NIO opens second battery swapping station in Netherlands

December 14, 2022

Chinese electric carmaker NIO has opened a second battery swapping station in the Netherlands in Apeldoorn, near the 50 highway at the Hotel Van der Valk Exclusief parking. The first one opened two weeks ago in Tilburg near the Belgian border. NIO wants to roll out a network of 120 Power Swap Stations in Europe […]

Cupra and Abt to compete together in Formula E

December 12, 2022

Seat’s performance brand Cupra is expanding its engagement in sustainable racing. It has announced a further tie-up with Abt Sportline to compete in the next season of ABB FIA Formula E with drivers Robin Frijns and Nico Müller. Cupra’s ambition is to become a fully carbon-neutral brand by 2030, and is assimilating its motorsports ambitions […]

German Sion solar car a species threatened with extinction?

December 09, 2022

“We failed,” say Jona Christians and his friend Laurin Hahn, the co-founders and CEOs of German Sono Motors, who laid the foundation for the company’s first vehicle, the Sion solar car, in a garage in Munich in 2016. In a remarkable campaign, they call up to at least 3 500 of the 21 000 holders […]

Zero-emission monster: the Scottish Munro Mk1

December 09, 2022

After the monster of Loch Ness, Scotland now has a beast on wheels that ventures off the beaten track without harming its forest or rocky environment with toxic emissions. The MK1 from Munro is an all-electric all-terrain vehicle unveiled in its final guise. Munro has been teasing its first 4×4 for a while but has […]

700 km range and faster charging for VW’s MEB+ platform

December 09, 2022

Volkswagen has released more details on the next generation of the MEB architecture, adding a plus to its name. The company confirms earlier claims that a range of up to 700 kilometers will be possible while DC charging rises to a peak of 200 kW, further shortening the waiting times. The Volkswagen Group builds twelve […]

BNEF: ‘Battery price rises for the first time in a decade’

December 09, 2022

High inflation and the rising cost of raw materials and components are reversing the trend of decreasing prices for battery packs in EVs. According to data from BloombergNEF, the average price has risen by 7% in a year-to-year comparison. That’s the first time in ten years. Europe copes with the highest prices in the world. […]

ArcelorMittal launches Steelanol bio-fuel project in Ghent

December 09, 2022

In the port of Ghent, steelmaker ArcelorMittal has inaugurated its ‘Steelanol’ project, which converts gas from its blast furnaces into bioethanol. The project represents an investment of 200 million euros. It is part of the company’s plans to become carbon neutral by 2050. “Our customers are looking for green steel, and we want to lead […]

Toyota develops hydrogen combustion engine in Corolla Cross

December 07, 2022

Advocating the use of hydrogen in combustion engines to decarbonize racing, the Japanese car giant is now also trialing the technology in the family-oriented Corolla Cross. The concept is currently undergoing winter and digital testing in Japan. The H2 concept version of the Corolla Cross uses the same technology as the previously unveiled GR Yaris. […]

Airbus shows internal fuel cell powered propeller engine

December 06, 2022

European aircraft giant Airbus believes in hydrogen to propel aviation in the future. It solemnly pledged to have an H2 airplane commercially ready by 2035. The hydrogen-powered fuel cell engine showed last week could be the ideal solution for planes for mid-haul flights with up to 100 passengers and a range of 1 000 nautical […]

VW sends Trinity flagship back to the drawing board

December 06, 2022

A new boss comes with a new set of laws. With Oliver Blume now in charge of the Volkswagen Group, his management team has sent the prestigious Trinity model back to the drawing board. But unfortunately, they weren’t happy with the original design proposal. As a flagship model, the Trinity was supposed to hit the […]

Volvo swaps over driveline for electric C40 and XC40 Recharge

December 06, 2022

Volvo has overhauled the powertrains of the all-electric C40 and XC40 Recharge. As a result, the models get more range while the Single Motor model switches from front to rear-wheel drive. Whether the Polestar 2, using the same technical building blocks, follows suit isn’t clear at this point. The architecture is changing the motor type […]

Toyota previews new C-HR and updates on Lexus all-electric sports car

December 05, 2022

Toyota showcased a design study for its new CH-R, making the current looks even bolder. Luxury brand Lexus has released more details on its rival for the Tesla Roadster, the Electric Sport, which will be mated to a manual gearbox despite its battery-powered propulsion. Together with the European premiere of the all-electric Toyota bZ Compact SUV […]

Stellantis partners with Qinomic to retrofit vans with EV power

December 05, 2022

Stellantis has signed an agreement with French retrofitting specialist Qinomic to investigate the business case of retrofitting EV powertrains to light commercial vehicles (LCVs) to ensure their continued usability within low-emission zones. This could also be interesting for Belgium. No big plans have yet been announced by Stellantis: the partnership with Qinomic merely seeks to […]

German tuner Abt believes in fuel cells for vans

December 05, 2022

Through its green subsidiary e-Line, German tuner Abt is starting to develop and produce a fuel cell driveline for vans. With daily ranges of 800 kilometers in express logistics not uncommon, it believes hydrogen is the preferred solution to battery-electric. “We see a sensible area of applications for the hydrogen fuel cell in long-distance logistics,” […]

BMW starts small series production of iX5 Hydrogen

December 05, 2022

After an intensive testing program, BMW has started, as announced earlier, producing a small series of fuel cell iX5 SAVs that will be used as a technology demonstrator for crucial clients in selected regions from spring 2023. The BMW iX5 Hydrogen is being built in the BMW Group’s pilot plant at its Research and Innovation […]

Umicore to supply battery materials to Volkswagen in US

December 02, 2022

Belgian materials specialist Umicore and PowerCo, the battery company of German automotive giant Volkswagen, are to expand their partnership in battery materials. To this end, they are exploring a long-term strategic agreement to supply PowerCo’s future giant electric vehicle plant in North America. Umicore reports this in a press release. Umicore and PowerCo have also […]

Renault and Airbus to collaborate on solid-state batteries

December 01, 2022

In an unusual partnership, French carmaker Renault and airplane builder Airbus have announced a partnership to develop innovative battery technology. Apart from reducing the weight of the battery packs and looking at solutions for energy management, both companies will cooperate on solid-state development. Instead of joining forces with another carmaker, Renault has chosen one of […]

New Mercedes eSprinter can reach up to 475 kilometers

December 01, 2022

During the final test sessions for the all-new eSprinter, Mercedes gathered results on the consumption of its zero-emission van. Completing a journey from Untertürkheim to the airport of Münich and back, the van registered a range of 475 kilometers on a single charge. This autonomy corresponds with an average consumption of 21,9 kWh/100 km, which […]

Lightyear kicks off production of its solar car in Finland

November 30, 2022

Dutch solar car scale-up Lightyear has kicked off production of its Lightyear 0 sedan in Uusikaupunki, southwest of Finland, at contract manufacturer Valmet Automotive. Valmet plans to produce one vehicle per week, for the time being, pushing up production in 2023. The goal is to produce only 946 vehicles of the Lightyear 0, a symbolic […]

Alstom preps Lineas shunting locomotive to drive fully autonomous

November 30, 2022

A locomotive of Belgian rail freight company Lineas carried out a demo run in the Netherlands fully autonomously on Tuesday. In the process, the locomotive also encountered obstacles on the rails, reports Alstom, which is developing the technology. The demonstration, which took place near Breda, concludes a series of tests that are part of a […]

Continental Green Caliper: EV-specific brakes improve efficiency

November 29, 2022

Automotive supplier Continental has introduced its ‘Green Caliper’, a brake caliper and disc designed specifically for EVs. It saves up to five kg of unsprung weight per wheel and further improves efficiency by reducing residual brake force after releasing the pedal. The Green Caliper is designed with EVs in mind and optimizes weight and efficiency […]

MW Motors overhauls its Luka EV

November 29, 2022

In an update on its Luke EV project, Czech start-up MW Motors says it has extensively overhauled its Luka EV. New on the all-electric retro-styled car is a water-cooled motor, a bigger battery pack, better brakes, and a faster charger. And to provide more space and comfort, the interior has been redesigned completely. Chances are […]

Rolls Royce and easyJet test airplane engine on hydrogen

November 29, 2022

It’s a world first, says the British airplane engine manufacturer Rolls Royce with the same name as the car, but no other than historical connections: a modern turboprop airplane engine running on green hydrogen. It didn’t fly yet, but it was a successful ‘ground test’ together with the British low-budget airline easyJet. H2ZERO, as the […]

Seoul starts pilot with driverless bus

November 28, 2022

As of last Friday, Seoul’s citizens can ride in an autonomous driving bus. The first self-driving shuttle was inaugurated and must help people take the threshold and build faith in the technology. The bus runs a 3,4-kilometer-long loop through South Korea’s capital, which lasts around 20 minutes. Travelers can embark on one of the two […]

BMW will also produce batteries in Debrecen

November 28, 2022

BMW has announced that it will build assembly lines for the high-voltage batteries next to the new vehicle plant in Debrecen, Hungary. The first construction work is already underway, and the production of the battery packs will begin in parallel with vehicle production of the New Class, ‘die Neue Klasse’. As reported, the vehicle plant […]

Caterpillar’s mining truck of the future is battery-powered

November 25, 2022

It’s called the Caterpillar 793 Electric. The American construction equipment behemoth showcased its prototype of a zero-emission mining truck at its proving ground in Arizona. The test area is also being transformed into a sustainable project to inspire mining companies in their decarbonization goals globally. Without providing exact specifications, Caterpillar showcased the prototype of its […]

Hyperion shows mobile spaceship-like H2 fueling station

November 24, 2022

American hydrogen high-tech startup Hyperion, known for its 1000-mile range XP-1 hypercar, showed in Los Angeles its idea to tackle the infrastructure headaches: a mobile, spaceship-like filling station for FCEVs that can make its own hydrogen on-site but also fast-charge an EV alongside in 20 minutes. The idea behind it is simple, but a substantial […]

ZF presents new electric drives

November 23, 2022

The German supplier ZF presented a new generation of electric drives for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. With numerous innovations at the component and system level, these are to “set standards with outstanding power density and energy efficiency”. According to the company’s press release, these standards include the compact design of the drives, the […]

Mercedes EQG durability tests: ‘even more possibilities offroad’

November 23, 2022

Halfway through its development cycle, Mercedes has started durability tests with the EQG. Though this battery-powered version embodies a new chapter in the vehicle’s bloodline, its hardcore mission won’t change. If standards are already extraordinary for the regular G-Class, these will be even more demanding on the all-electric version. The battery pack must be capable […]

Drako Dragon: battery-powered answer to Ferrari Purosangue

November 22, 2022

The US-based brand Drako is the newest addition to a flood of new brands following in the wake of the electrification of the automotive industry. This gull-winged super-SUV counts on 2 000 hp, and subsequent performance runs outpacing the Ferrari Purosangue. Fasten your seatbelts. Faithful to the customer taste of its home market, the company […]

Zeekr and Waymo showcase their robotaxi

November 22, 2022

Geely’s luxury brand Zeekr has launched a platform for autonomous driving vehicles. Dubbed SEA-M, the carmaker presented it on a robotaxi, the M-Vision. Google’s subsidiary Waymo is the first customer. The unveiling of the car, and the architecture, follows a previous announcement from Google and Geely unveiling their collaboration on developing an all-electric ride-hailing vehicle […]

Toyota Parts Center Europe wants to do 25% more without additional staff

November 16, 2022

The Toyota Parts Center Europe (TPCE) in Diest, the Japanese car giant Toyota’s largest distribution center outside its home country, expects to increase its activities by 25%, but without recruiting. This was stated by Andy Sinton, head of the parts supply chain at Toyota Motor Europe, on Tuesday during a press visit to mark the […]

Tesla to push new fast-charging standard to one megawatt

November 15, 2022

Tesla is opening its new Supercharger EV connector design to the world, pushing a new fast-charging standard up to 900 kW to one megawatt. It has no moving parts, needs no external cooling, is half the size, and is twice as powerful as Combined Charging System (CCS) connectors commonly used in European EVs today, the […]

BMW starts production of iX1 and lifts veil partially on ‘Neue Klasse’

November 14, 2022

BMW has started series production of the iX1 electric SUV at the plant in Regensburg. Meanwhile, new details about the electric car platform New Class have been revealed by BMW development board member Frank Weber. At the same time, BMW will apparently continue to have electric cars produced in England for the Mini brand and […]

Davinci DC 100: electric self-leveling street bike that’s also a robot

November 14, 2022

The DC 100 looks the part and certainly isn’t an electric motorbike like the ones we’ve seen so far. This ultra-fast and ultra-luxury street bike has more than speed and looks but also robotic abilities that make it self-leveling and self-riding. Davinci unveiled the DC 100 at EICMA, the global motorbike show in Milan. It […]

New Porsche Macan EV to feature 612 hp and 800 volts

November 14, 2022

Set to debut in 2024, Porsche has unveiled more details on the new underpinnings of the upcoming all-electric Macan. Aiming for the crown of the most sporty compact SUV, the car will pack 612 hp, a performance rear-axle, and the fast-charging capability of the Taycan. New details have arisen about the PPE platform or Premium […]

Facelift turns Audi e-tron into long-range Q8 E-Tron

November 09, 2022

A new name and considerably more range. Those two novelties sum up the facelift for the Audi e-tron and its more dynamic coupé-like version, the Sportback. The updated model is easily recognizable by its new nose, featuring a more prominent grille and a led strip between the headlights. At the back, the badge has been […]

Driving the all electric Zero DSR X: more mileage with less energy

November 09, 2022

Zero Motorcycles developed an electric adventure model. It immediately gets the largest battery capacity Zero has ever built, achieving a driving range of just under 200 km, making it perfect for use as a commuter vehicle. We drove it. Zero is a small motorbike manufacturer that exclusively builds electrically powered motorbikes. The manufacturer has just […]

Volvo Cars goes completely electric: Aurobay divested to Geely

November 09, 2022

Volvo Cars announced years ago that its strategic goal was to become fully electric by 2030. In line with those strategic ambitions, Volvo Cars will now divest its 33% share in Aurobay to the mother company Geely Holding. Aurobay will participate in Horse, the ICE and hybrid development company Renault Group shares with Geely. The […]

Renault’s revolution: ‘toward a ‘next gen’ automotive company’

November 08, 2022

Ahead of its initial targets, Renault Group opens the third chapter of its Renaulution plan: revolution. Renault Group aims at becoming a Next Gen automotive company built on 5 focused businesses addressing all the new value chains: electric vehicles, software, new mobility services, and circular economy, in addition to ICE and hybrid vehicles. At the same time, […]

Storedot: ‘Solid state batteries not within ten years’

November 08, 2022

According to Israelian battery start-up Storedot, the automotive industry should brace for the interim solution of semi-solid batteries in the medium term. While all eyes are set on a rapid introduction of solid-state technology, the company warns that mass production for that type of battery is still a decade away. Solid-state batteries are highly anticipated […]

For China only: Honda e:N2 on bespoke architecture

November 08, 2022

At the China International Export Expo (CIIE), Honda unveiled the e:N2 Concept, the prelude of a new all-electric sedan developed for the Chinese market. It’s part of Honda’s electrification offensive that intends to launch ten EVs in that market and is a continuation of Honda’s earlier unveiled e:N family. Aiming at the world’s largest EV […]

German Rheinmetall makes a curbstone that charges

November 07, 2022

The German tech firm Rheinmetall has presented a novel solution to facilitate charging in dense urban areas, where lying about cables could hinder the passage of pedestrians. It is an integrated charger into curbstones, turning it de facto into a charging station. Lack of charging capacity and low accessibility in metropolitan and urban areas could […]

Belgian start-up ABEE plans to build ‘giga-battery plant’ in Seneffe

November 07, 2022

The Belgian company and start-up ABEE (Avesta Battery and Energy Engineering) is considering building a large battery factory for electric vehicles and energy storage on the Seneffe-Manage industrial estate in Hainaut. The plant, planned for 2025 and targeting an annual capacity of 3 GWh, could supply millions of batteries ‘with a low carbon footprint’ annually […]

Belgian Solvay to invest $850 million in US battery materials plant

November 04, 2022

Belgian chemical group Solvay is to set up a joint venture with Mexican petrochemical giant Orbia to produce polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) for the North American battery market. The investment is estimated at around 850 million dollars or 858 million euros, and the factory would become North America’s largest PVDF production facility in the southeast. PVDFs […]

France goes for barrier-free toll highways

November 03, 2022

The ‘free-flow’ highway without barriers at toll roads or the so-called “péages”, a system long established in other countries, will soon become the new standard in France. Users can drive at the permitted speed, without slowing down to stopping, by passing under gates equipped with cameras and sensors that identify their vehicle. The French state […]

Tesla Cybertruck to hit series production by the end of 2023

November 02, 2022

“We’re in a final lap for Cybertruck,” said Elon Musk during a conference call with analysts last month. As the factory in Texas is gearing up to ready production, sources familiar with the matter have told the press agency Reuters that the all-electric pickup will go into full production in Austin, Texas, by the end […]

CATL presents its own integrated EV skateboard to VinFast

November 02, 2022

The world’s biggest battery manufacturer, Chinese CATL, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Vietnamese VinFast to expand global collaboration in areas like battery technology but also include a complete integrated EV skateboard chassis. And that is an interesting evolution. The CATL Integrated Intelligent Chassis (CIIC) places cells directly into an electric vehicle’s frame […]

Mercedes finalizes last ICE-platform and fine-tunes those for EVs

November 02, 2022

The new generation E-Class planned for 2023 will be the last new model from Mercedes-Benz on an internal combustion engine (ICE) platform. All subsequent new model series in the future will be based on architectures that the Stuttgart-based company is developing specifically for electric vehicles. Mercedes’ new Modular Architecture platform (MMA) could become the base […]

Michelin to produce tires partly from sustainable materials

October 31, 2022

Michelin has unveiled two tires that are made to a large extent from sustainable materials. The model for cars contains 45% recycled components; the one for buses even raises the ratio to 58%. According to the brand, this represents a new milestone, as this will be the first tire with circular materials on the market. […]

Italian YOYO electric micro car introduces battery swapping in Belgium

October 27, 2022

It looks like a reincarnation of the Smart Fortwo with its 2,5 length. Still, it is a genuine Italian-made fully battery-electric city car with a range of 150 km and an innovative battery-swapping system in a drawer-like system behind the rear license plate: the XEV YOYO. And it will be available in Belgium through VJB […]

Lotus reveals pricing and specs of its Eletre SUV

October 26, 2022

Lotus has revealed the final pricing and specifications of its Eletre electric ‘Hyper-SUV’, which will be delivered to customers in the first half of 2023. Lotus offers a choice of two powertrains with up to 918 hp and three equipment levels, with Belgian prices starting from €97 690. The Lotus Eletre will have three variants: […]

French Hopium gets provisional order for 10.000 hydrogen cars

October 26, 2022

French hydrogen car startup Hopium, showing its Hopium Māchina prototype for the first time to the general public at the Paris Motor Show last week, has signed a provisional order for 10 000 cars with Crédit Agricole Group’s subsidiary Agilauto. The bank’s specialist in sales and financing of cars will offer hydrogen-powered premium cars to […]

BMW bets on (at least) two horses, EV and FCEV

October 26, 2022

The BMW Group has presented plans on how to expand the capacities for EV component production. At the same time, CEO Oliver Zipse declares that, in the future, “hydrogen, not electric, will be the hippest thing to drive”. However, the Munich-based premium manufacturer doesn’t want to put all its eggs in one basket. “To say […]

Twice as good: new lidar sensor from Ouster

October 24, 2022

The American tech firm Ouster has released its latest generation lidar sensor, which is anticipated to boost the research and development of autonomous driving vehicles. Due to the new ‘breakthrough’ L3 chip, the REV7 lidar reaches 400 meters — double the distance of its predecessor, the L2. As one of the leading players in the […]

Belgian hydrogen panel one step closer to conquer world (update)

October 21, 2022

At the TRANSfarm, a site near Leuven meant for up-scaling technologies developed at the Louvain University, the Belgian SolHyd research project is readying a 350 m2 production space for its hydrogen panel. The project was presented to the general public on Wednesday, as the province of Vlaams-Brabant provides a subsidy of €146 000 to help […]

Foxconn shows two new EV prototypes and Model C production version

October 20, 2022

Hon Hai Technology Group, better known as Foxconn, held its third annual tech day, unveiling two new EV prototypes (Model B and Model V) and the production version of the Model C, a battery-electric SUV with a range of nearly 700 km. Foxconn is progressing rapidly in the electric car market. After showing three BEV […]

Cellforce to assemble 1 GWh of high-performance battery cells

October 20, 2022

Cellforce, the joint venture between sports car manufacturer Porsche and battery maker Customcells, is planning to produce ten times more battery cells than originally planned. At a ceremony, laying the foundation stone for its first plant near Tübingen in the south of Germany, the company said it aims to make 1 GWh of high-performance cells […]

GM Defense to develop batteries for US military

October 20, 2022

GM Defense, General Motors’ military vehicle subsidiary, has been selected by the US military’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to develop a battery pack prototype based on the Ultium platform suitable for military use. GM Defense already had several hydrogen-based projects in development for the military. For this contract, GM Defense has to develop an Ultium-based […]

Mercedes’ EQE SUV and AMG versions on steroids unwrapped

October 17, 2022

Ahead of the Paris Motor Show opening, and after letting seep through several details in the weeks before, Mercedes-Benz has put its new EQE SUV, the ‘multi-purpose variant of the EQE executive saloon’ in the full spotlight. It is more compact than the latter, and at 3030 millimeters, it has a wheelbase that is nine […]