JLR to use Chinese Chery platforms for future electrified models

June 14, 2024

The Chinese car manufacturer Chery confirmed that Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) will use its M3X and E0X modular platforms for future battery-electric and plug-in cars, which will probably be sold mainly in China. To that end, JLR has signed a strategic agreement with Chery brand Exeed. JLR, owned by Indian Tata Motors, will use two […]

EU carmakers least of all happy with tax wall against Chinese EV imports (update)

June 14, 2024

The EU Commission revealed on Wednesday the rate of the ‘intended’ extra taxes on imported Chinese EVs, ranging from 17.4 to 38.1% on top of the existing 10% import duties on all cars today. China, meanwhile, accuses the EU of intended protectionism and warns “not to go the wrong way.” It threatens to open a […]

Alpine goes electric with the A290 hot hatch

June 14, 2024

Alpine, Renault’s performance brand, has officially entered the electric era by launching the A290, an electric hot hatch emphasizing performance, agility, and lightness. The new model marks a significant departure from Alpine’s traditional line-up and is set to debut later this year. The A290 is heavily inspired by last year’s Beta concept, bringing a bold […]

Hyundai teases affordable small EV called Inster

June 12, 2024

The electric counterpart of the subcompact Hyundai Casper gets its own name in Europe: Inster. This competitor to the Dacia Spring and Citroën ë-C3 will debut later this month and have a range of 355 km. The rumors are true: Hyundai is preparing an all-electric version of its A-segment crossover Casper, which has been on […]

Van Hool’s take-over by VDL: only 250 Belgian jobs remain (update)

June 12, 2024

After news broke on Tuesday that the take-over of Belgian bus maker Van Hool in Koningshooikt (Lier) by its Dutch competitor VDL Group was finalized on Friday last week, VDL now specified its plans. That means only retaining spare part manufacturing, aftersales, intake, development, and finances, providing jobs for 250 people in Belgium. Before, 300 […]

‘Ghent factory won’t build the Volvo EX90’

June 11, 2024

According to The Times, Volvo is investigating plans to shift some of its manufacturing output from China to Ghent in response to the upcoming new import tariffs from the EU. The ramp-up to build units of the EX30 in Belgium would be accelerated, while reportedly, the EX90 is also named for a production move. The […]

Green light for D’Ieteren’s takeover of seventh Porsche dealership

June 11, 2024

D’Ieteren Automotive, the Belgian importer of all VW brands, received the green light from the Belgian Competition Authority (BCA) for the takeover of the Porsche Centre East-Flanders in Sint-Martens-Latem. With that, it owns seven of the nine Porsche dealerships in Belgium. However, conditions apply to ensure fair competition. The BCA investigation showed ‘serious doubts’ about […]

IEA: ‘Clean energy investment this year will be twice the amount for fossil fuels’

June 10, 2024

According to the latest edition of International Energy Agency’s annual World Energy Investment report, global investment in clean energy is set to reach almost double the amount going to fossil fuels in 2024, despite pressures on financing. Total energy investment worldwide is expected to exceed $3 trillion in 2024 for the first time, with some […]

Peugeot builds its last ICE-only car in historic Sochaux factory

June 10, 2024

As the curtain falls on the second-generation Peugeot 3008, a massive hit for the French manufacturer so does the production of ICE-only models at its historic Sochaux production site. Only electric and (mild) hybrid models will be built from now on. To say the 3008 II was a success for Peugeot would be an understatement. […]

Citroën to phase out smaller and larger models

June 10, 2024

Citroën has announced a plan for the future to streamline its model line-up, focusing on Europe’s primary market segments. CEO Thierry Koskas confirmed in an interview with Autocar that the brand will prioritize the B- and C-segments, phasing out smaller and larger models. Citroën’s future range will start with the B-segment C3, including its electric […]

Factorial solid-state cells to be tested by Mercedes

June 07, 2024

Solid-state battery developer Factorial Energy has delivered B-samples of its cells to Mercedes-Benz. The German company is now integrating these into modules and battery packs before extensively testing them. The American company has also publicized an energy density value for the first time: 391 Wh/kg. According to Factorial Energy, the B samples are solid-state battery […]

Ford Europe CEO returns to VW Group

June 06, 2024

Ford’s European top executive, Martin Sander, is moving back to the Volkswagen Group, his former employer. The German car manufacturer announced that he will now oversee sales, marketing, and aftersales for the Volkswagen brand. Sander (57) moved from Audi to Ford in June 2022 as head of the US company’s Model E passenger car division […]

Poppy announces European first with tele-driving rollout

June 06, 2024

In full transition to a mobility provider, D’Ieteren is taking a pioneering step by introducing tele-driving on Belgian roads. Partnering with Ush, the driverless vehicle arm of the company, and Poppy, Benelux’s largest car-share provider, operations are scheduled for later this year. The service must boost the efficiency and customer experience of car sharing. Ush […]

Bicycle theft in Brussels Region tripled

June 06, 2024

Between 2015 and 2022, the number of reported bicycle thefts in the Brussels Region increased by more than 70%. This is according to a study by safe.brussels, the security management organization for the capital region. The rapidly increasing use of bicycles in the capital and region is undoubtedly making bicycles hip to thieves. 5,000 theft […]

Volvo introduces world’s first EV battery passport

June 06, 2024

Volvo will launch the world’s first electric vehicle (EV) battery passport with its new EX90 electric SUV, which has finally gone into production. The move aims to provide customers with detailed information about the battery’s composition, material origins, carbon footprint, and usage. Despite many brands diluting their commitment to a deadline for an all-electric portfolio, Volvo’s […]

Stijn Blanckaert is new MD at Renta

June 06, 2024

Stijn Blanckaert (50) is the new Managing Director of the Belgian Federation of Vehicle Rental Companies, Renta. Its predecessor, Frank Van Gool, recently announced that he would be the new CEO of Febiac, so his place was vacant at Renta. Renta President Johan Portier hasn’t waited too long to assign its successor: “We are very […]

IATA sceptical about flying on 5% SAF by 2030

June 05, 2024

The target of 5% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2030 is extremely ambitious, according to IATA, the International Airline Association. Nevertheless, IATA remains committed to its target of net zero emissions by 2050, although its chairman, Willie Walsh, clearly states that it “is not going to promise to achieve something that does not seem possible […]

New Belgian road code is now official

June 05, 2024

The current Belgian road code, which is some half a century old, will be modernized from 1 September 2026. This news was already known, but with the king signing the text yesterday, the new traffic rules are now officially in place. The new modern code gives everyone a fairer place on public roads – read: […]

Will Audi Q10 e-tron be the saviour of Audi Brussels?

June 04, 2024

Following the decision to withdraw production of the Q8 e-tron from Europe and relocate it to Mexico, the search is ongoing for alternatives for the Audi plant in Brussels. This could be a new high-luxury SUV EV, the assembly of batteries and other electric parts, or both. As the German publication Handelsblatt writes, citing negotiating […]

Belux car registrations in May:-5,9%

June 04, 2024

According to the data of the sector federation, Febiac, the car registrations in Belgium and Luxembourg decreased by 5.9% compared to May 2023. According to Febiac, the regression is due to the company car market because many contracts were anticipated in 2023 for fiscal reasons. The market for individual buyers is increasing. For the first […]

Renault partners with the Chinese on two fronts

June 03, 2024

Although many European manufacturers warn of Chinese competition and think they’re getting indirect subsidies, obstructing a level playing field, they also seem interested in partnerships with ‘the enemy’. Take Renault, for example: It will be running its ICE business (called Horse) with Geely, and now it’s partnering with another Chinese company to create the new […]

Flanders agrees on car re-inspection by approved repairers

May 31, 2024

At the demand of Flemish Mobility Minister Lydia Peeters, the Flemish government has consented to a five-year pilot project allowing approved repairers to proceed to certain car re-inspections. The project aims to reduce the waiting lines and times at the official inspection centers. After evaluation, another 5 years can be added. The Minister expects that […]

China funding bazooka to boost solid-state battery tech

May 31, 2024

According to news agency Reuters, China is set to invest more than 6 billion yuan (765 million euros) in a government-led project to develop solid-state batteries (SSB). The state funding will be attributed to six companies supporting their work on next-generation battery technology and securing the nation’s lead on the global EV playing field. Belgian […]

Flanders and Wallonia to invest in ailing Lineas

May 30, 2024

Rail freight company Lineas is getting a new 46 million euro bailout. It is striking that the regional governments in Flanders and Wallonia are now also going to help save the company, reports the business newspaper De Tijd. Earlier, the federal government supported Lineas financially twice. The company, the largest private rail freight operator in […]

Brussels Motor Show comeback in 2025

May 30, 2024

Febiac, the federation for the Automobile and Two-wheeler sector in the Belux, has announced that the Brussels Motor Show (BMS) will again take place next year. The show will not occur in January, as usual, but from Friday 14 till Sunday 23 February. After a year of absence, the board of Febiac, regrouping most automakers […]

A first with self-driving shuttles at Terhills in Maasmechelen

May 30, 2024

At the Terhills tourist site in Dilsen-Stokkem and Maasmechelen in Limburg, five instead of two self-driving shuttles will now drive around to take tourists and guests there to the various hotspots. It is the first and, so far, only fully autonomous transport system in Europe, i.e., without a safety steward on board. The shuttles can […]

Eurostar centralizes operational centers in Brussels

May 29, 2024

High-speed train operator Eurostar has concentrated the management of its entire network and incident handling in one place: Brussels. The new operations center, which operates 24 hours a day, employs some 100 people managing around 100 trains and 50,000 passengers a day. Previously, there were two operational centers: one in Brussels for the former Thalys […]

€ 20,000 electric Volkswagen arrives in 2027

May 29, 2024

The German automaker Volkswagen is putting the rumours to rest and has officially announced the arrival of an entry-level electric car to compete with the Dacia Spring and the Citroën ë-C3. The successor to – remember? -the e-Up will arrive in 2027 and will be dubbed ID.1. In recent weeks, it became apparent that the […]

Lotus Emeya all-time winner in fast charging test

May 28, 2024

In the annual charging test from P3, the Lotus Emeya set a new benchmark, charging 458 kilometers in only 20 minutes. This is the highest ever recorded, highlighting Chinese advancements in charging technology and crowning the Lotus the long-distance champion. Previous winners in the test were the Mercedes EQS, Kia EV6, and Lucid Air. Every […]

City of Brussels wants measures against exhaust pipe terror

May 28, 2024

The Brussels city council wants the Brussels Region to take measures against noise from amplified engines and exhaust pipes in the capital’s streets. To this end, the city council approved a resolution by Councilor Mathias Vanden Borre (N-VA) on the issue. According to the World Health Organization, noise is the second biggest environmental cause of […]

Frank Van Gool is new CEO of importer federation Febiac

May 27, 2024

Last Friday, the board of manufacturer and importer federation Febiac appointed Frank Van Gool as its new CEO, replacing Andreas Cremer on the 1st of July. Frank Van Gool (52) is well-known in the Belgian automotive business. Since 2013, he has been the managing director of Renta, the Belgian Federation of Vehicle Rental Companies, and […]

Kia unveils EV3, its new compact electric SUV

May 24, 2024

Kia has unveiled the EV3, a new compact SUV with electric drive. The 4.30-meter-long model adopts many elements of the large EV9 inside and out; even the platform is essentially the same. It will launch in Europe later this year, with further versions already announced for 2026. At first glance, the presented production model has […]

A fast-charger every 25 km on Flemish motorways by the end of 2025

May 24, 2024

By the end of next year, EV drivers will be able to access 130 (ultra) fast-charging points on Flemish motorways. Actually, there are already 95 of them available. “With this, the Flemish government will meet its target of installing every 25 km charging infrastructure along or close to motorways by the end of 2025,” says […]

New Brussels tram line 10 to Military Hospital from September

May 23, 2024

The Brussels public transport company MIVB/STIB will start operating the new tram line 10 from Churchill to the Military Hospital on 23 September. The new line should mainly increase the accessibility of Neder-Over-Heembeek, a borough of the city of Brussels. Residents of that borough currently must do a lot to get to the center of […]

Volvo Trucks to use hydrogen combustion engines in 2026

May 23, 2024

Volvo Trucks wants to give combustion engines another chance at existence beyond the next decade by introducing hydrogen combustion-powered trucks. The first road tests with this technology will begin in 2026, and commercialization is planned by the decade’s end. Hydrogen combustion is considered a carbon-neutral way to keep combustion engines alive without the massive costs […]

Electra to install 160 fast-chargers at Colmar restaurants

May 23, 2024

Electra, one of Europe’s experts in fast-charging stations, announces a collaboration with the Colmar Group, a renowned restaurant chain, to enhance the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Belgium and France. By the end of 2025, all six Belgian sites under the Colmar Restaurant brand will feature fast-charging stations managed by Electra. This collaboration aims to […]

April second heaviest congestion month in Flanders since measuring began

May 23, 2024

Since the Flemish Traffic Center started measuring in 2011, April was the second heaviest month for congestion. The record for the heaviest congestion month ever remains June 2019 for now. Moreover, traffic jams in February, March, and April – with 167 km of traffic jams per working day that month – were never as heavy […]

ArcelorMittal Ghent to capture CO2 and €600 million from Flanders

May 22, 2024

Engineers at ArcelorMittal have launched a pilot plant in Ghent to capture CO2. The plant in Ghent is the first of its kind in the European steel industry. It is an important step toward greening the polluting steel industry. For all that, the Flemish government is raising support for the steel company from 350 to […]

EU car market grew by 13,7% in April

May 22, 2024

According to the figures of the European Car Manufacturers Association (ACEA), the European Union car market grew by 13.7% in April 2024. New registrations totaled 913,995 units, driven by strong increases across all major markets: Spain (+23.1%), Germany (+19.8%), France (+10.9%), and Italy (+7.7%). This growth can be partly explained by the two extra sales […]

Renault 5 Electric is ready to order

May 22, 2024

Renault is opening the order books for the first two Renault 5 E-Tech electric versions. The Techno version is available for €32,900, while the Iconic Cinq version costs €2,000 more. The €25,000 base model Five with a smaller battery will follow in early 2025. In 2024, the €5,000 premium for individual buyers is still available […]

Belgian Elicio wins world’s first floating offshore wind tender

May 21, 2024

The consortium between Ostend-based wind energy producer Elicio and renewable energy developer and solutions provider BayWa r.e. has won a tender to build the world’s first commercial floating wind farm off the coast of France. Elicio won the tender process, initiated in 2021 for an offshore floating wind project with a capacity between 230 and […]

Tavares: ‘Raising import taxes on Chinese EVs is walking into a trap’

May 17, 2024

Carlos Tavares, the big boss of car giant Stellantis, with a total of 14 French, Italian, and American car brands under his wings, is crushing opposed to Joe Biden’s move to increase import taxes for Chinese cars in the US  with 100% and the EU’s plans to do something similar. “When you put a bubble […]

EU definitely plans to raise import duty for Chinese cars

May 16, 2024

As the US government has now opted to quadruple trade tariffs on electric vehicles from China, Europe is also considering a (much more modest) increase. However, whether any of the trade war’s efforts will benefit customers remains to be seen. Apparently, the European Union will impose punitive tariffs on electric cars made in China before […]

NIO shows the world its first ‘affordable’ Onvo L60

May 16, 2024

On Wednesday, Chinese premium carmaker NIO officially showed the world its first model of a completely new ‘affordable’ line, the Onvo L60. It is directly targeted to compete in China with Toyota’s RAV4 and the Tesla Model Y for 219,900 yuan (€27,890), which is 30,000 yuan (€3,820) cheaper than the latter. According to NIO founder […]

Biden doubles the price of imported Chinese EVs

May 15, 2024

“We will never let China control the market for this type of vehicle.” With those words, the President of the US, Joe Biden, announced that he would raise current import rates for Chinese EVs from 25% to 100%. Fearing an engulfment of cheaper Chinese electric cars, this doubles their retail price. Citing the impossibility of […]

Kia spruces up its EV6 after three years

May 15, 2024

South Korean carmaker Kia has decided to spruce up its EV6 fully electric cross-over three years after its introduction. That car got the ‘Car of the Year 2022’ title, beating the Renault Mégane E-Tech and its sister brand Hyundai Ioniq 5. New ‘eyes’, a quieter and smoother ride, 19 km more range, and faster charging […]

Stellantis to sell Chinese Leapmotor in EU from September

May 15, 2024

The Stellantis Group and Chinese electric car manufacturer Leapmotor have finalized the establishment of their joint venture and announced that Leapmotor International would commence operations in Europe in September 2024. The market launch in Europe will initially start in France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, and Romania. Both sides have announced that […]

EU’s tougher emission standards for trucks and buses written in stone

May 14, 2024

By 2030, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles in Europe must reduce their CO2 emissions by 45% from 2019 levels. That threshold will then be raised to 65% by 2035 and 90% by 2040 – the average lifespan of a truck is 18 years, that’s why. The European Parliament had previously approved these new emission standards, […]

China’s Avatr 07 extended-range EV to rival Tesla’s Model Y

May 14, 2024

Avatr, the joint venture between the Chinese state-owned manufacturer Changan and CATL, with Huawei as a major supplier, has unveiled its third model: the 07, a mid-size extended-range electric SUV. It follows the larger Avatr 11 SUV and Avatr 12 sedan and should rival the Tesla Model Y with a low price tag. With a […]

BYD launches Sea Lion 07 on upgraded e-Platform EVO 3.0

May 14, 2024

China’s biggest EV maker, BYD, has launched the Sea Lion 07, the first of a new Ocean-array SUV model product line. It is built on an upgraded e-Platform EVO 3.0, offering a ‘higher level of integration, stronger powertrain, and charging performance’. In China, the Sea Lion will cost 189,800 yuan (€24,220) and is targeted—once again—against […]

VW persist with EV plans for ID.1 and new Golf

May 13, 2024

The VW ID.1 could arrive as the final VW e-up! successor later this decade. Volkswagen has begun initial planning but faces challenges in bringing the new electric city car to the market. The slowdown in EV sales is not one of them. Meanwhile, after confirming the launch of an all-new Golf EV, Volkswagen has started […]

Volvo’s upcoming EX60 will be built like a Tesla

May 10, 2024

Sticking to its deadline of an all-electric line-up by 2030, Volvo plans to overhaul its production process. Its platform for next-generation EVs, spearheaded by the EX60, will be constructed by Gigapresses, which are more efficient and environmentally friendly. But there’s a drawback. In November last year, the news agency Reuters reported that three car manufacturers […]

Ford is modifying electrification strategy in Europe

May 10, 2024

Ford Europe is reportedly flirting with the idea of adjusting its electrification strategy in the region as BEV sales have been slow to take off. Originally, the European arm of Ford Motor Company said it would only sell battery-electric models by 2030, but that commitment could soon change. Ford Europe has followed the lead of […]

Study shows we inhale toxic flame-retarding chemicals in our cars

May 08, 2024

Recent research highlights a troubling issue in modern vehicles: the presence of flame retardants, added to meet safety standards, may be jeopardizing the health of drivers and passengers. The warmer the interior gets, the more toxic air we breathe in while driving. Flame retardants, commonly used in various commercial products, are intended to slow fire […]

Flanders’ nest egg for EV premiums already exhausted in five months

May 08, 2024

The Flemish region is the only one in Belgium to grant a premium of up to 5,000 euros for private persons purchasing a new electric vehicle with a list price under €40,000. Second-hand EVs are awarded a premium of up to €3,000. But five months after installation, the €20 million of Flanders’ nest egg for […]

Doggy-like and humanoid robots swan around BMW plants

May 08, 2024

Robots for welding and assembling have been a familiar sight for decades in car manufacturing plants. However, humanoid robots on two legs or doggy-likes on four legs wandering around the aisles of the BMW factories of Spartanburg (US) or Group Plant Hams Hall (UK) to ensure production processes run smoothly are relatively new. The latest […]

Is Fisker going under? (Update)

May 08, 2024

Dark clouds seem to be accumulating above Fisker’s future. Magna, the company contracted to build the Fisker Ocean in Austria, says in its Q1 2024 financial report that it assumes no more will be built. Fisker has been looking for opportunities to save itself for a while already. Now, the company hired to build its […]

Porsche starts electrifying its transport logistics

May 07, 2024

The German sports car manufacturer has recently adopted six Scania electric box trucks to transport production materials around its Zuffenhausen, Weissach, and Leipzich plants. In contrast, an electric heavy truck from Designwerk delivers vehicles to Switzerland. HVO100 synthetic diesel is also being trialed to lower the CO2 emissions of existing diesel trucks. In addition to […]

De Lijn goes for 100 e-buses from Spanish Irizar E-Mobility

May 07, 2024

Spanish manufacturer Irizar E-mobility has won the Flemish public transport company De Lijn’s tender for a framework agreement for up to 100 electric buses for ‘high-quality public transport’ (HOV). Modern articulated buses bet on passenger comfort and are intended for longer-distance journeys. A possible investment of 117 million euros would be involved. According to De […]

XPeng G6 arrives in Europe

May 06, 2024

Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng is now accepting orders for its third model in Europe. The electric SUV G6 is initially available in Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, and it is cheaper than a Tesla Model Y. In Belgium, the Xpeng starts at €42,990 (190 kW, RWD, 435 km WLTP range), the same […]