IEA: 2024 set to be record-year for global EV sales

April 24, 2024

In its Global EV Outlook, the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts a “robust” 20% growth in electric vehicle (EV) sales for the entirety of 2024. This optimistic projection positions the year to shatter previous records, with an estimated 17 million EVs expected to be sold. The findings are surprising as they collide with earlier signs of […]

Deal on US subsidies for European EVs stranded (again)

April 12, 2024

Officials failed to reach on agreement on EV subsidies for cars exported from the EU to the US. The recent negotiations were considered a last chance before presidential elections might turn the tables. However, negotiations will continue. The EU and the US have held talks for some time to reach a bilateral agreement over EV […]

New Jersey takes lead in ‘punishing’ EVs with $250 road tax

April 05, 2024

New Jersey, the US’s ‘Garden State’, is imposing the highest road tax on electric vehicles nationwide, requiring a $250 fee yearly, increasing by $10 each year to top off at $290 in 2028. The money is used for the state’s Transportation Trust Fund to maintain roads, railways, and bridges. While EVs worldwide are mostly exempted […]

Nissan and Mitsubishi to jointly work on pickups and hybrids for America

April 02, 2024

Alliance partners Nissan and Mitsubishi have been collaborating since 2016 in their home market of Japan. Still, a plan has been formed to extend this pooling of resources to North America. A Mexico-built 1-ton pickup truck and a plug-in hybrid vehicle for Nissan are first on the agenda to strengthen both brands in the US. […]

China files WTO complaint over ‘discriminatory’ US subsidy scheme

April 01, 2024

China has escalated its confrontation with the United States over electric vehicle (EV) subsidies by filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO). Beijing deems the practices under the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) “discriminatory”. It feels targeted in particular and believes they are a form of unfair competition in the changing automotive market. […]

Biden pushes carmakers on lenient path to 50% CO2 reduction

March 21, 2024

President Joe Biden is pushing the American car industry toward reducing CO2 emissions by 50% in 2032 compared to 2026, as first announced last year in April. However, under pressure from carmakers and unions, he has allowed a more ‘lenient’ path to achieving that in the 2027-2030 period, with no longer stringent quotas for the […]

Ford E-Transit gets up to 32% more range

March 07, 2024

Ford has updated the full-size E-Transit in the US, boosting the range by 26 to 32 percent thanks to a new 89 kWh battery. The electric van also gets 49 percent faster charging while the price only increases slightly for the American market. A European launch has not yet been announced. The 2022 E-Transit was […]