Belgian Fluxys and Luxembourger Creos together for hydrogen

Belgian gas network manager Fluxys and its Luxembourger counterpart, Creos, have signed a letter of intention to grow their partnership in hydrogen infrastructure. Both companies aim to evolve the European Hydrogen Backbone project.

A cross-border vision is fruitful for the landlocked country of Luxembourg. With this cooperation, both companies want to develop hydrogen transportation and distribution.

European Hydrogen Backbone

Belgian gas network manager Fluxys and its Luxembourger counterpart, Creos, announced having signed a letter of intention. With it, they aim to intensify their cooperation. This will go from hydrogen infrastructure development to cross-border transport and joint feasibility studies.

“Fluxys has a historic collaboration with Creos in securing the natural gas supply for the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. This new collaboration is a step forward in the development of the much-needed ‘European Hydrogen Backbone’”, declares Pascal De Buck, CEO of Fluxys. He adds that “Multiple strong partnerships are essential for the development of a cross border hydrogen network”.

“As a historic grid operator in the electricity and natural gas sector, it is important for our company to actively tackle the challenge of decarbonization by developing infrastructures for alternative energies such as hydrogen,” adds Laurence Zenner, Creos’ CEO.

The Zeebrugge port will play a key role in the development of hydrogen infrastructure. /Fluxys

From gas to hydrogen

Fluxys is working on growing the hydrogen offer in Belgium. By 2026, they should have their first hydrogen pipeline ready, and by 2030, the company aims to transport the equivalent of 30 TWh of hydrogen. That represents one-third of Belgium’s total electricity consumption.

The Zeebrugge port will also play a key role. Currently one of the most important LNG ports in Europe, the Fluxys infrastructure in Zeebrugge will be modified to transport and store hydrogen from other countries where solar and wind power are abundantly available.


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