Norway sets 2030 target for 100% zero-emission trucks

December 05, 2023

The initial goal for Norway was to achieve a 50 percent market share for zero-emission trucks by 2030. Still, the Norwegian parliament (Storting) has asked the government to go for the full 100 percent in the 2024 budget agreement. This makes Norway the first country to set a concrete deadline for combustion-powered trucks. Whereas the […]

VSV campaigns on keeping truck driver’s dashboard cleared

December 01, 2023

Research by the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge (Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde, VSV) shows that half of the truck drivers place objects on their dashboards, including illuminated miniature Christmas trees in the end-of-the-year season. These items can obstruct visibility, increasing the risk of (blind spot) accidents. VSV is, therefore, launching a campaign with the transport sector […]

Febelauto prepares for recycling high-voltage e-bus and truck batteries

November 30, 2023

Febelauto, the Belgian management organization for waste vehicles and industrial batteries, will organize a circular truck and bus event in December. The event will take place in Beringen on December 11th. Importers and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) will be invited to sign a manifesto that day. Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters […]

Flemish ADR truck drivers can finally take a digital exam from 2024

November 30, 2023

Starting on January 1st, 2024, truck drivers who want to take the ADR exam to transport dangerous goods can finally do so digitally in Flanders. Until now, they had to convene once a month at a single location, but with this digital method, exam moments can be scheduled freely at 16 exam centers. The Flemish […]

Port of Antwerp-Bruges pioneers electric truck charging hubs

November 24, 2023

The Port of Antwerp-Bruges has chosen Milence, the joint venture between Daimler Truck, Volvo Group, and the Traton Group, to develop two charging hubs at the Truck Parking Goordijk and Ketenis. Milence is developing Europe’s largest public charging network for all battery-electric heavy-duty trucks. Scheduled to open in May 2024, the hubs in the Antwerp […]

Volvo’s FH is first fully electric ‘Truck of the Year’

November 23, 2023

The Volvo’s zero-emission heavy-duty truck, the FH Electric, is the first to get the ‘Truck of the Year 2024’ Award, issued by a jury of 24 commercial vehicle journalists from major trucking magazines throughout Europe. The award is given to a truck introduced to the market in the previous twelve months, significantly contributing to road […]

EU Parliament votes loophole for truck emissions

November 23, 2023

The EU Parliament has voted on new CO2 standards for trucks and buses and is now ready for negotiations with the EU member states. The Parliament has largely adopted the positions of the EU Commission but added a loophole for e-fuels in trucks. The MEPs agree with the Commission’s proposal presented in February that only […]

Volvo Group acquires US battery plants from Proterra

November 13, 2023

Swedish Volvo Group, the parent company behind Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks, and Renault Trucks, has been selected as the winning bidder in an auction for the battery assets of Californian public transit bus and electric commercial vehicles specialist Proterra, which has been in a voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy process since August. The deal, worth $210 […]

‘Peak hour rights’ as an alternative to road toll

November 10, 2023

As a convinced defender of road tolls to fight traffic congestion (and pollution), Stef Proost now suggests ‘peak hour rights” to cure the still-increasing daily congestion at peak hours on Belgian roads. Professor Emeritus Stef Proost (University of Louvain) is an economics professor who has become an expert on mobility problems and their economic and […]

Container shipping company Maersk cuts 10.000 jobs

November 06, 2023

Danish container shipping company Maersk, which accounts for about a sixth of global container trade, is to cut at least 10 000 jobs worldwide. The industry is struggling with falling rates and increasing competition and the company is so protecting its profitability says CEO Vincent Clerc. The layoffs are expected to save the company 600 […]

Ford Trucks to partner with Quantron on fast track to hydrogen

November 06, 2023

Quantron AG, a spin-off of Germany’s Haller Group, will help Ford Trucks on a fast track to put its F-Max trucks to be built in Turkey on a fuel cell hydrogen diet. Both parties signed a letter of intent to share Quantron’s know-how in energy management systems, e-axles, high-power batteries, fuel cells, and tank integration. […]

MAN launches its 800 km-range eTGX and eTGS trucks

November 01, 2023

MAN Truck & Bus has made its long-distance eTGX and distribution eTGS electric trucks available for sale, with the first units scheduled for delivery in 2024. Both models feature a modular battery pack, megawatt charging, and an 800 km range. Back in 2021, MAN started the development of its electric future with the eMobility Center […]

Rail freight operator Lineas in serious financial trouble

October 25, 2023

Rail operator Lineas, Europe’s largest private freight operator headquartered in Belgium, lacks funds. Without an additional injection of at least 50 million euros, bankruptcy is looming for the company, of which the Belgian government is a shareholder, so write business newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo. Belgian federal Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo) wants the government […]

Honda-Isuzu present their Giga Fuel Cell truck

October 25, 2023

At the Japan Mobility Show, Honda and Isuzu are showcasing their jointly developed longe range hydrogen truck, called ‘Giga Fuel Cell’, for the first time. It’s a low deck 8×4 rigid truck, 12 meters long and with 25 tons capacity for intercity transports with a range of up to 800 kilometers, on one tank filled […]

Belgian LEZ success story, France to install more

October 23, 2023

Low-emission zones (LEZ), which prohibit access to certain major cities for heavily polluting vehicles, have been successfully introduced in six European countries, including Belgium. This is according to a French report. In Belgium, the cities Brussels, Ghent, and Antwerp, among others, introduced such an LEZ. The report aims to draw lessons for France from the […]

Scania rejuvenates urban battery electric truck range

October 20, 2023

Swedish truck maker Scania has ‘rejuvenated’ its urban battery truck range in line with the regional range, with a new e-chassis, auxiliary systems, and batteries from Northvolt assembled in packs in Scania’s new battery assembly plant in Södertälje. It also adds a new electric machine called EM C1-4, combining a single permanent magnet motor with […]

Stellantis’ strategic plan to stay on top of LCV market

October 20, 2023

Stellantis has revealed the outline of the commercial vehicle part of its Dare Forward 2030 strategy. The conglomerate wants to deliver next-gen zero-emission light commercial vehicles (LCVs), offer its customers a 360-degree service, and generate €5 billion from connected services. Stellantis is currently on top of the light commercial vehicle market in Europe and South […]

Swedish electric start-up Volta Trucks files for bankruptcy

October 20, 2023

EV truck start-up Volta has filed for bankruptcy in its home country, Sweden. The company’s subsidiaries in other countries, like the UK, will follow suit. The fall-out is linked to Volta’s battery manufacturer, which filed for Chapter 11 in the US. In an official statement, the company said: “The recent news that our battery supplier […]

Mixed reactions on EU27 confirming truck CO2 targets

October 17, 2023

The proposal of the EU to cut CO2 emissions of heavy trucks and buses by 90% from now until 2040 is getting a mixed response from the industry and environmentalists. European car manufacturers federation ACEA wants supporting targets for the infrastructure and transport companies, while Transport & Environment (T&E) feels the short-term targets are too […]

Mercedes-Benz Trucks finally unveils production-ready eActros 600

October 12, 2023

After a concept version, two prototypes, and a camouflaged test model, Mercedes-Benz Truck has finally lifted the cover off its production-ready long-haul battery-electric truck. Somewhat surprisingly, Mercedes has opted for a futuristic look that references the GenH2 truck concept. We’ve known about the Mercedes eActros 600 for a while. Daimler Truck first showed a concept […]

Euronav remains in Belgian hands

October 10, 2023

Antwerp-based tanker shipping company Euronav remains in Belgian hands. Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB) and the Norwegian Frontline, Euronav’s two major shareholders, have reached an agreement on the matter. The agreement is described as one of the largest deals in the shipping industry in recent decades. “A huge milestone”, says CMB CEO Alexander Saverys, who is […]

Task force ‘autonomous transport’ launched in Flanders

October 09, 2023

Flemish Mobility Minister Lydia Peeters (Open VLD) launched a ‘Flemish Task Force Autonomous Transport’, in view to coordinate and accelerate the development of autonomous transport in Flanders. “The aim of the task force is to lead the upswing of autonomous transport in Flanders and to support new pilot projects maximally,” says Peeters. “Autonomous mobility is […]

Port of Antwerp-Bruges has first all-electric trucks

October 09, 2023

In the Antwerp port area, logistics company Wijngaard Natie is now driving around with four fully electric trucks, produced by Volvo Trucks. This would be the first all-electric port transport in Antwerp, although Katoen Natie is also using the Volvo FH Electric. The four trucks should mark a turning point in the transition to sustainable […]

Volvo Group and Renault Group together for next-gen electric vans

October 09, 2023

Volvo Group and Renault Group have signed a binding agreement to create a joint venture with the goal of creating a new generation of electric vans. These will be built on a modular platform with 800 V batteries, with production expected to start in 2026. Logistics company CMA CGM is also planning to join the […]

Mercedes eActros 600 manages +1.000 km Alpine round trip

October 06, 2023

A loaded near-production prototype of the Mercedes-Benz eActros 600, Daimler Truck’s long-haul battery-electric truck, has completed a round trip from Stuttgart to South Tyrol and back on one charge. The distance of 530 km each way confirms Mercedes’ promised 500 km range for the model. The Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 is launching soon, with the world […]

Smartdrop app calculates most sustainable delivery option for parcels

October 03, 2023

Thanks to ‘Smartdrop’, an intelligent last-mile calculation tool to determine the impact of online parcel deliveries, consumers can choose the most sustainable delivery option. It was developed by the Belgian trade federation Comeos and the Brussels University’s research group VUB Mobilise. The tool considers several factors associated with online purchases: CO2 emissions, traffic congestion, air […]

Nikola officially launches its hydrogen truck in the US

October 02, 2023

Nikola has celebrated the commercial launch of its hydrogen fuel cell electric truck at its manufacturing facility in Arizona. The trucks are now ready to be built for customers, with Nikola also supplying the hydrogen refueling ecosystem. After a few tumultuous months, with the recall of all of its battery-electric Tre trucks and the separation […]

Mercedes GenH2 truck sets 1 047 km milestone on one fill

September 29, 2023

Daimler Truck announced with some pride it had a prototype of its Mercedes-Benz fuel cell truck GenH2 accomplish a journey of 1 047 km on hydrogen with only one filling session. The truck maker says this is another milestone within its dual-track strategy with hydrogen and battery-powered vehicles. The truck completed the run fully loaded […]

Brussels Port to be reconnected to railway network in 2024

September 28, 2023

The Belgian government and the government of the Brussels Capital Region, together with the Port of Brussels, railway network manager Infrabel, and landowner SFPIM Real Estate, have agreed to reconnect the Port of Brussels and its container terminal to the railway network. Planning permission has just been granted for this. By June 2024, the connection […]

EU project ‘GIANTS’ to develop LEVs

September 20, 2023

A 3,5-year EU project, GIANTS (Green Intelligent Affordable New Transport Solutions), aims to develop technology solutions that will enable the production of affordable LEVs or light electric vehicles (categorized L5, L6, and L7) for urban transport worldwide. Two major car manufacturers are also involved. How can the millions of tuk-tuks in the world’s cities be […]

Air Belgium stops passenger flights to ‘save the company’

September 19, 2023

Air Belgium, founded in 2016 and employing some 500 people, will stop passenger flights after 3 October and is applying for a judicial reorganization. Since April, Air Belgium, one of the principal shareholders of the Walloon region, has concentrated its passenger operations on two main destinations: South Africa (Johannesburg/Cape Town) and Mauritius. The affected employees […]

VBO-FEB pleads for more efficiency as traffic jams cost €4,8 billion

September 19, 2023

In 2022, traffic congestion cost the Belgian economy 4,8 billion euros due to lost time, extra fuel consumption, and higher emissions of CO2 and harmful gases. The Federation of Belgian Enterprises (VBO- FEB) reports this based on Stabel and the Federal Planning Bureau data. Mobility has changed in recent years. Teleworking has taken hold, especially […]

Volvo Trucks Ghent kicks off production of heavy battery electric trucks

September 14, 2023

Volvo Trucks announced on Thursday it has finally kicked off serial production of heavy battery electric trucks up to 44 tons in its Ghent factory in Belgium. That is Volvo Trucks’ largest production site with a yearly capacity of around 45 000 trucks. The electric trucks are assembled on the same platform and line as […]

Toyota Motor Europe gets first DAF hydrogen fuel cell truck from VDL

September 13, 2023

VDL Special Vehicles has produced the first of five hydrogen fuel cell trucks for Toyota Motor Europe, which will be used in an extensive five-year test by Toyota’s European logistics providers. The hydrogen truck uses Toyota’s fuel cell technology. Earlier this year, in May, the Dutch VDL group and Toyota Motor Europe announced a partnership […]

Lloyd’s: ‘Third of global ports flooded by 2050 without further action’

September 08, 2023

The Global Maritime Trends 2050 Report, commissioned by Lloyd’s Register, revealed that some of the world’s largest ports could become unusable due to rising sea levels. According to the study, efforts to decarbonize the maritime shipping sector and introduce new technologies will be crucial. Weather-related disruptions are already impacting ports across the globe. These include […]

Cargo from North Sea Port via inland waterways increased to 60%

September 05, 2023

The transport of goods by inland navigation from the North Sea Port, the merger of the ports of Ghent, Terneuzen, and Flushing, to the hinterland has continued to increase. In five years, it rose from 54% to 60%. The port reports this based on the fifth survey conducted among companies in the 60-kilometer-long cross-border port […]

VDL’s bus division is loss-making

September 04, 2023

Dutch industrial group VDL has seen turnover from its bus division fall 40% in the first six months, from 251 million euros a year ago to 153 million euros at the end of June. This is shown in the group’s income statement. The division is also loss-making, but for how much VDL does not share. […]

Louvain’s ecozone for parcels is big success with 88% CO2 reduction

August 31, 2023

The so-called ‘ecozone’ introduced in Louvain in 2022 is a success and will be expanded. Since its introduction, parcels, newspapers, and letters have been delivered emission-free, reducing CO2 emissions by 88% per parcel compared to 2018. The ecozone in Louvain officially started in April 2022 as an initiative of the city and the Belgian Post […]

Boutique e-truck builder Designwerk enters the Benelux

August 30, 2023

Designwerk, a Swiss company specializing in building custom electric trucks for specific use cases, entered the Benelux market after expanding to Germany. The company is mainly owned by Volvo Trucks and converts diesel-powered trucks into e-trucks with up to 1 000 kWh battery capacities. Designwerk (DW)’s origins trace back to 2008 when converting small vehicles […]

Flanders offers €6,3 million subsidy for e-truck charging points

August 30, 2023

Several Flemish companies are getting 6,3 million euros in subsidies to install charging points for their light and heavy commercial vehicles. This should add 1 200 new charging points in Flanders for e-trucks and e-vans. Earlier in the year, the Flemish government opened a call for subsidies for commercial vehicle charging points as part of […]

New DAF XB replaces LF, electric version gains power and range

August 24, 2023

DAF has unveiled the new generation of their smallest distribution truck, which takes on a new name: XB, fitting in with the rest of the range. It gets new engines and an improved electric version – or rather, improved electric versions – with multiple options available. The DAF XB replaces the LF as the most […]

Bpost resolutely opts for double-decker trailers

August 18, 2023

The Belgian national postal operator Bpost will eventually replace all its traditional truck trailers with double-deck trailers (DDT). These can carry more letters and parcels during a trip. With such a DDT, 69 postal containers at once can be transported between the hundreds of sorting and distribution centers across Belgium. In an ordinary trailer, only […]

E-vans over 3,5 tons to get tachograph exception in Belgium?

August 17, 2023

In an effort to further stimulate the adoption of electric vans for goods transport, Belgian Federal Minister for Mobility Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo) has proposed to exempt e-vans with a maximum authorized mass of more than 3,5 tons of their tachograph obligation, the newspaper De Tijd writes. It means that their driving and rest times would […]

Nikola recalls all battery-electric Tre trucks and stops sales

August 16, 2023

After two separate fire incidents, US-based e-truck manufacturer Nikola has issued a recall for all 209 of its currently produced Tre BEV trucks due to a faulty component in the battery pack of the trucks. The company has also decided to pause sales of its battery-electric trucks until the issue is resolved. Two “thermal incidents”, […]

‘Fremantle Highway’ fire not caused by EVs

August 16, 2023

After the fire on the car cargo ship ‘Fremantle Highway’ off the Dutch coast, many popular media hastily identified an electric car as the cause. Now it turns out that this is untrue. Many publications used the fire accident to highlight the (real) difficulties of extinguishing a fire on an EV. Still, they immediately concluded […]

Ford Trucks readies heavy-duty F-Max on hydrogen

August 07, 2023

By the end of the year, Ford will deploy a fuel cell version of its F-Max, under development at its Turkish subsidiary Ford Otosan, within the framework of an EU incentive. The 44-tonne truck features fuel cell stacks from Canadian specialist firm Ballard. Together with Volvo, Scania, and Renault, Ford Trucks is a member of […]

Nearly 86.000 tons of used tires collected in 2022 in Belgium

August 02, 2023

Last year, 85 844 tons of used tires were collected in Belgium. This is according to the non-profit organization Recytyre, the Belgian organization responsible for collecting and recycling tires. More than 99,8% of tire waste was recovered, mainly in the form of pellets. This percentage exceeds the minimum target of 85% for material recovery. Flanders […]

European van and truck sales pick up again in 2023

July 27, 2023

The first half of 2023 saw an increase in registrations for new vans (LCVs) and trucks compared to 2022, although the pre-corona figures are still out of reach. The market share of electrified commercial vehicles is also growing relatively quickly. The worst of the supply chain issues seems to have passed, as new EU van […]

Gilkinet’s plan to ban night flights at Brussels Airport causes turbulence

July 17, 2023

Federal Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo) wants a total ban on night flights from 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. for Zaventem airport. As expected, many political parties, concerned companies, and interest groups reacted sharply and negatively to Gilkinet’s striking proposal to do away with the 16 000-night flights that currently take off from Brussels Airport. […]

Port of Brussels’ container terminal triples in size

July 13, 2023

The Port of Brussels terminal will expand from 1,67 hectares to an area of 6 hectares. It has concluded a service concession for the container terminal and the development of a logistics zone with Van Moer Logistics. The agreement is part of the regional strategy to supply the Brussels service economy with goods in a […]

First Belgian-built electric Volvo Truck rolls off the assembly line

July 13, 2023

The first electric truck built in the Volvo Trucks Ghent plant in Belgium rolled off the assembly line on Wednesday. Katoen Natie is the first Belgian client to use this Volvo FH Electric, while the assembly line will get up to speed after the summer break. Volvo has been building electric trucks in its Tuve […]

EU launches proposal to increase e-truck weight limit by two tons

July 12, 2023

The European Commission has proposed increasing the total allowed weight of electric trucks by 2 tons after a similar proposal was approved in 2019. This higher weight limit of 44 tons aims to counteract the weight penalty of battery-electric drivetrains, thus allowing for similar payload figures. The EU wants to cut heavy truck emissions by […]

Brussels: 20% of checked transport vehicles in violation

July 10, 2023

Brussels Mobility regularly checks Brussels goods and passenger transport to increase the safety of all road users. The overview of checks carried out over the past three months shows that 20% were in violation. In the past three months, Brussels Mobility carried out 12 control actions in cooperation with various police zones. A total of […]

Shipping industry agrees on zero CO2 emissions ‘around 2050’

July 10, 2023

The international shipping industry is going to reduce emissions from cargo ships. An agreement to this effect was reached between 175 countries at the International Maritime Organization headquarters in London last Friday. The sector, which accounts for almost 3% of global CO2 emissions, aims to cut polluting emissions by at least 20% by 2030 to […]

Electreon wirelessly charges GINAF 50-ton e-truck

July 03, 2023

Israeli wireless EV charging solution company Electreon has managed to wirelessly charge a 50-ton electric truck on a stationary pad and a ‘Wireless Electric Road’ segment in Sweden. The truck in question was a converted DAF XF from Dutch specialist GINAF, but Electreon says other e-trucks can also be equipped. GINAF specializes in converting DAF […]

Mobia wants 100 additional charging points every day till 2030

June 27, 2023

Mobia, the overarching partnership between the car sector federations Febiac, Traxio, and Renta, warns of a shortage in public charging points in Belgium if we don’t have an additional 100 installed every day between now and 2030. As taxation rules on cars change in a few days and not only ICE cars but also plug-in […]

Volvo Trucks pumps up range of FL and FE Electric to 450 km

June 22, 2023

The Volvo FL and FE Electric distribution trucks have received a significant battery upgrade, offering 42% more capacity and increasing the range to 450 km. According to Volvo Trucks, this significantly increases the usability of these electric trucks, making them suitable to “replace our customers’ entire fleet of diesel city trucks”. The FL and FE […]

CATL pioneers with battery swapping for heavy electric trucks

June 15, 2023

Chinese battery giant CATL has launched in its homeland ‘Qiji Energy ‘, a battery swap solution for heavy-duty trucks. These can be equipped with up to three ‘battery blocks’ with a capacity of 171 kWh each, up to 513 kWh. The blocks offered come with specific swapping stations and a cloud platform to make battery […]

Mercedes eActros 600 LongHaul to enter production in 2024

June 14, 2023

Daimler Truck has revealed the series production name of its eActros LongHaul battery-electric long-distance heavy truck. It will enter production in 2024 as the eActros 600, referring to its battery capacity and putting it above the eActros 300/400 electric distribution trucks. Daimler Truck unveiled its long-distance electric hauler’s ‘concept prototype’ in September 2022 at the […]

800 000 fewer trucks, but record of €838 million of km tax revenue

June 09, 2023

According to Viapass’ latest annual report, the number of trucks on Belgian toll roads has decreased by 800 000 in one year, from 41,10 million vehicles to 40,28. Viapass is the governmental organization that monitors the kilometer tax for trucks in Belgium. The decrease has economic reasons: the high energy prices reduced people’s purchasing power, […]