will air, and videos will be posted on social media.

“You do that for yourself, for your children, your parents, your neighbors. Everyone you pass on the street is an extra reason to wait for the red light. It only takes a few seconds, and you are saving lives.”

Those who break the rules can expect a hefty fine. Driving through orange is a second-degree offense, which comes with a fine of 116 euros. Driving through a red is a third-degree offense, leading to a fine of 174 euros.


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