Expert report advises in favor of overhead Ventilus line

May 17, 2022

In his eagerly awaited report, the intendant appointed by the Belgian government, Guy Vloebergh, concludes that the Ventilus line is best placed above ground. The high voltage connection, which must bring wind electricity from the North Sea onshore, has been strongly debated. Action groups now threaten with legal procedures, which would stall the project resulting […]

French Minister of Transport joins hydrogen carmaker Hopium

May 17, 2022

French start-up of hydrogen cars Hopium wants to appoint Minister of Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari to its board of directors. Djebbari is still serving at the Elysée but has announced that he intends to retire from political life with the formation of a new government at hand. The specific tasks for Djebbari have not been made […]

McLaren buys Mercedes team and enters Formula E

May 16, 2022

After Maserati, another new contender will appear on the grid of Formula E in 2023: McLaren will join the all-electric single-seater championship as of season nine. The British brands’ racing branch has acquired the team from Mercedes-EQ, which is retiring after this year. This means that Stoffel Vandoorne has a chance of returning to his […]

NMBS/SNCB wants 10% more trains and 30% more passengers by 2030

May 16, 2022

The board of directors has validated the ambitious draft business plan and investment plan up to 2032 for the NMBS/SNCB on Friday. They agreed on a 10% increase in train capacity, which must bring about a 30% growth in passenger numbers by 2032. Minister of Mobility Georges Gilkinet says that he will ensure that the […]

EU one step closer to deadline for phasing out ICE in 2035

May 13, 2022

The Environmental Committee of the European Parliament has voted in favor of a sales ban on internal combustion engines for cars and vans as of 2035. The Committee dismissed synthetic fuels as a solution and didn’t adopt new interim CO2 targets for the automotive industry. The European lawmakers stayed close to the original proposal by […]

Full VAT on Norwegian EVs? “Useless”

May 13, 2022

On Tuesday, the Norwegian government put forward a proposal to apply taxes to the sales of electric cars, putting an end to their world-renowned incentive scheme that electrified the national fleet over the past few years. The Norsk Elbilforening, or Electric Car Association, reacts with disapproval. Thanks to VAT exemption and a host of benefits […]

This is the world’s biggest hydrogen truck

May 09, 2022

Anglo-American Mining has put its first hydrogen-powered mining truck on duty. This zero-emission behemoth is poised to replace the mining giant’s diesel-powered fleet and kickstart an entire carbon-free ecosystem if the trial goes well. The gargantuan dump truck, running on six tires the size of a bungalow, can transport 290 tons of ore and has […]

Norway considers to end EV privileges

May 05, 2022

In a television interview, Norwegian Minister of Transport Jon-Ivar Nygård has unveiled that the government is reconsidering the EV incentives that helped push electric car sales to almost 90%. Scrapping the benefits must get more people out of their cars. Free municipal parking. No tolls on ferries. Access to bus lanes. No annual road tax. […]

Korean battery giant LG Chem to take over Belgian Umicore?

May 05, 2022

According to news agency Bloomberg, insiders report that LG Chem has set its eyes on Antwerp-based materials handler Umicore to quench its thirst for expansion abroad. Umicore is an appealing candidate for the South-Korean battery manufacturer because it needs to secure its materials supply line in the wake of the explosive global growth of EV […]

Tata Avinya concept believes future is screen-less

May 02, 2022

Indian car group Tata has unveiled the Avinya, a mold-breaking and fast-charging EV concept that preludes a production version scheduled for 2025. In contrast to the overwhelming majority of futuristic studies, the Avinya has a completely screen-less interior. According to the carmaker, less screen time is the way forward. While Tata’s reputation isn’t one of […]

Stellantis and Mercedes chose Umicore as battery material supplier

April 28, 2022

Belgian materials group Umicore has struck a deal with Automotive Cells Company (ACC), the battery joint venture between Mercedes, Stellantis, and TotalEnergies. Umicore will supply the battery factories from ACC with next-generation high-nickel cathode material through its Polish factory. The Belgian company now has three major auto groups in its portfolio since it has already […]

Renault to sell Russian activities for one symbolic rouble

April 28, 2022

According to Russian press agencies and Reuters, Renault will sell its stake in local partner AvtoVaz for one symbolic rouble, with the option of repurchasing it later. The deal includes the French carmaker’s factory in the outskirts of Moscow, where models from Renault and Dacia are built. The Russian minister for commerce and industry, Denis […]

GM says yes to an all-electric Corvette

April 26, 2022

Through its Twitter account, Chevrolet has officially confirmed that it will launch an all-electric Corvette shortly after the introduction of a hybrid version. An accompanying movie unveiled test and development work with a prototype of the latter. President of General Motors Mark Reuss acknowledged on the American news channel CNBC the arrival of a battery-powered […]

Musk invites his ‘worst critics’ to stay on Twitter after buying it

April 26, 2022

The board of directors at Twitter has accepted Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s buy-out deal of 44 billion dollars to obtain complete control of the company. As a result, Musk is now set to own his most cherished communication channel. “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter because that is what free speech […]

Microchip shortage hurts Renault harder than the Russian crisis

April 25, 2022

The shortage of semiconductors has pushed the revenue of the Renault Group back by 2,7% during the first quarter of this year. However, with a result of 9,7 billion euros, the French carmaker performed better than expected. Moreover, the impact of its stalled Russian operations remained manageable. Its CEO Luca de Meo is responding to […]

Green NCAP: diesel more sustainable than EVs?

April 22, 2022

In its first study on life cycle assessment, Green NCAP, the sustainability branch of safety organization Euro NCAP, has examined the environmental impact of 61 popular models on the European market. Though the electric Fiat 500 showed the smallest carbon footprint, the Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI made a case for the combustion engine. Life cycle […]

UK to allow watching movies while driving autonomously

April 21, 2022

The British Department for Transportation (DfT) has proposed an update to the Highway Code, making it possible for drivers of autonomous cars to watch movies while the vehicle’s ‘autopilot’ has taken over control. The update also concludes that insurance companies are liable in the case of an accident with these types of cars and not […]

Strong demand pushes Tesla to record profit in Q1

April 21, 2022

Despite supply chain worries and other manufacturing problems, electric car maker Tesla succeeded in beating expectations and posting a record financial performance in the first quarter of this year. Especially the car branch fared well because of growing demand. But the automaker remains cautious for the rest of the year because of the supply constraints. […]

CEO Rivian: ‘Battery shortage will be worse than semi-conductor crisis’

April 19, 2022

During a media tour at the Rivian factory in Illinois, CEO RJ Scaringe warned that battery supply for the EV transition would be a much steeper mountain to climb than the current semi-conductor crisis. He pinpoints that manufacturers who don’t take these signs seriously will risk challenging times ahead. Rivian’s factory is running at a […]

Lightyear raises the price of its One with 100 000 euros

April 15, 2022

Dutch start-up Lightyear, the manufacturer of the world’s first commercial solar car, is starting production of its first batch of customer vehicles. At the same time, the company announces a price hike of nothing less than 100 000 euros for the One. With 250 000 euros, their solar car is now more costly than some […]

Northvolt will build with Galp EU’s biggest lithium plant

April 14, 2022

Together with Portuguese oil firm Galp, Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt wants to construct and exploit the biggest factory for lithium conversion in the EU. The two partners have set up the Aurora joint venture to reach that ambition. According to both companies, the lithium conversion process will be the most sustainable in the industry. When […]

GM strikes deal with Glencore to secure cobalt supply

April 13, 2022

General Motors is following the example of Tesla and has struck a deal with Anglo-Swiss mining giant Glencore to stock up on cobalt, in most cases, an indispensable metal for the production of EV batteries. The mined material will be used in GM’s Ultium battery cathodes. The two companies have reached a multi-year agreement. General […]

Almost in full flesh: Maserati GranTurismo Folgore

April 12, 2022

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares brought a special guest to the Formula E Grand Prix in Rome over the weekend: a barely camouflaged prototype of the fully electric Maserati GT Folgore. Only a few stretches of tape covered the prototype while it was coasting along the banks of the river Tiber. The GT Folgore will be […]

Will Tesla become a lithium miner?

April 12, 2022

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hinted in a tweet – what else? – that his company should move into the extraction and refinement of lithium, the anode material used in the battery cells of its cars. The price of the material has gone through the roof, but that is not caused by a shortage, according […]

Next XC60 will be first Volvo with Northvolt battery

April 08, 2022

The first Volvo with Northvolt cells will be the next-gen XC60, an important step for the carmaker and battery supplier to form an end-to-end battery value chain. The new model is expected for 2024, though it doesn’t necessarily mean Volvo will no longer offer the ICE versions. Ghent was also in the running, but in […]

First Smart from Geely and Mercedes to be shared among friends

April 08, 2022

With the unveiling of the definite version of its SUV #1, the resurrection of Smart is complete. The first car under joint Chinese and German development features a battery of 66 kWh and a range of 440 kilometers. It will be a contender for cars like the Kia e-Niro, the VW ID.3, or Hyundai Kona […]

Tesla to double annual output with opening of Giga Texas

April 08, 2022

Inaugurated by the Cyber Rodeo event, Tesla has opened its new factory in Austin, Texas, not far from its new headquarters. With the recently opened Gigafactory in Berlin, the American electric car brand is ready to double its output and grow to 2 million vehicles annually. And yes, as usual, Elon Musk made some bold […]

Porsche invests another $75 million in e-fuels to keep ICE alive

April 07, 2022

Porsche has invested an additional $75 million in the international developer of electric fuels, HIF Global. The German carmaker wants to import climate-neutral e-fuel from their plant in Chile to keep the internal combustion engine alive in the 911 and make racing sustainable. There’s no denying it. While Porsche is at the forefront of developing […]

Sales of electric cars skyrocket to 86,1% in Norway

April 05, 2022

More than eight out of ten cars sold in Norway are now fully electric. With PHEVs added to the mix, the figures even surpass 90%. Best-sellers are the Tesla Model Y and Model 3. Norway is paving the way for Europe more than ever, where electric cars accounted for a little lower than 10% last […]

China lockdown freezes Volkswagen and Tesla factories

April 04, 2022

Both Volkswagen and Tesla are forced to keep their manufacturing plants in Shanghai shut because of national corona measures. Though the German carmaker intended to maintain some of its production, complete suspension of its activities has become inevitable now that the city has extended the lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Contaminations with […]

French EU Commissioner: ‘Don’t abandon combustion engine yet’

April 04, 2022

No, it wasn’t an April fools’ joke. On Friday, April 1st, EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton appealed to European carmakers, asking them to continue manufacturing combustion engine cars despite their ban in the EU from 2035. “Even if Europe bans the sale of internal combustion engines, other countries in the world will continue to […]

Only a handful of carmakers remain in business in Russia

April 01, 2022

The ongoing invasion of Ukraine is forcing carmakers worldwide to halt their Russian operations. Parts supplies are running very low now, forcing the last operational factories to shut down the assembly lines. Still, a handful of car manufacturers keep exporting to the country to save some sales. On Thursday, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares announced that […]

Midipile launches a sustainable pedal car for last-mile deliveries

April 01, 2022

Founded by a bunch of former automotive engineers, the French company Midipile intends to revolutionize urban last-mile deliveries with an electric pedal car made from sustainable materials. To ensure that the zero-carbon cycle is guaranteed, Midipile recuperates all of its vehicles at the end of their lifecycle. In many ways, the Midipile resembles a soapbox. […]

Will solid-state batteries make an all-electric 911 feasible?

March 30, 2022

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume has hinted at an all-electric 911, confessing that solid-state batteries might be the technology that is up to the task of modernizing the legacy model. Bringing it into zero tailpipe emission territory without compromising on driving pleasure. He shed some light on the future of Porsche’s product line-up while talking about […]

CATL’s new CTP battery 13% more powerful than Tesla’s 4860

March 29, 2022

Chinese CATL, the biggest battery manufacturer in the world, has announced that it will launch a new generation of its cell-to-pack battery (CTP), internally called Kirin. The company says it is ready for mass production and that its battery outperforms by 13% Tesla’s next-generation pack with 4 860 cells. The news was ushered out at […]

Mercedes unlocks car data to help Dutch roadworks

March 29, 2022

Data from thousands of Dutch Mercedes drivers will be used to gather information on the status of roads and help to identify hazardous traffic spots. Mercedes has won a two-year contract with the Ministery of Transport and Public Works, making the info from its cars on the road readily available for the authorities and subcontractors. […]

Ukrainian war delays launch Volkswagen ID.5

March 28, 2022

Problems with the delivery of cable harnesses force Volkswagen to postpone the launch of its all-electric ID.5 cross-over coupé by a month. Usually, these parts are sourced from a Ukrainian subcontractor, but the supply has stalled because of the Russian invasion. However, the supplying factory rebooted last week. The ID.5 was scheduled for launch at […]

T&E: ‘Ukrainian war makes using food crop for biofuels unacceptable’

March 25, 2022

According to Transport & Environment, the bioenergy sector burns every day a grain volume to the equivalent of 15 million loaves of bread to make ethanol for our fuels. The organization calls it immoral to continue driving on biofuels with grain prices skyrocketing. In stark contrast, the ethanol lobby claims this is the time to […]

Renault and TotalEnergies yield to pressure over Russian activities

March 24, 2022

Pressure has risen on French companies Renault and TotalEnergies to the degree that both have taken measures to cut their Russian ties. The moves come after Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky personally addressed several French companies in a video conference. Renault has now announced that it will suspend its industrial activities in the country and that […]

Mercedes climbs aboard ACC with Stellantis and TotalEnergies

March 24, 2022

Mercedes has acquired a third of the Automotive Cells Company (ACC) shares as an equal partner, a joint venture with Stellantis and Saft (TotalEnergies). ACC also announced that it would increase its output to 120-gigawatt hours per year across its entire production chain. The joint venture will build a third factory in Italy to meet […]

VW to launch more than 25 all-electric models in US

March 23, 2022

The VW Group has outlined its electrification strategy for the US in a media gathering. Backed by an investment of $7,1 billion through 2027, the German automotive group plans to launch a portfolio of 25 battery-powered models by the end of the decade. Sales of models with an internal combustion engine will start phasing out […]

Cadillac’s first all-electric Lyriqs roll off assembly line

March 23, 2022

At the assembly plant of Spring Hill in Tenessee, Cadillac has started production of its first all-electric vehicle, the Lyriq SUV. The Lyriq is a milestone, internally called “the standard for future Cadillacs.” If you’re waiting for the Lyriq to hit European shores, you’ll have to remain patient. “The Lyriq is a global project and, […]

Renault cautiously tries to avoid nationalization in Russia

March 22, 2022

The meltdown of Western companies’ industrial activities in Russia is a significant hurdle for one automaker in particular: Renault. The French group that controls Lada is keen on preserving its engagement in its second-largest market, but it will need to do with intense diplomacy. The Russian invasion is a painful challenge for Renault. The French […]

Chunnel operator to buy trains to compete with Eurostar

March 21, 2022

Getlink, the operator of the Chunnel, wants to order a set of trains to lease them to third parties that can step into competition with Eurostar’s Shuttle on the cross-channel journey. The interest is there, says the operator, and if everything goes according to plan, the first trains could be delivered by 2026. The former […]

IEA: ‘needing car-free Sundays and reduced speed to avoid oil crisis’

March 21, 2022

The International Energy Agency (IEA) warns of an oil crisis caused by the invasion in Ukraine and spurs governments to take action and consumers to change their behavior. It has presented a ten-point plan to cut oil use. Working from home, restrictions on access to city centers by car, cheaper public transportation, more carpooling, reduced […]

‘Maserati first luxury brand to complete EV line-up by 2025’

March 18, 2022

By 2025, there will be an electric Maserati across the entire range, and by 2030, the last car with a combustion engine will have left the factory. That was the CEO of Maserati Davide Grasso’s message in a nutshell on Thursday’s media briefing on the financial results of the carmaker for 2021. Grasso also released […]

Flanders and Germany turn to Norway for ‘blue’ hydrogen

March 18, 2022

Flanders and Germany are betting on faster adoption of hydrogen to cut gas reliance from Russia. Flanders wants to convert natural gas from Norway to hydrogen in the port of Ghent, while Germany is starting a feasibility study for transporting H2 from Norway through a pipeline. The Flemish minister-president said that hydrogen is the only […]

Volvo joins forces with Starbucks for a charging network

March 17, 2022

Volvo has agreed with coffee chain Starbucks and supplier of charging infrastructure Chargepoint to install 60 high-speed stations at 15 locations from the American beverages company. Constructions begin this summer. The joint project aims to cover a 1 350-mile route from Starbucks’ headquarters in Seattle to Denver, with high-speed charging stations available every 100 miles. […]

Avant e-tron concept shows Audi stays faithful to station wagons

March 17, 2022

Audi took the wraps from the A6 Avant e-tron concept as a prelude to its annual media conference. The station wagon is the second concept hinting at Audi’s electric future in the mid-size executive class, sharing most of its technology with the A6 Sportback e-tron unveiled in Shanghai last year. The message? Audi is not […]

British tire maker Enso first to get sustainability B-Corp certificate

March 16, 2022

British Enso is the first tire manufacturer to receive a B-Corp certification, a much sought-after approval by companies who want to develop in a more sustainable way. In this case, tires are especially suited for EVs with lower fine particles output and promising longer ranges. Enso claims that regular tires aren’t optimized for electric vehicles […]

Ukrainian war could cut car production by 700 000 units

March 16, 2022

According to an analysis by Wells Fargo, global car production could shrink with up to 700 000 units during the first half of the year or 15% of Europe’s output. With 17 factories, Ukraine is one of the top producers of wire harnesses, which is in particularly high demand for building EVs. Due to the […]

Magna CEO must fix production hiccups at Rivian

March 15, 2022

The CEO of Austrian contract manufacturer Magna Steyr, Frank Klein, is moving to California to fix the production woes at Rivian. He is taking over as Chief Operating Officer (COO) from Rod Copes, who left his seat in January only after two years in function. The move from the German manager comes as a surprise. […]

VW and Toyota factories closed in new Chinese lockdowns

March 15, 2022

As the Chinese government is trying to get hold of a new Covid-19 outbreak, several car manufacturers have to halt production because of a lockdown. Three joint venture factories from Volkswagen in Changchun are shut, while Toyota and electric car manufacturer BYD had to take similar measures. Volkswagen announced that the officially ordered closure would […]

Walloon climate citizens’ panel proposes 100 km/h on highways

March 14, 2022

At a general assembly in Namur on Sunday, the 168 recommendations were presented of a special panel of sixty Walloon citizens, selected by lottery, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the region by 55% at least. After fifteen meetings, this civic panel has concluded a report spanning over nine areas that were subsequently arranged according […]

XPeng opens reservations for EV sedan P5 in Europe (update)

March 14, 2022

Together with the official opening of a second brand store in Leidschendam in the Netherlands, Chinese carmaker Xpeng has started taking reservations for its sedan P5. It’s the first time that the brand opens its order book, aka website, in four key markets simultaneously: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. On Monday, XPeng Motors announced […]

Russia’s invasion makes green hydrogen cheaper than grey

March 11, 2022

What was deemed impossible until recently, has suddenly become a reality because of Putin’s war in Ukraine. According to an analysis by BloombergNEF grey – or polluting – hydrogen has become more expensive than its green alternative due to the critical rise in prices for fossil natural gas it is made from. In Europe, it […]

Volkswagen’s eagerly awaited ID.Buzz is very future-proof

March 10, 2022

The all-electric spiritual successor to the iconic T1 Bulli doesn’t fail to wow. With intelligent safety systems, bidirectional charging, a spacious interior, and good fast-charging, the ID.Buzz will shake things up in a class still modestly waking up to electrification. Deliveries of the ID.Buzz are only scheduled for autumn, but  Volkswagen already removed the blindfolds […]

EPA proposes ‘Clean Trucks Plan’ for all of the US

March 09, 2022

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed new rules to slash air pollution from heavy-duty vehicles. The new standard mainly addresses nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and particulate matters (PM) and should come into effect for trucks and buses manufactured in 2027 and later. The last standards date from 20 years ago. The authorities plan to […]

Brussels injects €3 million into revamped car scrappage

March 09, 2022

Minister for Climate Transition and Environment Alain Maron (Ecolo) announced that the city of Brussels had approved the budget hike for its scrappage scheme for cars. It is now raised from €750 000 to €3 million. The money serves to convert the Brussels’Air bonus into a full-scale mobility budget. Residents of the Belgian capital can […]

Hyundai and Iveco team up for electric and fuel cells

March 08, 2022

The Italian manufacturer of LCVs and trucks Iveco is joining forces with Hyundai to cope with the development of green drivelines and the transition towards electrification and digitalization. Both manufacturers have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) or a preliminary agreement for cooperation. According to both companies, areas of mutual interest are electric powertrains, architectures […]