Koreans claim 1,000 km range using silicon in Li-ion batteries

February 21, 2024

Brainiacs from South Korea’s Pohang University of Science and Technology (Postech) have discovered a way to maximize the potential for using silicon in lithium-ion batteries for electric cars. As a result, their next-generation battery packs increase the maximum range by 30%, up to 1,000 km, and keep costs down. Has the home country of Hyundai […]

Chrysler Halcyon EV Concept: radical future with ‘unlimited range’

February 14, 2024

American carmaker Chrysler has presented a new concept that shows a glimpse into the brand’s electric future, however far it may be. Unlike the Airflow concept of 2022, the Chrysler Halcyon EV Concept demonstrates technologies that don’t exist. The Chrysler Halcyon EV Concept features a lithium-sulfur battery, inductive charging that could give it unlimited range […]

EIB lends Umicore €350 million for EV battery material research

February 08, 2024

The European Investment Bank will grant Belgian Umicore an eight-year loan of 350 million euros for research. The money is intended for the technological development, innovation, and recycling of batteries for e-cars. In 2022, Umicore invested 316 million euros, or 7,6% of its revenues, in research and development. Umicore’s battery materials technologies, innovation roadmap, and […]

Italy details audacious plan on clean car subsidies

February 05, 2024

As of March, the Italian government is activating a new subsidy scheme aimed at decarbonizing its polluting old car fleet. The plan entails substantial aid for lower incomes and incentives for hybridized vehicles and charging infrastructure. Almost one billion euros is put aside for the national clean sweep. The 950 million euro plan was unveiled […]

Chinese Hiphi beats Tesla in world’s toughest range test

February 02, 2024

It’s a half-yearly tradition for the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) to organize the El Prix event, the world’s most extensive range test for electric vehicles. The winter test was won four times in a row by Tesla, but the American EV maker fell back to the middle field in the latest edition with the gold […]

TotalEnergies buys majority stake in Danish wind projects

January 24, 2024

The French oil and gas group TotalEnergies has signed a deal with Danish sustainable energy company European Energy for a majority stake in two wind projects. Under the arrangement, TotalEnergies will take an 85% stake in the Jammerland Bugt project (240 MW), and 72,2% in the Lillebaelt South nearshore development (165 MW), both in Danish […]

Northvolt gets nearly €5 billion in loans for expansion

January 17, 2024

Swedish battery maker Northvolt will get 4,6 billion euros to expand its large battery factory in Sweden and the Revolt Ett recycling plant next door. It is the largest green loan given to a company so far in Europe, according to the European Investment Bank (EIB), which is issuing the loan with 23 commercial banks […]

Giga Storage to set up EU’s largest battery park in Belgium

January 15, 2024

The Dutch energy storage company Giga Storage plans to develop Europe’s largest battery park in Dilsen-Stokkem (Belgium). The 60 MW energy storage project will have a 2 400 MWh capacity. This means that the average energy consumption of 330 000 families can be stored here each day and fed back into the electricity grid. “In […]

EU approves €902 million state aid to Northvolt’s German battery plant

January 09, 2024

Germany has been given the green light by the European Commission to allocate 902 million euros in subsidies to a battery plant by Sweden’s Northvolt in Heide, in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. The plant in northern Germany, positioned to produce the cleanest batteries for EVs in continental Europe with a capacity of up to 60 […]

BYD lays first stone of 30 GWh sodium-ion battery plant

January 08, 2024

China’s top-selling automaker has started constructing a factory for sodium-ion batteries in the Xuzhou region. The plant will be scaled up to produce 30 GWh annually, with packs primarily intended for use in scooters, motorcycles, and smaller vehicles. The factory collaborates with the Chinese tricycle brand HuaiHai through BYD’s subsidiary Findreams Battery. Both partners are […]

Hyundai files patent for pressurized solid-state battery

January 04, 2024

In the US, Hyundai has secured a patent for an all-solid-state EV battery system equipped with a ‘pressurizing device’ and significantly improved operating temperatures. The automaker describes the technology as enhancing stability and energy density while reducing production costs. Like most automakers, Hyundai considers solid-state packs as the next-generation battery technology. In October last year, […]

VW-backed up solid-state battery bears 500.000 km endurance test

January 04, 2024

Volkswagen is betting on American solid-state pioneer QuantumScape in the race for the ‘Holy Grail’ of EV batteries, and its European PowerCo daughter just proved their claim that batteries can last for over 500 000 kilometers without substantial degradation. QuantumScape delivered the first samples of its latest solid-state cells to several partners for in-depth testing […]