Bicycle theft in Brussels Region tripled

Between 2015 and 2022, the number of reported bicycle thefts in the Brussels Region increased by more than 70%. This is according to a study by, the security management organization for the capital region.

The rapidly increasing use of bicycles in the capital and region is undoubtedly making bicycles hip to thieves.

5,000 theft reports

The number of cyclists at counting points in the Brussels Region has increased fivefold since 2010. According to, this is partly due to increasing traffic jams, the development of better cycling infrastructure, the search for healthier and less polluting modes of transport, and the popularity of e-bikes.

At the same time, the number of bicycle thefts also experienced a marked increase. In 2015, there were  2,900 reports of stolen bicycles; in 2022, there were already 5,000 reports, an increase of at least 72%. also assumes that not every bicycle theft is reported. According to their estimate, 8,335 and 13,500 bicycle thefts occurred in 2022.

Theft mainly in public spaces

Still, according to the survey, bike thefts mainly occur in public places in Brussels’s center. On the outskirts of the capital region, many bikes are also stolen from homes or other private spaces.

“The bicycle is a popular item to steal, especially in urban areas where they are everywhere,” says.” Brussels is no exception to this rule, although nothing suggests that bicycle theft is more common in Brussels than in other major cities.”

It also points out that bicycle theft is not only a property crime but also an impairment of citizens’ mobility. “Moreover, numerous potential users would refrain from buying or using a bicycle for fear of theft.”

The new anti-theft docks from Locky /Locky

Launch of a new type of bicycle parking device

In late April, Belgium launched mybike.belgium, a simple, efficient, and free registration system to combat bicycle theft. In Brussels, more than 50,000 cyclists have now signed up to the system launched by the Brussels region.

Brussels Mobility now has also launched the ‘Safe On-Street Bicycle Parking’ project, which was won in September 2023 by Locky, a Brussels-based startup.

The two-year pilot project aims to test a new type of bicycle parking device that integrates its locking system, equipped with an alarm and a theft compensation guarantee. The solution is intended to complement bike racks, such as those developed by CyCLO, in the areas most affected by theft.

600 locations by the end of next summer

The first 32 of the 40 stations have just been installed across 10 locations. These locations include Fernand Coq Square, Flagey, Stéphanie, Charles Graux, Louise Roundabout, Avenue de la Toison d’Or, Saint-Gilles Barrier, and ULB/VUB.

The racks can be accessed via a mobile app, with an hourly rate of 0,89 euros/hour or a daily rate of 4,45 euros/24h. In addition, the first 15 minutes are free. A subscription offer of 14,90 euros per month will be available soon.

If the bike is stolen anyway, the company promises to reimburse you. By the end of next summer, cyclists would be able to go to 600 locations across the Region.


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