Hyundai files patent for pressurized solid-state battery

January 04, 2024

In the US, Hyundai has secured a patent for an all-solid-state EV battery system equipped with a ‘pressurizing device’ and significantly improved operating temperatures. The automaker describes the technology as enhancing stability and energy density while reducing production costs. Like most automakers, Hyundai considers solid-state packs as the next-generation battery technology. In October last year, […]

VW-backed up solid-state battery bears 500.000 km endurance test

January 04, 2024

Volkswagen is betting on American solid-state pioneer QuantumScape in the race for the ‘Holy Grail’ of EV batteries, and its European PowerCo daughter just proved their claim that batteries can last for over 500 000 kilometers without substantial degradation. QuantumScape delivered the first samples of its latest solid-state cells to several partners for in-depth testing […]

GCK and Motul convert 1976 Jeep Cherokee V8 to hydrogen

January 02, 2024

How do you make hydrogen more appealing to petrolheads? Perhaps outfitting a 1976 Jeep Cherokee Chief with a 6.2-liter V8 hydrogen combustion engine and some tasty modifications will allow you to have all the fun without any pollution. This is the French energy technology group GCK’s approach, together with motor oil specialist Motul. Consolidated in […]

Honda and Isuzu start road-testing Giga Fuel Cell truck

January 02, 2024

Honda and Isuzu have started on-road testing in Japan of their jointly-developed ‘Giga Fuel Cell’ truck, a 12-meter long, 25-ton truck equipped with four 103 kW fuel cells providing 320 kW (429 hp) of electric power and a range of 800 km with 56 kg hydrogen in its tanks. The potent fuel cell developed by […]

VW-controlled JAC launches first EV with sodium-ion battery

December 28, 2023

JAC, China’s partly state-owned EV maker, controlled by Volkswagen, has launched the world’s first mass-produced electric car, equipped with a sodium-ion (Na+ ) battery pack, a promising cheaper alternative to today’s lithium-ion batteries. The advantage of Na-ion batteries is the natural abundance and lower cost of sodium compared to lithium. In addition, Na-ion batteries are […]

Flemish Traffic Center looking for ten extra controllers

December 28, 2023

The Flemish Traffic Center, the watchdog of traffic jams in the most populated Belgian Region, which has been counting traffic to calculate congestion severity since 2011, is looking for ten extra traffic controllers on top of the 20 people currently working there. With congestion figures climbing to unprecedented heights, the Center is running out of […]

Decathlon’s 14 kg ultra-light electric race bike offers 100 km range

December 28, 2023

E-bikes tend to weigh a lot – at least 22 to 25 kg on average – mainly due to their battery and motor, but this can be improved, as the French sports chain proves with its new electric road race bicycle, the Van Rysel E-EDR AF. This one, offered at €2 800, weighs only 14 […]

Yamaha to present outboard burning hydrogen in Miami

December 27, 2023

Japanese motorbike and marine engine manufacturer Yamaha will present at the next Miami Boat show in February 2024 a prototype of a 5.6 liter V8 outboard motor running on hydrogen. Specs are scarce, but Yamaha already developed a 5.0 liter V8 car engine on hydrogen for Toyota in 2021. Yamaha is also working on fuel […]

Oil tanker fleet Euronav shifts into ‘greener’ gear with CMB.Tech

December 26, 2023

The Belgian oil tanker company Euronav, specializing in the transportation and storage of crude oil, is gearing up for a ‘greener’ future with the take-over of CMB.Tech. That Belgian cleantech maritime group builds, owns, operates, and designs large marine and industrial applications running on hydrogen, ammonia, or dual fuels. It’s a significant step to gradually […]

NIO takes wraps off electric executive flagship ET9

December 26, 2023

The day before Christmas, at Nio Day 2023, the Chinese premium EV maker took off the wraps of its new ‘executive flagship sedan’, the ET9, which has to play in the highest luxury car segment like the Mercedes-Maybach or EQS, or the BMW i7. It is something no Chinese brand has successfully done in their […]

New cars €10 more expensive due to environmental contribution

December 22, 2023

From January 1st, car buyers in Belgium will pay an additional 10 euros environmental contribution when buying a new car or van. This contribution will pay for the future recycling of the vehicle, reports Febelauto, the Belgian management body for both end-of-life vehicles and batteries from hybrids and EVs. Febelauto has been managing the recycling […]

BMW Belux will be number one for third consecutive year

December 21, 2023

BMW Belux will be celebrating its 50th anniversary of presence in Belgium and Luxembourg with the third consecutive number-one place in the market in 2023. At a press meeting, Belux CEO Alexander Wehr and his colleagues looked forward to consolidating this success. The fact that three premium brands are in the top five of car […]

ABB to deliver 1.300 robots to build Volvo’s next generation EVs

December 21, 2023

Swedish-Swiss multinational ABB will supply Volvo’s factories in Torslanda (Sweden) and Daqing (China) next year with 1 300 robots to build the carmaker’s next generation of electric cars. These robots will cover various production tasks, from spot-welding, riveting, and dispensing to flow drilling and ultrasonic weld inspection. ABB, a historic partner for its compatriot, claims […]

NACS becomes official charging standard in North America

December 21, 2023

The harmonization organization SAE International (created by the Society of Automotive Engineers) published a corresponding document that turns Tesla’s de facto North American Charging Standard (NACS) into a harmonized connector standard. The development prompted the Department of Transportation (DoT) to look into infrastructure funding. Volkswagen is also joining the band for good. The ‘SAE J3400 […]

British Everrati electrifies rare Porsche Type 964 RSR

December 20, 2023

Owning an ultra-rare wide-bodied competition 1993 Porsche 964 RSR 3.8, of which only 51 were built, might be a distant dream for a classic car lover. A ‘Strassenversion’ with only 10 km on the odometer was sold by Bonhams in Abu Dhabi in November 2023 for $2 127 500. But what about an even faster […]

NIO-boss proves 1.044 km range in ET7 with 150 kWh battery

December 19, 2023

William Li, founder, chairman, and CEO of Chinese premium EV brand NIO, has personally proven the capacities of the earlier announced semi-colid-state battery of 150 kWh in a real-life driving test. After some 12 hours of actual driving, the ET7 had 1 044 km on the odometer on a single charge, with 36 km left, […]

Tyde to launch with BMW world’s largest electric foiling yacht

December 18, 2023

After creating a foiling glass lounge boat with BMW and presenting it in June at the Cannes Film Festival, German electric boat start-up Tyde is launching a second project with the premium carmaker’s design daughter Designworks. The ‘Tyde Open’ is a 49-foot foiling electric yacht, the world’s largest to be seen (in autumn 2024). BMW’s […]

Zeekr develops fast-charging 800 V LFP-battery for its 007 sedan

December 15, 2023

Swedish-Chinese Geely daughter Zeekr has presented a newly in-house developed 800 V lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery to be used in its new 007 sedan. This so-called ‘Golden Battery’ can be charged at up to 500 kW from 10-80% in merely 15 minutes. That provides the Zeekr 007 with an extra 500 km range. Zeekr claims it […]

Opel’s face-lift Combo Electric and Zafira Electric unveiled

December 14, 2023

Following Stellantis’ Commercial Vehicles Ambition Day, showcasing its overhauled and regrouped LCV portfolio last October, the different brands have commenced releasing their new models. Next in line is Opel, which has unveiled some further details – but no price – on the face-lifts of the Combo Electric and Zafira Electric. These models, offering room for […]

Tesla to update two million cars in massive recall over Autopilot

December 14, 2023

Tesla faces a setback in North America. The electric car manufacturer must initiate a recall of approximately two million vehicles in the US and Canada due to an increased risk of collision associated with its controversial ‘Autopilot’ driver assistance system. Following a two-year investigation, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that, under […]

JLR gives first glimpse of all-electric Range Rover and opens waiting list

December 14, 2023

Jaguar Land Rover has opened the waiting list for people who want to have one of the first fully electric Range Rovers, due in 2024. Meanwhile, the extensive testing phase for the prototypes has started, and JLR gives a glimpse of what we can expect. “With more patents anticipated to be filed for New Range […]

World’s first hydrogen-powered tugboat launched in Antwerp Port

December 13, 2023

Three years after the initial announcement, the world’s first hydrogen-powered tugboat, baptized appositely ‘Hydrotug 1’, has arrived at its workstation in the Antwerp Port to start its real-world testing from mid-January. It features BeHydro V12 dual fuel medium speed engines, each providing 2 megawatts, that can run on hydrogen or diesel fuel. The idea is […]

VW makes bi-directional charging ‘instantly’ available to ID models

December 12, 2023

German carmaker Volkswagen announced that bi-directional charging is finally available with the ID. Software 3.5 version or higher to all new electric models with the 77 kWh battery (net). With the ‘Vehicle to Home’ (V2H) function, people can store excess solar power in the car’s battery or use it to power the home over several […]

Porsche reveals interior and specs of future electric Macan

December 12, 2023

German sportscar manufacturer Porsche has revealed the first image of the new Macan EV’s interior. The newcomer takes a page from the recently updated Cayenne and Panamera, with three screens and a dash-mounted gear selector. Porsche also takes the opportunity to delve further into the technical specifications. The new Macan EV sits on the PPE […]

Toyota shifts up to 14 ‘fake’ gears… in an EV

December 12, 2023

More details about the fake manual transmission for electric cars developed by Toyota have emerged from a recently published patent application. Toyota’s alibi gearbox could have up to 14 simulated gears. In a recent article about Toyota’s financial forecasts and EV strategy, we mentioned the plans for a ‘manual transmission’ Toyota has been experimenting with […]

Bosch to cut in its powertrain division

December 12, 2023

The German automotive supplier Bosch is considering significant job cuts in its powertrain division. Bosch is considering cutting up to 1 500 jobs in development, administration, and sales, said a spokeswoman on Monday. A report in the specialized German magazine Automobilwoche triggered the announcement. The shift of the automotive industry away from combustion engines and […]

Dumarey buys UK special vehicles group Woodall Nicholson

December 11, 2023

Belgian industrial entrepreneur Guido Dumarey has finished his third acquisition this year, with the take-over of the British Woodall Nicholson group. That group comprises six specialist vehicle brands, from accessible transport and electric buses, over police cars and ambulances to ceremonial limos and hearses. Dumarey will continue the business with 367 employees. The six companies, […]

German LaneCharge inductive charging project proves successful

December 08, 2023

The four-year-old German LaneCharge project on inductive charging, has presented the results of its practical tests of this ‘pioneering inductive charging system. The proved to be successful. Launched back in 2019, together with industry partners, researchers at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts wanted to develop a fully functional inductive charging system, which was […]

Stellantis brings American battery-swapping tech to Europe

December 08, 2023

Italo-French-US carmaker Stellantis embraces battery-swapping technology from Californian start-up Ample to equip a Free2Move car-sharing fleet of a hundred Fiat 500e cars in Madrid next year. The Fiat 500e is Stellantis’ highest-selling electric vehicle sold globally. Ample’s fully automated battery swapping stations allow EV drivers with a compatible Ample battery pack to replace the OEM […]

Belgian Solhyd raises six million to fine-tune ‘golden’ hydrogen tech

December 07, 2023

Belgian start-up Solhyd, a spin-off of KU Leuven University, announced securing six million euros of seed capital from ‘a group of experienced entrepreneurs’ to optimize further the basic technology of ‘distilling’ pure hydrogen directly from the air using a particular solar-H2 panel and deploy it in pilot applications. After assembling earlier prototypes of their Gen1 […]

Renault’s Re-Industry plan: 30 to 50% less production costs

December 07, 2023

Renault Group is launching a plan to transform its industrial base fundamentally. Between now and 2027, it is seeking to cut production costs per vehicle by 30% for internal combustion vehicles (ICE) and 50% for electric vehicles (BEV). Renault Group’s Industrial Metaverse will play a vital role in the transformation, enabling the Group to accelerate […]

BMW iX with ONE’s dual-chemistry battery proves 978 km range

December 06, 2023

US-based battery start-up Our Next Energy (ONE) announces that a BMW iX prototype with its proprietary Gemini dual-chemistry battery managed an impressive 608,1 miles (978,6 km) range. Despite the higher range, ONE’s battery pack occupies the same space as the iX original battery pack. Furthermore, the company’s innovative technology reduces lithium use by up to […]

Toyota about its electric future in Europe (part two)

December 05, 2023

Toyota wants to expand its range of electric cars in Europe to six models by 2026. That’s what we wrote on Monday, talking about the brand’s two concepts unveiled at its annual Kenshiki event in Brussels. But the Japanese company is also providing more details on its battery roadmap and hydrogen plans. With the presentation […]

Belgium finalizes deal with Engie on extended life of nuclear plants

December 04, 2023

The deal between the French multinational and the Belgian government on the lifetime extension of Belgium’s two youngest nuclear power plants, Doel 4 and Tihange 3, has been fully finalized. According to federal Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten (Groen), the 1 500-page contract will be discussed at the various federal vice cabinets this week, […]

CATL’s EV-skateboard promises 1.000 km at 10.5 kWh/100 km

December 04, 2023

The world’s biggest battery maker today, Chinese CATL, just announced it has finished testing its own EV skateboard platform to be used by third-party carmakers, achieving an amazingly low 10.5 kWh/100 km energy consumption. That’s good for a range of 1 000 km for EVs built on it. The first car to use CIIC, a […]

It’s a family tradition: Toyota Hilux goes hybrid

December 04, 2023

The stalling pickup market in the EU doesn’t refrain Toyota from introducing new powertrains in its famous workhorse. Slated for launch in 2024 is an electrified version of the 2.8-diesel engine. Though Toyota is a pioneer in hybrid drivetrains, the proposed solution in the Hilux remains modest. The Hilux Hybrid brings a 48-volt system to […]

Volkswagen plans its own electric van platform from 2028

December 04, 2023

Volkswagen plans to take back the reins for the electrification of its commercial vehicle fleet. Whereas the ID. Buzz and shared models with Ford are the main focus for now; from 2028, a new and entirely VW-developed electric van platform will electrify the entire range, from Caddy to Crafter. VW is falling behind slightly in […]

Hyundai Motor Group presents new wheel drive system

December 01, 2023

Hyundai and Kia have presented a new wheel drive system called the Universal Wheel Drive System (‘Uni Wheel’ for short), designed for taxis, shuttle buses, and other special purpose vehicles of all sizes. The Uni Wheel creates extra space in electric vehicles by moving the reduction gear to the wheel hub. The Uni Wheel relocates […]

Geely second to join forces with NIO on battery swappping standards

December 01, 2023

Geely, one of China’s top four-passenger car manufacturers and parent company to Volvo, is joining forces with Chinese NIO to co-develop swappable battery standards. That was unveiled by the two partners just a week after NIO signed a similar deal with another giant, Changan Automobile. In China, battery swapping is quite hot compared to the […]

Tesla Cybertruck finally hits the showroom

December 01, 2023

After two years of delays and anticipation, Tesla’s digital showroom offers the highly controversial Cybertruck. CEO Elon Musk handed over the first customers’ vehicles during a special event on Thursday at the company’s headquarters in Austin, Texas. Though the looks and specs are spectacular, the Cybertruck also puts dark accolades around its promised range and […]

Honda withdraws pioneering e from EU market

November 30, 2023

Orders for the Honda e have stalled in Europe. Due to slow sales and a strong customer preference for all-electric SUVs, the Japanese carmaker is readdressing its strategy for battery-powered mobility. In the lower categories, it is prioritizing zero-emission scooters and motorbikes. In 2020, Honda boldly entered the electric vehicle market with a small but […]

Flanders shortens tolerance for replacing defect diesel particle filter

November 30, 2023

From December 1st, 2023, the Flemish government won’t allow a tolerance period of one year anymore for replacing defective diesel particle filters but will shorten that period to three months. The two other Belgian Regions – Brussels and Wallonia – that agreed to the same one-year tolerance will return to a limited 15-day tolerance period […]

Dacia electrifies its new, more upscale Duster

November 30, 2023

Introducing the next generation Duster, Dacia is venturing into new territory with the third generation of its popular SUV that has dominated European sales since 2010. For the first time in its lineage, the driveline features assistance from a battery pack in the form of a hybrid version (HEV). The cladding on the bodywork is […]

ACEA boss asks EU authorities to slow down their ‘tsunami of regulations’

November 30, 2023

On the eve of the COP 28 climate conference, and in the run-up to EU elections next year, the President of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), Luca de Meo, unveiled a manifesto and roadmap for a competitive mobility ecosystem, co-signed by the CEOs of Europe’s major vehicle manufacturers. “Our sector is in the midst […]

Chinese dominate VAB’s ‘Family Car of the Year 2024’

November 29, 2023

The 37th edition of Belgian mobility organization VAB’s ‘Family Car of the Year’ was dominated this year by the Chinese, with two out of three titles for the full-electric BYD Dolphin and the LPG-fueled BAIC X55. The Romanian Dacia Jogger 1.0 ECOG seven-seater grabbed gold in the ICE category below €25 000, again proving budget […]

VW’s Scout electric truck to be developed by Magna Steyr

November 29, 2023

Reports state that Volkswagen has turned to Austrian Magna Steyr. The company, famous for assembling the Mercedes G-Class, will help the German group develop its future Scout electric pickup truck and rugged SUV. Local newspaper, Kleine Zeitung, reports a 450-million-euro deal. Volkswagen announced the return of the Scout brand last year, along with the confirmation […]

De Lijn invests in 1.600 charging points for buses

November 28, 2023

De Lijn will order up to 1 600 charging points to charge electric buses in its depots. The Flemish public transport company is placing the order with two suppliers: TM SPIE-Ekoenergetyka and ABB. De Lijn will purchase some 320 to 490 charging points in the first phase, representing an investment of 15,3 million euros. The […]

Hyvia shows new hydrogen fuel cell for current Renault Master

November 28, 2023

Hyvia, the joint venture between Renault and Plug for hydrogen technology, has unveiled the new H2-Tech hydrogen fuel cell architecture for the current Renault Master van. A next-gen platform for the new Renault Master is coming in 2025. While we saw the launch of the all-new Renault Master, with a new battery-electric powertrain offering up […]

Austrians offer cable-less homecharging by connecting plate underneath

November 27, 2023

Let’s be honest: juggling cables isn’t the most pleasant aspect of switching to e-mobility. As inductive charging still has to make its definitive mark, the Austrian companies Keba and Easelink now offer an intermediate step. You can charge your BEV at home without cables by attaching a plate underneath the car’s bodywork. Austrian electric charging […]

Stellantis’ Circular Economy Hub is a recycling exercise by itself

November 27, 2023

Stellantis has officially inaugurated its recycling center in Turin. The ‘Sustainera Circular Economy Hub’ is located at the Mirafiori plant. In the newly established center, embracing a circular economy approach, the workforce focuses on remanufacturing motors, gearboxes, and high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), and overhauling and dismantling vehicles. The recycling center, worth an investment […]

Nissan to build fully electric Qashqai and Juke in UK (update)

November 27, 2023

Nissan will build an all-electric version of its best-selling models, the Qashqai and Juke, in its Sunderland factory in the UK. The news first brought by British free-to-air television news channel Sky News was confirmed by Nissan on Friday. New is the announcement that to have enough batteries, Nissan’s EV36Zero hub will require a third […]

Tesla lets you build your own Roadster

November 23, 2023

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced the full open-sourcing of its original Roadster design and engineering, making R&D documents accessible to the public. This move comes over a decade after discontinuing the original Roadster, which kickstarted the Tesla business and served as a mule for fund-raising. Insiders wonder whether this move is tied to the […]

Dutch Kitepower Hawk: a flying replacement for diesel generators

November 23, 2023

Dutch start-up Kitepower is tapping into the revolutionary energy solution of kite-powered battery systems. The company unveiled the Hawk, an automated kite that can feed a big battery independently from the grid. It follows in the footsteps of Enerkite, its German counterpart backed by Volkswagen. The Hawk is a replacement for diesel generators that meet […]

Northvolt develops cheaper sodium alternative to Li-ion battery

November 22, 2023

Swedish battery maker Northvolt claims a technological breakthrough by developing a low-cost sodium-ion battery that no longer depends on scarce materials like lithium, nickel, cobalt, and graphite. Utilizing abundant minerals like iron and sodium found locally offers an environmentally friendly alternative to lithium-ion. The first generation of this new battery has a density of up […]

Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 robotaxi will hit US roads from 2024

November 21, 2023

Hyundai and the American autonomous mobility company Motional have announced that the self-driving Ioniq 5 robotaxi will enter the US market next year. A fleet of vehicles has completed its test programs, and the production vehicles are undergoing final validation before entering the market in 2024. The Ioniq 5 robotaxi is a collaboration between Hyundai […]

Verkor’s foundation stone cements Dunkirk as ‘Battery Valley’

November 20, 2023

Industrial start-up Verkor officially laid the foundation for its cutting-edge Gigafactory in Dunkirk (France). The Prime Minister of France, Elisabeth Borne, attended the inaugural ceremony. The facility aims to produce high-performance electric batteries, for which it received a substantial investment of 659 million euros approved by the European Commission. Verkor’s Gigafactory, slated for operation by […]

Amazon becomes Hyundai dealer with online sales

November 17, 2023

Amazon has announced its foray into the online vehicle sales arena, initiating a partnership with Hyundai, which is set to start in 2024. Customers will be able to browse and purchase Hyundai vehicles directly on The service is restricted to the US for the time being. On the opening day of the LA Auto […]

Brupass tickets now digitally available in Brussels

November 17, 2023

Brupass and Brupass XL tickets are now also available digitally in the MIVB/STIB, NMBS/SNCB, and TEC apps, and from the beginning of 2024, also at De Lijn. They’re the first digital tickets that allow travelers to travel on the four public transport networks in Brussels and its outskirts. For MIVB/STIB, this is an additional novelty […]

ABB wants to simplify charging payments acquiring Vourity

November 17, 2023

ABB E-Mobility, part of the Swiss/Swedish ABB Group, has acquired the Swedish start-up Vourity. The latter’s cloud-based technology is designed to simplify payment at charging stations for electric cars with various payment options. ABB is also securing essential technical expertise with the take-over. The acquisition of Vourity enables ABB to integrate the payment terminal with […]

China’s newest four-door, four-seat electric hypercar: HiPhi A

November 17, 2023

The premium electric car brand HiPhi from Chinese manufacturer Human Horizons has unveiled the HiPhi A, a 960 kW/1 287 hp four-door, four-seat electric hypercar. However, it will take some time from the premiere at the Guangzhou Auto Show to the start of production. According to the press release, the HiPhi A should be able […]