Donkey Republic to launch 2.000 shared e-bikes in Antwerp region

May 11, 2022

This summer, 32 municipalities of the Antwerp transport region and the Waasland will roll out a large shared e-bike platform. The project is intended to stimulate the modal shift. The coordinator is Lantis, manager of large construction projects like the Oosterweel connection in Antwerp. The Danish Donkey Republic will provide and maintain the bikes. “As […]

60% of Belgians want climate-neutrality by 2050

May 11, 2022

Climate change remains a ‘top of mind’ issue. Eight out of ten worry about climate change, and six out of ten Belgian citizens support the Belgian en European target to become climate neutral by 2050. However, only three out of ten feel that also families have to contribute. The figures come from the fifth national […]

East Flanders revokes driver’s license for phoning while driving (update)

May 11, 2022

Drivers who are caught using their smartphones while driving risk the immediate withdrawal of their driver’s license for eight days. That is what the public prosecutor of East Flanders announced. As a matter of fact, the prosecutor’s office confirmed to Belga News Agency that it already had revoked about a hundred driver’s licenses on Monday […]

T&E: ‘Few global companies pledge to reduce business trips’

May 10, 2022

European and US headquartered global companies are not putting much effort into reducing their business trips for climate’s sake. In the international ranking of the NGO Transport & Environment (T&E), companies with an A-score are the most ambitious; those dangling at the bottom get the lowest evaluation, a D-score. The ranking grades 230 US and […]

Febetra uses Mother’s Day to call for female truck drivers

May 09, 2022

Febetra, the federation of Belgian haulers and logistic service providers, has used Mother’s Day to launch a call for more female truck drivers. The freight transport sector urgently needs to fill in 5 000 vacancies in the coming years. In Belgium, hardly 1,66% of truck drivers are female. In 98% of the cases, a man […]

Siemens rolls out its first hydrogen train

May 06, 2022

On Thursday, Siemens, the German multinational conglomerate corporation and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe, presented a new hydrogen train model at its factory in Krefeld. This first Mireo Plus H, as the model is called, was unveiled as part of the H2goedRail project, a joint endeavor with the German railway manager Deutsche Bahn. […]

Peeters’ new driving training plan meets fierce criticism

May 06, 2022

Flemish Minister of Mobility, Lydia Peeters’ plans to reorganize the training system for candidate drivers has provoked severe criticism. Mostly criticized is the idea that young drivers have to go through a training period of five to six months before they can take their practical exam unless they cough up a lot of money (€1 […]

Minister Peeters wants to tighten up driver’s license training

May 05, 2022

Flemish Minister of Mobility, Lydia Peeters (Open Vld), wants to reorganize the training of drivers to get their license. She pleads for a practice period of at least five months and a temporary driver’s license. She also wants to introduce a mandatory training session for coaches, often parents who’re training their son or daughter. They […]

De Lijn buys three simulators to train tram drivers

May 05, 2022

The Flemish public transport company De Lijn invests 1,5 million euros in buying three tram simulators. So tram drivers no longer have to attend their practical training lessons alone in real trams and traffic situations. In the future, part of the training will be given virtually. De Lijn trains about 200 tram drivers annually. Some […]

Agoria: ‘Digital tech can reduce Belgian CO2 emissions by 10%’

May 04, 2022

The impact of digital technology on the climate is five times more positive than the total digital footprint by 2030. CO2 emissions in Belgium could decrease by 10 to 12% by using digital technologies in the four most CO2-polluting branches of industry. That is the conclusion of a recent study by the technology federation Agoria. […]

New campaign to tackle cell phone use while driving

May 03, 2022

The Flemish Foundation for Traffic Science (Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde, VSV) launches a new campaign against cell phones at the wheel. VSV discovered that more than eight out of ten drivers regularly use their smartphones while driving. Driving with a hand-held cell phone more than doubles the risk of an accident. Dialing alone multiplies that risk […]

Merger between Eurostar and Thalys one step closer

May 02, 2022

Eurostar and Thalys, the two high-speed train operators planning to merge, have created an umbrella holding called Eurostar Group. Jacques Damas, CEO of Eurostar, will become the top executive of the new holding. Eurostar and Thalys will remain fully-fledged railway companies, with headquarters in London and Brussels, respectively. The holding will have its headquarters in […]

Port of Antwerp-Bruges to become ‘greenest harbor of the world’

April 29, 2022

The new Port of Antwerp-Bruges, a fusion of the harbors of Antwerp and Zeebrugge, wants to become “the green entry to Europe”. Its ambitions are not to be sneezed at: Port of Antwerp-Bruges wants to become Europe’s largest international export harbor, and at the same time reconcile economy and climate. Port of Antwerp-Bruges is determined […]

‘Rental car eats away largest part of holiday budget’

April 28, 2022

Rental cars will remain very expensive this summer. Prices have increased spectacularly – some almost tripled – because there is more demand than supply. “A rental car eats away the largest part of your holiday budget,” some say. The best advice rental companies can give is to book in advance and on time. In 2020, […]

Flanders scrabbles up €2,1 million for sustainable commuting

April 27, 2022

Commuting has to become more sustainable. That is why Flemish Minister of Mobility, Lydia Peeters (Open Vld), reserves 2,1 million euros to support companies and organizations that are making commuting more sustainable. The money is intended to support projects and initiatives that are ‘greening’ transport between people’s workplaces and public transport because all too often, […]

‘De Lijn’s 50-ride card better meets commuter’s expectations’

April 27, 2022

Corona has turned the world upside down. Many people work from home and will probably keep doing so in the future. Others are still commuting but not necessarily daily. Our moving behavior has become more flexible. Public transport company De Lijn wants to meet the changing expectations of its customers. That is why it temporarily […]

‘42% of Flemings annoyed by their partner’s driving behavior’

April 26, 2022

Four out of ten Flemish citizens – 42%, to be specific – get annoyed about the driving behavior of their partner. One-third of them (32%) even say they sometimes quarrel about it. Women are more easily irritated (46%) about the driving behavior of their partner than men; men don’t mind that much (37%). The figures […]

Record number of 12.810 speeding infringements a day in 2021

April 25, 2022

In 2021, the police fined a record number of drivers for speeding, data VTM News could lay hands on shows. During the first six months of the year, 12 810 infringements per day were registered. Enough to break the record figures from 2020. To be specific, 4 060 468 fines were issued in 2020. Corona […]

Flanders to install 43 extra average speed checks on regional roads

April 22, 2022

Flemish Minister of Mobility, Lydia Peeters (Open Vld), has announced the arrival of 43 new average speed checks along the regional roads in Flanders. Local authorities submitted a request for them. “They are best qualified to judge local traffic situations,” explains Minister Peeters. Flanders already has 251 average speeds checks, bringing the total number to […]

Belgian Chamber Committee approves traffic bill for e-scooters

April 21, 2022

The Belgian Chamber Committee for Mobility has given the green light for a bill regulating the use of e-scooters in traffic. The new law will provide an age limit of 16, and in the future, e-scooters will be banned from footways. The bill still needs to be approved by the plenary chamber. The e-scooters have […]

IEA: ‘Belgium far too dependent on fossil fuels’

April 21, 2022

According to the latest report of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Belgium still is far too dependent on fossil fuels. And after the partial nuclear phase-out in 2025, this reliance will probably only increase. But unfortunately, it also means the country has hardly made any progress in reducing its CO2 emissions. In 2020, 71% of […]

Oosterweel works halted again due to PFOS pollution

April 20, 2022

The Council of State has decided to stop the works of the Antwerp Oosterweel connection for a second time after receiving complaints from environmental organizations Bond Beter Leefmilieu (BBL) and Greenpeace. Both contest the restart of the earth-moving activities on the left bank of the river Scheldt. It’s the second time that the Council of […]

‘Thirty-day break of your car feels a lot better’

April 20, 2022

Thirty days without using your car. Quite a challenge. But is it feasible? The Belgian Network for Sustainable Mobility urges to give it a try. The goal of the ’30 Dagen Minder Wagen’ campaign is to change our travel habits and experiment (more) with more sustainable mobility solutions. The initiators hope to motivate people to […]

E-Load opens its first fast-charging station in Houthalen

April 19, 2022

Young start-up E-Load has inaugurated its first powerful public charging station in the industrial zone ‘Europark’ in Houthalen. The Limburg-based company plans to install at least five similar charging stations in the province and is already negotiating with the cities of Genk and Hasselt. The official inauguration took place on Saturday in the presence of […]

Jan De Nul installs France’s first offshore wind farm

April 15, 2022

The Belgian marine service provider, Jan De Nul, has started the construction works of the Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm project in France. It will be the first offshore wind farm on French territory. For Jan De Nul, it’s the first offshore assignment in France. De Nul’s jack-up vessel ‘Vole au vent’ will transport the 80 […]

‘Half of Belgians to travel more sustainably with smart mobility apps’

April 14, 2022

Almost half of all Belgians (43%) expect that smart mobility apps will lead to more sustainable trips. About 28% of them think they might encourage them to use public transport more often, one-fifth of respondents (21%) expect they would convince them to opt for more active means of transport (walking or cycling), and 15% say […]

North Sea Port aspires to become EU hydrogen hub

April 14, 2022

The Belgian-Dutch port company North Sea Port, a fusion of the harbors of Ghent, Terneuzen, and Vlissingen, wants to become a hydrogen hub on a European level. The port company, therefore, developed a hydrogen strategy, it announced this week. North Sea Port and the industry are facing the challenge to make the transition from fossil […]

Netherlands: 18% more seriously injured due to e-bike?

April 12, 2022

The number of seriously injured traffic victims in the Netherlands has increased spectacularly (+18%) in the last ten years. In 2021, 110 000 Dutch traffic victims ended up in Intensive Care; 66 600 of them had serious injuries, mainly caused by bicycle accidents. One out of three (44%) were cyclists aged 55 or older, followed […]

All average speed checks on Belgian highways to be on edge

April 11, 2022

After a pilot project launched in October 2021, Minister of Justice, Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open Vld), has announced that all average speed checks on Belgian highways will be permanently operational before the summer. Drivers exceeding a speed of 129 km/hour will be fined automatically. Average speed checks are considered to be more effective than speed […]

Ghent to triple its offer of shared (e-)bikes to almost 1.500

April 08, 2022

The city of Ghent will soon welcome two additional shared bicycle platforms bringing the total number of available (e-)bikes to 1 450. That is what Filip Watteeuw (Groen), Ghent Alderman for Mobility, announced on Thursday. Unlike Antwerp (Velo) and Brussels (Villo), Ghent doesn’t have a traditional bike-sharing system with its ‘own stations’. According to Watteeuw, […]

Flanders caught 1,6 million speed offenders in first half of 2021

April 07, 2022

During the first half of 2021, more than 1,6 million drivers in Flanders – 11% more than in the same period in 2019 – were caught speeding. More than half of them (27,4%) drove more than 10 km/hour faster than the allowed speed limit. The figures are based on statistics of the Federal Police. “Speeding […]

‘EU’s most polluting airlines received €683 mln of free permits’

April 06, 2022

Up until corona times, aviation was the fastest-growing carbon polluter in the European Union. Still, it is one of the top receivers of free pollution permits relative to their emissions under the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS in short). The EU ETS is a cornerstone of the EU’s policy to combat climate change […]

IPCC: ‘Earth is heading beyond 1,5°C global warming’

April 05, 2022

The chance that global warming remains limited to 1,5 degrees Celsius has pretty well gone by unless the world comes up with far more ambitious plans to reduce CO2 emissions. That is the devastating conclusion of the latest IPCC report. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations earlier warned that the […]

Minister Peeters rejects idea of 100 kph speed limit on highways

April 01, 2022

The Flemish Minister of Mobility, Lydia Peeters (Open Vld), rejects the idea of introducing a maximum speed limit of 100 km/hour on the highways. Yesterday, we wrote that Groen, Flanders’ green political party, had suggested introducing a temporary speed limit of 100 kph on the highways. The measure would improve safety, save money and fuel, […]

Belgian Greens want 100 kph speed limit on highways

March 31, 2022

Stijn Bex, Flemish MP for political party Groen, wants to lower the maximum speed on highways to 100 kilometers/hour. “Driving slower is less consuming.” According to Bex, the measure could save about 0,7 to 1,5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. The measure should only apply during the daytime. Björn Rzoska, leader of the parliamentary […]

Sportpaleis expects 60% of visitors arriving by sustainable transport

March 31, 2022

The new transport plan of the Antwerp city administration has the ambition to receive 60% of the visitors to the event halls Sportpaleis and Lotto Arena by sustainable transport. The recent opening of three park-and-ride zones will contribute to it, local authorities say. Since 2005, the city is trying to reduce traffic nuisance in the […]

Flemish MIA uses drones to spot dangerous traffic situations

March 30, 2022

The Institute for Mobility (IMOB) of Hasselt University uses drones and special software to map dangerous traffic situations. The project fits in the MIA approach that Flemish Minister for Mobility, Lydia Peeters (Open Vld), introduced last year. MIA stands for the Dutch ‘Mobiliteit Innovatief Aanpakken’ (Innovative Approach to Mobility). The general idea is to improve […]

Road fatalities in EU remained below pre-pandemic level

March 29, 2022

Last year, the number of traffic deaths in the European Union increased by 5% compared to 2020. In 2021, 19 800 people died in traffic, or 1 000 more than one year before. Still, these figures were 13% lower compared to pre-corona times. The figures were published on March 28th by the European Commission. The […]

First electric train for freight transport in Genk

March 29, 2022

On Monday, Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters (Open Vld) has officially inaugurated the first electrified freight railway connection between Genk Goods (Genk Goederen) and Bilzen (Limburg). According to rail manager Infrabel, the electrified connection is essential for freight transport along the strategic railway to Antwerp and the German border. Price tag? 20 […]

Mandatory flight tax will cost Belgian airlines €5 million

March 28, 2022

The mandatory flight tax will cost Belgian airline companies – Brussels Airlines, Air Belgium, and TUI Fly – five million euros, money they will have to pay out of their own pockets as they can’t impose it on customers for already booked flights. The decision to impose airlines a so-called ‘flight tax’ was taken last […]

State Audit Office calls Antwerp ring roofing plan ‘unaffordable’

March 25, 2022

“The Antwerp Oosterweel connection and the covering of the ring road to cut back car traffic around the city are unaffordable.” These are the words of Jan Debucquoy, councilor of the Belgian State Audit Office. Debucquoy brought this eye-opening message during the annual progress report meeting in parliament. “If Flanders wants to meet the targets […]

Dutch lower speed on highways since peaking fuel prices

March 24, 2022

Now that fuel prices are peaking, Dutch motorists are driving more slowly on highways. Probably to save fuel. The Dutch office for traffic data NDW (Nationaal Dataportaal Wegverkeer) noticed that last week, the average speed on 37% of Dutch highways was 1 km/hour lower than before the war in Ukraine began. Researchers of NDW analyzed […]

25 marine life studies for new Belgian offshore wind farm

March 23, 2022

A team of Belgian researchers is analyzing the effects of offshore wind farms on marine life. The nature reserve of the Princess Elisabeth Zone in the North Sea can only be used for energy production if the impact on plant and animal life is limited. The ‘EDEN 2000’ research project – ‘Exploring options for a […]

Febiac: ‘47% more driver’s licenses for motorbikes in 2021’

March 22, 2022

Motorized two-wheelers are more popular than ever in Belgium. Last year, 30 526 people received a driver’s license for such vehicles. That is 47,4% more than in 2020, and 22,4% more than in 2019, the pre-corona year. The figures come from the Belgian car and two-wheeler federation Febiac. Motorized two-wheelers used to be considered ideal […]

Peeters kicks off new campaign to get people biking

March 21, 2022

Last weekend, Flemish Minister of Mobility, Lydia Peeters (Open Vld), and the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Science (Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde, VSV) launched a new campaign to get more people on the bicycle. “Especially for short-distance trips,” she added. She gave the kick-off in Oudenaarde (East of Flanders). One of the figureheads of the campaign is […]

Extra €1,6 million to tackle illegal waste dumping along highways

March 18, 2022

The Flemish Minister for Mobility, Lydia Peeters (Open Vld), allocates an additional 1,6 million euros to tackle illegal dumping along the Flemish highways. Last year, the Agency for Roads and Traffic (Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer, AWV) collected 1,34 million kg (1 343 tons) of trash along the Flemish regional roads and highways. A decrease of […]

EU agrees on ‘battery passport’ for more sustainability

March 18, 2022

The Ministers for the Environment of the European Union have reached an agreement in Brussels on the rules for using and reusing industrial batteries and batteries for domestic use. Future batteries should be more sustainable, reusable, and have a longer life-span. This implies that the production, use, and processing of used batteries has to become […]

E-scooters forbidden for minors under 16

March 17, 2022

The die is cast. The Ministers of Mobility of the different Belgian governments have finally decided to ban e-scooters from the footway. From now on, they have to ride on the bike-way, just like in many other European countries. Furthermore, all those younger than 16 are no longer allowed to ride an e-scooter on public […]

Belgian Greens propose €8 billion plan to get of fossil fuel drip

March 16, 2022

Flemish Minister for Energy, Tinne Van der Straeten (Groen), has finally resigned to the idea of keeping the two youngest nuclear power plants open. The final decision will be made on Friday, but the war in Ukraine has reshuffled the cards thoroughly. On top of that, the green parties Groen and Ecolo would like to […]

Flanders frees €218 million extra to lower energy consumption

March 15, 2022

The Flemish government will increase premiums for renovation, insulation, heat pumps, and renewable energy for this and next year. The budget will go up from 440 to 658 million euros, or 218 million euros more to subsidize heat pumps, solar boilers or insolation works at homes up to €25 000. The main goal is to […]

Vias: ‘Traffic aggression tripled in five years in Belgium’

March 14, 2022

Physical aggression in traffic increases. According to traffic safety institute Vias, the number of cases tripled in five years. Last year, seven percent of drivers were confronted with it. In 2017, it was hardly 2%. General aggression, however, like swearing or calling names, declined slightly, from 57% in 2017 to 54% in 2021. Remarkable is […]

For first time Dutch buy more e-bikes than classic ones

March 11, 2022

Last year, the sales of bicycles in the Netherlands decreased significantly (-16%) due to continuous supply problems. The sales of e-bikes, however, increased. According to sector organization Bovag and RAI Association, more than half of all bicycles (52%) sold in 2021 were e-bikes. It’s the first time the e-bike seems to be more popular than […]

Minister Peeters won’t follow GOCA in mandatory ‘refresh’ test for drivers

March 11, 2022

Flemish Minister of Mobility Lydia Peeters (Open Vld) doesn’t want a ‘refresh’ test for car drivers ten years after they’ve passed their initial driving tests. “Keeping one’s traffic knowledge up-to-date is every road user’s responsibility,” she said. Sector organization GOCA Flanders, responsible for the driver’s license exams and technical control centers, has proposed to check […]

De Lijn offers real-time travel info via Google Maps

March 10, 2022

Public transport company De Lijn has introduced a new way of providing real-time traffic information via Google Maps. Since Wednesday, passengers of De Lijn can check whether their bus or tram will be on time or delayed via Google Maps. Until now, they could only check timetables, but now they get the actual times of […]

IEA: ‘Global energy CO2 emissions in 2021 highest ever’

March 09, 2022

According to a new International Energy Agency (IEA) report, global energy-related CO2 emissions in 2021 rose to the highest level ever. Increased use of coal was the main factor driving up global energy-related CO2 emissions. The Covid-19 pandemic had far-reaching impacts on energy demand in 2020, reducing global CO2 emissions by 5,2%. However, the world […]

Shell totally withdraws from Russia

March 09, 2022

The now British oil and gas concern Shell is breaking off all relations with Russia. The group earlier announced to sell all its investments in oil and gas extraction activities in the country, and now the company has also decided to shut down all 400 gas stations in Russia as a reaction to the Russian […]

T&E: ‘Why flying less is best way to sustainable aviation’

March 08, 2022

Today, Transport & Environment (T&E), the European Federation for Transport and Environment, publishes its ‘Roadmap to climate-neutral aviation’. According to the organization, progress in technology and the lessons learned during the pandemic have shown a way to green aviation in Europe. To bring Europeʼs aviation industry in line with our climate goals, binding measures have […]

Flanders kicks off 42 road constructions works

March 07, 2022

On Sunday, Flemish Minister of Mobility, Lydia Peeters (Open Vld), announced 42 new road construction works this year along Flemish highways. More than 80 km of road surface will be replaced or renewed. Good for a €476 million investment. “Despite permanent efforts, road infrastructure in Flanders still has some catching up to do,” Minister Peeters […]

Tier acquires Ford daughter Spin to become world’s largest

March 04, 2022

On Wednesday, Tier Mobility, Europe’s leading shared mobility provider, announced its acquisition of Ford’s subsidiary Spin, which specialized in shared electric bikes and scooters. Through this acquisition, Tier expands into North America, becoming the largest multimodal micro-mobility operator globally in terms of number of cities and vehicles. The purchase price or other financial information about […]