Hyundai Staria to get electric version for Europe in 2026

South Korean carmaker Hyundai is said to have electrified its unusually-looking MPV. In addition to a recent hybrid version in its local market, the Staria should get an electric version. The future Staria EV is said to be built in Europe and should be on the market in 2026.

This move from Hyundai is justified by the suspected increase in electric vehicle demand, including vans and MPVs, after introducing more stringent Euro 7 emission regulations.

From diesel to electric

Launched in 2021, the Hyundai Staria is as striking as it gets. However, the MPV (also available as a van) is only revolutionary on the outside. Until recently, it was only available with diesel, gasoline, or LPG powertrains. Hyundai is quickly adapting and recently launched a full hybrid variant that uses the same powertrain as the one found in the Santa Fe and Tuscon Hybrid.

The future Staria EV should complete a range of diesel, gasoline, and hybrid versions /Hyundai

The South Korean carmaker isn’t stopping there. According to a report from the Korea Economic Daily, Hyundai will offer an electric version of the Staria in 2026. The carmaker is said to be expecting a growth in the demand for electric MPVs and vans after Europe’s tighter emission regulations. However, there is no word on the hydrogen version presented in 2021.

84 kWh and 324 km of range

Hyundai is still to confirm any information published by the Korea Economic Daily. Still, the rumors have grounds as the carmaker recently launched the ST1, an electric chassis-cab version of the Staria van. However, whereas the new ST1 Cargo uses a 76,1-kWh battery, the future Staria EV should get the latest, fourth-generation battery pack.

Taken straight out of the new Hyundai Ioniq 5 N, this NCM battery pack has a capacity of 84 kWh. That should give the future Staria EV an estimated range of 324 km. However, this range is calculated using the Korean MOTIE standard. Converted to WLTP, using the Ioniq 5 N as a reference, the Staria EV should offer more than 400 km (WLTP).

Unlike the ST1 (shown here), the Staria EV should use the 84-kWh battery from the Ioniq 5N /Hyundai

Built in Europe

Production of the Staria EV should start in Europe during the first half of 2026. No specific plant is mentioned; however, the only possible choice would be the Czech plant of Nosovice, where Hyundai has already produced Kona Electric for Europe.


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