VW ID.Buzz GTX: fastest trip down memory lane

Last week, Volkswagen unveiled the GTX members of the ID.3 and ID.7 Tourer and announced the upcoming arrival of a similar version in an ID. Buzz package. Here it is. Pepped with the same vitamin treatment, the iconic Bulli turns into a rocket for delivery couriers or German fathers with daily access to the Autobahn.

This expansion of the ID range is exciting and unusual. Except for some ‘free-thinking’ tuners, Volkswagen’s flower power van never transformed into a powerhouse or a superfan. The age of electrification throws all traditions upside down.

Capped top speed

The ID.Buzz GTX uses a dual-motor setup to benefit from all-wheel drive (4Motion). It can launch goods and people from a standstill to 100 km/hour in 6.5 seconds. Remarkably enough, the extended wheelbase version is also available with the sportiest of drivelines. Depending on the configuration, both versions can be ordered with five or six seats, but remember that only the most extended ID is needed. Buzz can be ordered as a full-fledged MPV, seating seven.

The total power output rate is 340 hp, a boost of 136 hp over the current topliner in the range. The rear motor alone packs a punch with 280 pk (210 kW), complemented by a 109 hp (80 kW) front motor. They’re capped because of battery constraints. Also, the top speed is governed at 160 km/hour, so much for the Autobahn.

While retaining the same motor setup, the long wheelbase model upgrades to an 86 kWh battery and offers up to 200 kW peak charging capability, corresponding to the driveline found in the ID.7 Tourer GTX. The LWB version also distinguishes itself with an expansive electrochromic glass roof, further enriching the passenger experience.

More horses… in the back

The 79 kWh battery pack in the SWB aligns with the driveline in the ID.3 GTX and handles peak charging at 185 kW – the standard ID. Buzz uses a 77 kWh battery pack. With an increased towing capacity of 1,800 kg, the GTX comes with a practical benefit. It’s the better offering for equestrian fans who need trailing.

Aesthetically, the GTX sets itself apart with design tweaks, such as a new front bumper, fog light arrangement, and the option of a striking Candy Red finish. These upgrades, like those 21-inch wheels, were already introduced by the earlier announced members of the GTX family.

The interior follows suit with a bold black and red theme, upgraded seating, and a refreshed 12.9-inch infotainment system equipped with Volkswagen’s latest software enhancements. That’s with the added pleasure of ChatGPT informing you about speed limits that were valid two years ago.


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