Opel Mokka Electric gets new name and more efficient drivetrain

December 15, 2022

The Opel Mokka-e is the next Stellantis model to receive its more efficient motor and battery combination. We also can’t call it the Mokka-e anymore because Opel has changed its naming scheme and is now giving its EV models the ‘Electric’ suffix. Like the Peugeot e-208, e-308, and the Opel Astra Electric, the Mokka Electric […]

Rivian calls off Mercedes deal to focus on delivering existing products

December 13, 2022

Rivian has pressed pause on the partnership with Mercedes, which sought to jointly build a factory in Eastern Europe to build two large electric vans. Instead, Rivian wants to focus its resources on delivering its consumer products, the R1T and R1S electric vehicles, and its commercial business, building delivery vans for Amazon. In September, Mercedes […]

Volvo Trucks adds heavy box truck options to electric range

December 13, 2022

Volvo Trucks has expanded its electric range to include ‘rigid’ versions of the FH, FM, and FMX Electric: long-wheelbase versions for heavy box trucks, construction vehicles, or heavy distribution vehicles. These new trucks are primarily meant for urban use, but several battery and cab options are available. Volvo Trucks already produces lighter electric box trucks […]

Chinese BYD intends to build one or two European car factories

December 08, 2022

The Chinese car and bus manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dreams) has expressed an interest in building its own car factories in Europe. This move would support its European expansion and overcome issues with getting the cars shipped to our shores in the long term. For now, China’s biggest EV maker will start by buying up […]

Volvo confirms China-built EX30 for 2023

December 08, 2022

Volvo CEO Jim Rowan has confirmed that its new ‘baby EX90’ will be called the EX30 and is set to launch in 2023. To keep costs low, it will be built in China on Geely’s SEA platform, which is also used for the recently-launched Smart models. At the launch of the EX90, the new electric […]

VinFast opens its first European stores, but no cars yet

December 07, 2022

As promised, the Vietnamese car manufacturer VinFast has opened its first two stores in Cologne (Germany) and Paris (France). However, the cars have been delayed to 2023 due to chip shortages affecting the launch. VinFast has officially kicked off its European endeavor with the first stores in Cologne and Paris, located in “high-visibility corners” in […]

Stellantis partners with Qinomic to retrofit vans with EV power

December 05, 2022

Stellantis has signed an agreement with French retrofitting specialist Qinomic to investigate the business case of retrofitting EV powertrains to light commercial vehicles (LCVs) to ensure their continued usability within low-emission zones. This could also be interesting for Belgium. No big plans have yet been announced by Stellantis: the partnership with Qinomic merely seeks to […]

Mercedes unveils EQT and Concept Marco Polo camper van

December 05, 2022

The Mercedes EQT is the electric version of the T-Class compact family van, with the same powertrain as the Renault Kangoo E-Tech Electric. Mercedes has given two examples of how the EQT can be used as a leisure vehicle with the Concept Marco Polo and the Marco Polo module. No surprises under the hood of […]

Tesla Semi achieves 500-mile test drive days before delivery

November 30, 2022

With the first delivery of the Semi scheduled for this Thursday, December 1st, Elon Musk has announced on Twitter that Tesla’s long-haul truck has achieved a 500-mile (800 km) drive with a loaded trailer earlier this week. That would match the initial promises made by Musk back in 2017. As ever, Tesla CEO Elon Musk […]

Opel Astra Electric unwrapped: orders open spring 2023

November 30, 2022

Opel has unveiled the Electric version of the latest Astra, with similar specs to its closely related cousin, the Peugeot e-308. The Opel Astra Electric is available as a hatchback and an estate version, with WLTP ranges of up to 416 km. After launching the PHEV versions of the Astra first, including a sporty Astra […]

Continental Green Caliper: EV-specific brakes improve efficiency

November 29, 2022

Automotive supplier Continental has introduced its ‘Green Caliper’, a brake caliper and disc designed specifically for EVs. It saves up to five kg of unsprung weight per wheel and further improves efficiency by reducing residual brake force after releasing the pedal. The Green Caliper is designed with EVs in mind and optimizes weight and efficiency […]

Liux Animal: Spanish EV from recycled and plant-based materials

November 29, 2022

Yes, that’s quite a few buzzwords in one title. Spanish start-up Liux wants to make the Animal, an electric crossover SUV with a range of up to 600 km. More importantly, though, is the goal of producing it out of 90% recycled and plant-based materials, with a simplified assembly that facilitates production and repairs. The […]

Abarth 500e gives Fiat’s electric city car sporty boost

November 24, 2022

Abarth has launched its first electric car with the Abarth 500e, which follows the recipe of its combustion brothers by giving the Fiat 500e more power and a sporty look. The brand has also solicited its community to develop some features, with members getting priority in the pre-order process in return for their efforts. Abarth […]

Ford launches E-Tourneo Custom electric passenger van

November 23, 2022

Ford has unveiled the passenger version of its E-Transit Custom, which gets the E-Tourneo Custom nameplate. The electric people carrier has up to eight seats, an electric range of 370 km, and offers more comfort and technology than before. PHEV and diesel versions are also available. Like the E-Transit Custom, the E-Tourneo Custom gets a […]

Smart #3 revealed in Chinese regulatory filings

November 21, 2022

Smart’s second new-gen model has been revealed as the #3, another compact electric SUV, but a larger one than the #1, which was launched earlier this year. The model was spotted in a new batch of regulatory filings from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which also revealed a few key specifications. The […]

Opel Grandland Hybrid4 gets sporty GSe label

October 27, 2022

Opel has renamed the most powerful Grandland Hybrid4, giving it the new GSe label, following the recently-announced Astra GSe. Power stays the same at 300 hp, but the looks of the Grandland GSe do evolve to suit its sporty badge. No changes to the drivetrain on this Opel Grandland GSe: it keeps its 300 hp […]

Skoda Enyaq RS iV now also in SUV form

October 26, 2022

After releasing the Enyaq RS Coupé iV with a 220 kW (299 hp) dual-motor drivetrain, Skoda has given the non-Coupé version of its electric SUV the same sporty treatment. In addition, the RS model also gets visual changes to enhance its sporty appearance. Up to now, the most powerful Skoda Enyaq iV was the 80x […]

Nidec launches its second-generation E-Axle electric motor

October 25, 2022

The Japanese electric motor manufacturer Nidec has launched its second-generation E-Axle electric drive system for EVs. Compared to the previous generation, it gains efficiency, uses less rare materials, and is quieter. Nidec supplies electric motors for several Chinese EV manufacturers, including Guangzhou Automobile Group Co (GAC) and Geely. Its first-generation E-Axle, which integrates the motor, […]

Foxconn shows two new EV prototypes and Model C production version

October 20, 2022

Hon Hai Technology Group, better known as Foxconn, held its third annual tech day, unveiling two new EV prototypes (Model B and Model V) and the production version of the Model C, a battery-electric SUV with a range of nearly 700 km. Foxconn is progressing rapidly in the electric car market. After showing three BEV […]

GM Defense to develop batteries for US military

October 20, 2022

GM Defense, General Motors’ military vehicle subsidiary, has been selected by the US military’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to develop a battery pack prototype based on the Ultium platform suitable for military use. GM Defense already had several hydrogen-based projects in development for the military. For this contract, GM Defense has to develop an Ultium-based […]

Vinfast announces first European locations for November 2022

October 19, 2022

The Vietnamese car manufacturer Vinfast has announced its first European store locations, with the Cologne (Germany) store to kick off its European debut in November 2022. In addition, stores in France and the Netherlands are also announced to be coming soon, with those three countries also housing the three European headquarters for Vinfast. In September, […]

Renault shows 4Ever Trophy in Paris, promises production version

October 18, 2022

Renault is one of the few car manufacturers present at the Paris Motor Show 2022, and has used the occasion to present its 4Ever Trophy, a tribute to the classic Renault 4 and a preview for a production version coming soon. Last year, Renault celebrated the 60th anniversary of one of its most iconic models: […]

ACEA urges EU once again to increase number of charging points for EVs

October 13, 2022

According to data from the European constructors’ federation ACEA, 6 of 27 EU countries have less than one EV charging point per 100 km of road, with fast charging availability also below the level needed to support the growing electric vehicle market share. It’s not the first time that the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) […]

Lexus UX 300e gets new battery and 40% larger range

October 13, 2022

Lexus’ first battery-electric car, the UX 300e, gets a new battery that increases its range from 314 km to 450 km while also gaining a revamped interior and more body rigidity. However, no improvements to the previously lacking charging capabilities are mentioned. The UX 300e was launched in 2020 as Lexus’s first fully electric model. […]

Stuttgart University GreenTeam breaks 0-100 km/h record for EVs

October 12, 2022

The student-run GreenTeam of the University of Stuttgart has again broken the acceleration record for electric vehicles, with a lightning-fast time of 1,461 seconds from 0-100 km/hour, beating the previous record of 1,513 seconds set by a Swiss student team. Neither the Porsche Taycan nor the Tesla Model S Plaid comes close to the GreenTeam […]

Lordstown starts production electric Endurance pickup

October 04, 2022

American start-up Lordstown Motors and Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn have finally started production of the Endurance electric pickup truck. The vehicles are produced by the now Foxconn-owned former GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio. The manufacturer stresses that production will ramp up slowly due to supply chain constraints. The slow production start of the Lordstown Endurance […]

Audi Brussels will get Q4 e-tron production after all

October 03, 2022

The Audi factory in Forest (Brussels) will get a second model, next to the current e-tron. After initially denying the Belgian production plant’s request, Audi decided to let Audi Brussels build the Q4 e-tron to meet the high demand and shorten delivery times. In December 2021, the news broke that Audi Brussels had applied to […]

Daimler Truck sells 50 Mercedes eActros LongHaul to Hegelmann Group

September 29, 2022

Daimler Truck has already received an order of 50 electric Mercedes-Benz eActros LongHaul from the German transport group Hegelmann, only a few days after revealing the near-production version of the long-distance electric truck at IAA Transportation in Hannover. It has been a productive show for Daimler Truck at IAA Transportation. After showing the near-production ‘concept […]

BMW’s fall updates expand hybrid and electric portfolio

September 28, 2022

BMW has given a significant portion of its model range a refresh with the fall 2022 model updates. It includes the sales launch of the hybrid X1 and electric iX1 models, a new entry-level powertrain for the i4, new hybrid versions of the 7 Series, and more. The new BMW X1 features two hybrid models, […]

BMW M’s first electrified model is a 750 horsepower SUV

September 28, 2022

BMW has unveiled its XM (not to be confused with the Citroën XM), its first standalone M model since the M1, and also the first electrified full-fat M model from the brand. The large SUV combines a V8 engine with a 197 hp electric motor to generate 653 hp of total power, although a 748 […]

ElectricBrands presents three business-oriented vehicles

September 22, 2022

ElectricBrands, best known for their funky XBUS, brought three new vehicles to IAA Transportation in Hannover. The XBUS S, Evetta Cargo, and NITO C+S are all compact electric vehicles designed for business use but with a friendly touch. The German start-up ElectricBrands first came into the spotlight with two compact electric vehicles based on iconic […]

Maxus expands EU portfolio with electric pickup and minivan

September 21, 2022

Maxus has expanded its European model range with three new electric models: the T90 pickup truck, the MIFA 9 minivan, and the 7,5-ton Electric Light Truck. With this expansion, the Chinese manufacturer enters both passenger and heavier commercial vehicle markets. Maxus, part of the Chinese conglomerate SAIC and imported by Astara Western Europe in Belgium, […]

Quantron presents hydrogen truck with up to 1.500 km range

September 21, 2022

Quantron has presented its QHM FCEV Heavy Truck at the IAA Transportation in Hannover, a MAN TGX-based hydrogen truck that boasts driving ranges of up to 1 500 km. That would make it the longest-range hydrogen truck on the market, with delivery expected in 2023. The Quantron QHM FCEV Heavy Truck uses two 120 kW […]

Iveco presents (FC)EV vans and trucks partnering with Hyundai and Nikola

September 20, 2022

Iveco shows off its hydrogen and electric future for vans and trucks at the IAA Transportation in Hannover, thanks to partnerships with Hyundai and Nikola. Both the Daily light commercial vehicle and the Nikola Tre zero-emission truck will be available with either batteries or a hydrogen fuel cell. Back in March, Hyundai and Iveco announced […]

IAA: Daimler Truck presents eActros LongHaul with 800 km range

September 19, 2022

Daimler Truck has unveiled a ‘concept prototype version of the Mercedes-Benz eActros LongHaul at the IAA Transportation in Hannover. It previews the design of the long-haul electric truck, which will enter production in 2024 and boasts ranges of up to 800 km. The truck won the “2023 Truck Innovation Award” at the show, a prize […]

ICCT: ‘Subsidies needed to make hydrogen trucks viable by 2030’

September 15, 2022

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has conducted a study on the viability of decarbonizing European road transport with hydrogen trucks by 2030. It appears that, even with dropping (green) hydrogen prices and more stringent CO2 reduction measures, subsidies will still be needed to bridge the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) gap between renewable […]

Solaris launches Urbino 18 articulated hydrogen bus

September 15, 2022

Polish bus manufacturer Solaris has unveiled its Urbino 18 articulated hydrogen bus, a second zero-emission model with a fuel cell, which complements the existing Urbino 12. It adds space for up to 140 passengers while keeping the same 350 km estimated range, thanks to the addition of three extra hydrogen tanks. The Solaris Urbino 18 […]