VUB examines Brussels mobility anno 2050

March 20, 2023

How could urban mobility in Brussels evolve by 2050? That is the million-dollar question of Remobilise, a research project of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). The researchers drew four possible future scenarios and are now considering policy recommendations in workshops to tackle everyday mobility challenges. “The future does not always develop as we expect. The […]

E-scooters most problematic obstacles for visually impaired

March 20, 2023

Mobility is a basic right, but for (partially) blind people, the road is, unfortunately – literally – littered with obstacles. That is why the Braille League wants to raise awareness about mobility among blind and visually impaired people. The organization, therefore, has organized a large-scale survey among about 700 respondents and is repeating its sensitizing […]

De Lijn keeps on struggling with exodus of drivers

March 17, 2023

Flemish public transport operator De Lijn continues to face a shortage of drivers. For example, of the 356 drivers De Lijn recruited in 2021, almost a quarter had already left before the end of 2022. So for this year, De Lijn has to look for 900 new drivers all over Flanders. In general, you can […]

EU again issues free international train passes for youngsters

March 16, 2023

Eighteen-years-old who would like to spend a summer traveling through more than 30 European countries with a free rail pass can bid for one of the 35 000 tickets on offer from the European Commission until 29 March. Indeed, since 2018, the European Commission has been launching its spring call for free train travel across […]

Belgian rail earns €35 million a year from first class

March 15, 2023

About one in 40 train passengers chooses a seat in first class on a Belgian railway company train. This resulted in an added value of  35,1 million euros for NMBS/SNCB last year, says Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo). According to the minister, about 2,5% of all travelers take a seat in a first-class carriage (2% […]

De Lijn reports increase of cross-border behavior among passengers

March 15, 2023

Last year, the Flemish public transport company De Lijn received 135 reports of sexually transgressive behavior on vehicles or at stops. That is 45 more than the 90 reports in 2021, an increase thus of 50%. This is according to figures requested by Flemish MP Katrien Schryvers (CD&V). Most of the 135 reports (78) were […]

‘Three-country’ train finally welcome in Belgium

March 14, 2023

The die is cast: the so-called ‘three-country train’ will finally be welcome on Belgian territory. As of December, the train will connect three countries: every hour, a train will run between Liège (Belgium), Maastricht (the Netherlands), and Aachen (Germany). The plans for the three-country train – a Dutch initiative – go back to 2016, when […]

SD Worx: ‘One in 500 Belgian employees has mobility budget’

March 13, 2023

Today, one in 500 Belgian employees has a mobility budget (MOB). Their number almost doubled in one year: from 0,10% in 2021 to 1,18% in 2022. With the federal mobility budget, employees exchange their (right to a) company car for a budget they can use to organize their own mobility sustainably. Given the limited absolute […]

Punctuality of Belgian trains makes another plunge

March 09, 2023

The punctuality of trains of Belgium’s public rail company NMBS/SNCB was again lower in February than a year earlier. If canceled trains are included, punctuality was 82,4%. That means more than one in six trains were running with at least six minutes delay or were abolished. Punctuality figures published on the open data website of […]

Egyptian MCV provides electric bus for German market

March 08, 2023

The Egyptian manufacturer, Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles (MCV), is entering the continental European market. The OEM has developed a bus specifically for clients in Germany and has already founded a subsidiary, MCV Deutschland GmbH, for sales, after-sales, and services. The official presentation of the integral, fully electric twelve-meter low-floor bus will take place in March at […]

Dutordoir six more years as boss of Belgian railways

March 06, 2023

As expected, the council of ministers has extended the mandate of railway boss Sophie Dutordoir. Sophie Dutordoir, who has been CEO of NMBS/SNCB since 2017, gets six more years. In a comment, she promises to dedicate herself “with the same enthusiasm and commitment” in the coming years to realize the public service contract between the […]

Belgian rail to check tickets before boarding for safety

March 03, 2023

Anyone taking an NMBS/SNCB train from now on will have to show their ticket more often before boarding. More officers from Securail, the public railway’s security service, will be deployed for this purpose. NMBS/SNCB thus wants to avoid discussions between travelers and train attendants on board the train, as they are the main cause of […]

Namur’s flamboyant multimodal station is now operational

March 02, 2023

Namur’s new multi-modal station was officially inaugurated on Wednesday. For the first time, commuters were able to access the Namur NMBS/SNCB station via the famous cable-stayed bridge allowing TEC buses to drive up the roof to the new stop. There, passengers can then take the lift to the platforms several floors below. The renovation comes […]

Ghent: ‘Axing bus stops undermines the public’s support’

March 02, 2023

Flemish public transport company De Lijn refuses the city of Ghent’s request to no longer remove bus stops. De Lijn counters that by saying it is adapting its bus network to the principles of ‘basic accessibility’ and that stops can disappear and be added elsewhere. “The idea is to strengthen public transport where demand is […]

Dutch railways NS continues to face staff shortage

February 24, 2023

The staff shortage at Dutch railways NS, due to labor market shortages and absenteeism due to illness, is just not getting resolved. Of over 7 000 vacancies, NS now managed to fill almost 5 200, but the need for conductors and drivers remains high. Chief executive Wouter Koolmees, who has been in charge of the […]

Spanish railway boss resigns due to over-sized trains

February 21, 2023

The top boss of Spanish railways Renfe, Isaías Táboas, has resigned. Following an order for trains that turned out to be too big to track through specific tunnels, he presented his resignation yesterday. The order has been controversial in Spain for a fortnight after the mistake was made public. At issue was a 248 million […]

Works start on first six km of Brussels-Ghent F2 bicycle highway

February 21, 2023

On Monday, February 20th, the preparational works for an important part of the bicycle highway between Ghent and Brussels started. The F2 bicycle highway runs from Ghent – via Melle, Wetteren, and Aalst, among others – to Brussels. The F2 passes various train stations, optimizing multi-mobility. Workers began by clearing shrubs and trees near the […]

De Lijn travelers dissatisfied with prices and punctuality

February 16, 2023

Passengers’ satisfaction with De Lijn services is going down again. In particular, the punctuality of buses and trams and the prices charged by the Flemish public transport company are causing less satisfaction. This is according to measurements by market researcher Ipsos commissioned by the Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works (MOW). Exactly 62,3% of travelers […]

Ebusco closes 2022 with record of 1.474 e-bus orders

February 15, 2023

Dutch electric bus manufacturer Ebusco has shared figures from its record year 2022, which saw the launch of the Ebusco 3.0 and an explosive growth to 1 474 e-buses ordered. Ebusco’s workforce also doubled in 2022, but supply chain issues still hinder the company’s revenue. Ahead of presenting its full-year 2022 revenue figures, Ebusco has […]

NMBS/SNCB invests nearly €2 billion in better accessibility

February 14, 2023

Belgian public railway company NMBS/SNCB will invest up to 1,8 billion euros to modernize stations and make them more accessible. The news got out earlier when the government signed a new 10-year management contract with the railway company late last year. Still, Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo) is also revisiting the new measure in some […]

NMBS/SNCB launches new campaign against aggression

February 10, 2023

Belgian public railway company NMBS/SNCB has launched a new campaign against aggression toward train and station staff. The railway company received 1 900 reports of such aggression last year, 60% more than in 2019. With posters in stations and a whistling concert Thursday in the hall of Brussels-North station, NMBS/SNCB wants to ask for more […]

Alstom to pay Belgium €80 million for delays in delivery M7 trains

February 09, 2023

French rolling stock manufacturer Alstom has already had to pay 80 million euros in fines for delays in delivering M7 carriages to Belgium’s public railway company NMBS/SNCB. This was what Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo) told the Parliamentary Committee on Mobility this week. In 2015, Alstom and NMBS/SCNB signed a framework agreement to deliver up […]

Belgian rail abolishes cash payments onboard trains

February 09, 2023

Train passengers wishing to buy a ticket on board a train operated by Belgian rail operator NMBS/SNCB will only be able to do so electronically from May. Railroad employees will no longer accept cash, but only carry a mobile payment terminal. According to NMBS/SNCB, the measure fits into “a broad social trend toward digitalization and […]

Gilkinet wants to get rid of VAT on Belgian rail tickets

February 08, 2023

Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo) will put a proposal of 0% VAT on tickets of Belgium national railway company NMBS/SNCB on the table at the March governmental budget audit. He said this in the chamber’s Mobility Committee. Currently, it is 9% by default. Furthermore, the minister again disputed that he intends to implement significant rate […]

Federal mobility survey: commuter bike remains on the rise

February 06, 2023

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular for commuting in Belgium, and employers are doing more to support sustainable mobility modes. This pops up clearly from the 6th edition of the survey organized every three years by the Belgian FPS Mobility and Transport among all private and public sector employers with at least 100 employees. In general, […]

Amsterdam will ban coaches from city center from 2024

February 03, 2023

The city of Amsterdam has decided to ban heavy coaches (+7,5 tons) from the city center as of 2024. The decision has been taken because the many buses – up to 450 a day – are a nuisance for inhabitants. The bus traffic causes congestion in the narrow streets of Amsterdam and creates unsafe situations […]

Channel Tunnel’s capacity may expand to 1.000 trains a day

February 02, 2023

After the commissioning of a more powerful power supply, tunnel operator Getlink announced on Wednesday that up to 1 000 trains a day will eventually be able to use the Channel Tunnel. Previously, six trains could travel through the tunnel simultaneously in each direction. This could rise to eight in the future, including a new […]

Belgian rail’s new management contract includes bonus-malus

February 02, 2023

The Belgian government’s new management contract with the public railway company NMBS/SNCB contains a bonus-malus system. If the NMBS/SNCB does not achieve the performance indicators, it can lose up to five million euros in funds. On the other hand, if it does achieve them, a bonus of the same amount is included. Minister of Mobility […]

EU to support new night train Amsterdam – Brussels – Barcelona

February 01, 2023

The European Commission has selected ten pilot projects for new train connections between European cities. One of those pilot projects is a new night train, connecting Amsterdam, Brussels, and Barcelona, similar to European Sleeper’s earlier announced Brussels-Amsterdam-Berlin line. The Commission will also support several other pilot projects to stimulate the expansion of international rail traffic […]

Antwerp inaugurates new ‘city liner’ trams

January 30, 2023

Last Saturday, public transport company De Lijn inaugurated its first new trams in Deurne (Antwerp, Belgium). From Monday, January 30th, the so-called ‘city liner’ (‘stadslijner’, in Dutch) will be used for the first time on line 10, connecting Wijnegem and Schoonselhof. The new trams are 30 meters long and can transport up to 187 passengers. […]

Gilson: “Infrabel now head of the European pack in rail management”

January 27, 2023

Belgian railway network operator Infrabel has inaugurated a new control room in Brussels. This forms the completion of a major operation in which 368 outdated signal boxes were replaced by ten modern counterparts. The program started 18 years ago and represents an investment of nearly 1 billion euros. It turns the operator into one of […]

TEC buses to get green light automatically at intersections

January 26, 2023

By the end of this year, buses and trams of the Belgian public transport company TEC in Wallonia will automatically get a green light when approaching a traffic light at an intersection. This will reduce travel times, causing fewer delays, and as another positive result, allow for fewer emissions if not yet electric. To technically […]

De Lijn orders 500 e-buses from Iveco, VDL misses out

January 26, 2023

Flemish public transport company De Lijn has placed a large order of up to 500 electric buses with Iveco, of which 65 articulated e-buses, a first for De Lijn. It’s a tough blow for the Dutch VDL group, which has a new e-bus factory in Roeselare (Belgium) but only gets an order of 75 e-buses […]

Eurostar-Thalys merger aims at 30 million passengers a year

January 25, 2023

The high-speed train operators Eurostar and Thalys merger has entered a new phase. The former exploits high-speed train connections between Belgium and the Netherlands, France, and Germany; the latter between the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and the UK. By 2030, the group intends to transport 30 million passengers annually, or twice as many as in 2022. […]

De Lijn orders first 17 electric tram buses for Spartacus project

January 24, 2023

Public transport company De Lijn has ordered the first 17 electric tram buses for the Spartacus project in Limburg. The decision was made in May last year to shelve the almost 18-year-old plans for a tram connection between Hasselt and Maastricht and replace it by electric buses to be delivered now by Dutch-Belgian bus builder […]

VDL gets mega-order of 193 Citea e-buses from Dutch EBS

January 19, 2023

VDL Bus & Coach has received an order of 193 electric buses from Dutch public transport company EBS, which will use these new-gen Citea buses in the region Zaanstreek-Waterland (the Netherlands). These buses will be built in Valkenswaard and in the new Belgian e-bus factory in Roeselare, which is opening soon. EBS was founded in […]

Hertz to deploy 25 000 EVs for Uber drivers in Europe

January 18, 2023

US car rental company Hertz will make 25 000 electric vehicles available to Uber drivers in Europe by 2025. The two companies announced this in a joint statement on Tuesday. The first vehicles will be available for hire in London from January. The initiative will then be extended to Paris, Amsterdam, and other major cities. […]

Belgian Rail passes 200 million passengers again

January 13, 2023

Belgian railway company NMBS/SNCB once again carried more than 200 million passengers last year. The previous two years had failed to reach that mark due to the corona crisis. “On average, the number of passengers is about 90% of the passenger volume in 2019,” the railway company says in a press release. For 2022, NMBS/SNCB […]

CATP: ‘Hydrogen buses cost and pollute more than BEVs’

January 12, 2023

The French public transport purchasing bureau (CATP) has updated its comparative study of bus drivetrains concerning pollution and costs during a 15-year lifespan. The increased energy prices and new hydrogen offers on the market gave the incentive to publish the latest figures unfavorable to hydrogen. The CATP was founded in 2011 and published its initial […]

Acerta: ‘Belgians are using their car less to commute’

January 12, 2023

For the first time in five years, Belgians use their cars slightly less to commute to work. On the contrary, public transport is again as popular for commuting to work as before corona, and the number of company cars reaches a new record. This is according to the annual mobility barometer of HR service provider […]

Brussels Train World museum passes mark of one million visitors

January 04, 2023

On Tuesday, January 3rd, the Brussels museum ‘Train World’ in Schaarbeek (Brussels) welcomed its one-millionth visitor. Train World is the museum of NMBS/SNCB, the National Company of the Belgian Railways. It is Belgium’s first real railway museum, and it opened its doors to the general public in September 2015. Visitors can get a unique view […]

Antwerp water bus to deploy larger ships due to success

January 03, 2023

The ferry connection on the Belgian river Scheldt, the so-called Antwerp ‘water bus’, is a huge success. The number of annually transported passengers increased year after year, growing from 105 000 to 775 000 in five years. That is why Aqualiner decided to deploy larger ships this year. The water bus has been operational since […]

38 400 scheduled train journeys canceled in 2022 in Belgium

December 29, 2022

More than 38 400 scheduled train journeys were canceled in Belgium last year, a record number. So reports the newspaper De Tijd, which analyzed figures from railway network operator Infrabel from January to November. With more than 38 400 train journeys scheduled to be canceled, 2022 thus already breaks the record from 2016, when just […]

Brussels-Berlin European Sleeper train operational in May 2023

December 28, 2022

European Sleeper, the Dutch-Belgian night train service announced in February 2021, will be operational in May 2023. The train will connect Brussels, Amsterdam, and Berlin and be available three times a week in both directions. The maiden trip is planned for May 25th, departing in the German capital at 10:56 p.m. and arriving the following […]

De Lijn renames buses to and from Brussels as R-lines

December 28, 2022

Every bus line of the Flemish public transport company De Lijn driving to and from the Brussels Capital Region will, in the future, be recognizable by a new line number. The new combination consists of the letter ‘R’ and two digits. The letter R stands for ‘regional’. The Flemish transport company, which has some 50 […]

Fleming takes car, train, and bus less often than before corona

December 23, 2022

Flemish citizens don’t take the car, train, or bus as often as before the corona crisis. That is what the second large-scale Covid-19 survey of Flanders, in which 3 730 respondents took part, revealed. The third and final report from Statistics Flanders to gain insight into the impact of the corona pandemic on the living […]

Belgian rail adopts infrared tech against track walkers

December 21, 2022

Belgian railway network operator Infrabel has inaugurated in Brussels an infrared system against track walkers. The system should avoid as many casualties as possible and protect the punctuality of trains. The advanced surveillance system was inaugurated at Brussels-Capelle Church, the busiest point on the rail network with a daily flow of 1 200 trains and […]

De Lijn needs to recruit 900 additional drivers in 2023

December 21, 2022

In recent months, the Flemish public transport company De Lijn had to cancel many planned trips. The reason for it was a shortage of staff. After an intensive recruitment campaign focusing on the largest ‘problem areas’ (Antwerp, Louvain, and the Flemish part of Brussels), De Lijn recently recruited 657 drivers. However, next year, the company […]

Dutch Ebusco reveals lightweight electric articulated bus with 700 km range

December 20, 2022

The Dutch electric bus manufacturer Ebusco has revealed a new model for its zero-emissions line-up: the Ebusco 3.0 18-meter, an articulated bus made from composite materials. That keeps the weight very low and gives the bus an electric range of up to 700 km, with a passenger capacity of 150 people. The main advantage of […]

Jean-Michel Soors new top executive TEC

December 19, 2022

The Walloon government has appointed Jean-Michel Soors as the new director general of Walloon public transport company TEC. Soors will start on 1 February 2023. Soors’ appointment follows a selection procedure launched in May 2022 to replace Vincent Perelman’s. The latter decided to explore other horizons. TEC Liège-Verviers Soors has a master’s degree in industrial […]

France prepares for power cuts in public transport

December 06, 2022

Due to the energy crisis, electricity outages may be possible in some European cities this winter. In France, struggling with its supply as several nuclear plants are out of service, public transport considers all scenarios to avoid stranding passengers, including electricity cut-offs. Although the metro system will be spared a power cut this winter, trams […]

EU gives France green light to ban short-haul domestic flights

December 05, 2022

France will ban short-haul domestic flights in favor of the train. The country was given the green light by the European Commission to abolish flights between cities if the link by a train offers an alternative solution with trips of fewer than 2,5 hours. When the measure was first announced, it was contested by the […]

Belgian rail board approves amended management contract

December 05, 2022

On Friday, Belgian’s railway company NMBS/SNCB board of directors approved the future management contract. It will now be submitted to the unions for their opinion, with the federal government expected to give the final go-ahead before the end of the year. Many details about the management contract are yet unknown. However, several broad outlines are […]

Flanders to invest €2,3 billion in mobility and public transport

December 02, 2022

Next year, Flemish Minister for Mobility and Public Works (Open Vld) will invest 2,3 billion euros in 815 projects. In all those projects, three keywords are involved: bicycle, safety, and sustainability. The largest part of the budget is destined for the Agency for Roads and Traffic (Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer, AWV) (€738 million) and the […]

New P+R car park in the north of Brussels

December 01, 2022

In Jette, in the north of Brussels, the regional agency has opened a new 50-space interchange car park on the grounds of the UZ Brussel. This P+R parking with access control is the first in Brussels under shared management. The Brussels-Capital Region now has eight car parks designated as Park & Rides: Erasmus, Coovi, […]

Seoul starts pilot with driverless bus

November 28, 2022

As of last Friday, Seoul’s citizens can ride in an autonomous driving bus. The first self-driving shuttle was inaugurated and must help people take the threshold and build faith in the technology. The bus runs a 3,4-kilometer-long loop through South Korea’s capital, which lasts around 20 minutes. Travelers can embark on one of the two […]

Brussels to spend €1,4 billion of its total budget to mobility

November 23, 2022

The Brussels government will allocate an additional 125 million euros to Mobility next year, increasing the budget to 1,448 billion euros in the 2023 budget. This amounts to 20% of the Brussels Region’s budgetary funds. “The government is taking its responsibility on mobility challenges, the climate change, and health crisis, and more generally on the […]

Brussels MIVB/STIB shifts up a gear for e-buses

November 21, 2022

The switch to electric bus traffic in Brussels is being accelerated. In the next two years, four bus lines will become electric, and six additional charging stations near Westland Shopping in Anderlecht will be added. Brussels public transport company MIVB/STIB has announced this. According to MIVB/STIB CEO Brieuc de Meeûs, the terminals of bus lines […]

Belgian rail to introduce ‘silent’ alarm system for travelers

November 18, 2022

Next year, the Belgian railway company NMBS/SNCB will introduce a new ‘silent’ reporting system for train travelers who feel unsafe. According to research, the feeling of insecurity among train travelers continues to increase. The new system is simple and discrete: travelers can simply ask for help by sending a text message to the permanence center […]

Belgian-German ICE high-speed train celebrates 20th birthday

November 17, 2022

This year, the Inter City Express (ICE) high-speed train connection between Belgium and Germany will celebrate its 20th birthday. In 2022, it will also transport a record number of more than one million passengers. On December 15th, 2002, the first ICE train rode between Brussels and Frankfurt. The ICE network is exploited by the German […]