IATA sceptical about flying on 5% SAF by 2030

June 05, 2024

The target of 5% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2030 is extremely ambitious, according to IATA, the International Airline Association. Nevertheless, IATA remains committed to its target of net zero emissions by 2050, although its chairman, Willie Walsh, clearly states that it “is not going to promise to achieve something that does not seem possible […]

New Belgian road code is now official

June 05, 2024

The current Belgian road code, which is some half a century old, will be modernized from 1 September 2026. This news was already known, but with the king signing the text yesterday, the new traffic rules are now officially in place. The new modern code gives everyone a fairer place on public roads – read: […]

Euro 2024: teams can cut emissions by 60% if they avoid flying

June 04, 2024

The European Football Championship is coming up, but whether the football tournament will also be ‘Wunderbar’ from an ecological point of view remains to be seen. Although Euro 2024 bills itself as ‘the greenest ever’, football teams could also set a good example by, for example, traveling more sustainably and avoiding flying whenever possible. Greenest […]

Brussels Airlines again flies to Nairobi

June 04, 2024

A direct flight to the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, took off from Brussels Airport yesterday morning. Brussels Airlines is offering the route again for the first time in just under a decade. “Brussels Airlines is Lufthansa Group’s Africa expert,” said Dorothea von Boxberg, CEO of Brussels Airlines, at the launch. “Except for Washington and New York, […]

HDF Energy opened unique green hydrogen plant in France

June 03, 2024

On a former Ford site in Blanquefort, near Bordeaux, Hydrogène de France (HDF Energy) has opened the world’s first high-power fuel cell plant. HDF Energy has developed an innovative renewable electricity storage solution combining hydrogen production and fuel cells to transform it into electricity and batteries. The site covers 7,000 m² – another 5,000m² can […]

Flemish provinces launch joint cycling website ‘fietsbarometer.be’

May 31, 2024

The five Flemish provincial governments have launched ‘fietsbarometer.be’, a website offering all information on cycling data. With the site, they want to map all existing and future cycling initiatives and gain better insight into the cost of investments in cycling infrastructure and road safety. Four themes On the website, you can choose from four themes: […]

Touring: Over a quarter of traffic fatalities due to street furniture

May 31, 2024

Over a quarter of fatal road accidents in Flanders and Wallonia are due to off-road obstacles such as trees, traffic poles, and crash barriers, according to an annual analysis by mobility organization Touring reported by the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. In 2022, it was 77 out of 282 road deaths in Flanders and 77 out […]

Flanders and Wallonia to invest in ailing Lineas

May 30, 2024

Rail freight company Lineas is getting a new 46 million euro bailout. It is striking that the regional governments in Flanders and Wallonia are now also going to help save the company, reports the business newspaper De Tijd. Earlier, the federal government supported Lineas financially twice. The company, the largest private rail freight operator in […]

A first with self-driving shuttles at Terhills in Maasmechelen

May 30, 2024

At the Terhills tourist site in Dilsen-Stokkem and Maasmechelen in Limburg, five instead of two self-driving shuttles will now drive around to take tourists and guests there to the various hotspots. It is the first and, so far, only fully autonomous transport system in Europe, i.e., without a safety steward on board. The shuttles can […]

Toyota shows APM as ‘people mover’ for the Olympics

May 30, 2024

Toyota’s APM, or ‘Accessible People Mover,’ is an electric vehicle designed to transport persons or goods and can also be used as an emergency vehicle. It was developed in Toyota’s R&D center in Zaventem, Belgium, and will be produced at Toyota Caetano in Portugal. For years already, Toyota has been the worldwide mobility partner of […]

Eurostar centralizes operational centers in Brussels

May 29, 2024

High-speed train operator Eurostar has concentrated the management of its entire network and incident handling in one place: Brussels. The new operations center, which operates 24 hours a day, employs some 100 people managing around 100 trains and 50,000 passengers a day. Previously, there were two operational centers: one in Brussels for the former Thalys […]

Unsatisfied Lijn travellers, but Brussels MIVB/STIB is on a roll

May 29, 2024

Customer satisfaction at Flemish public transport operator De Lijn is declining, even though it carried 17% more passengers last year. The ageing bus fleet and staff shortages continue to hamper De Lijn. The Brussels public transport company MIVB/STIB also carried more passengers last year (+11%), but a more attractive offer and better punctuality ensure higher […]

Electric payroll cars surge fivefold over a two-year period

May 29, 2024

Despite much political debate about governmental subsidising, Belgium has witnessed a major transformation in its employee salary car fleet. The number of electric payroll cars has grown fivefold from early 2022 to the end of 2023. This shift, reported by the National Office of Social Security (RSZ), may not be to the liking of public […]

€ 20,000 electric Volkswagen arrives in 2027

May 29, 2024

The German automaker Volkswagen is putting the rumours to rest and has officially announced the arrival of an entry-level electric car to compete with the Dacia Spring and the Citroën ë-C3. The successor to – remember? -the e-Up will arrive in 2027 and will be dubbed ID.1. In recent weeks, it became apparent that the […]

City of Brussels wants measures against exhaust pipe terror

May 28, 2024

The Brussels city council wants the Brussels Region to take measures against noise from amplified engines and exhaust pipes in the capital’s streets. To this end, the city council approved a resolution by Councilor Mathias Vanden Borre (N-VA) on the issue. According to the World Health Organization, noise is the second biggest environmental cause of […]

Greece imposes new restrictions for electrified vehicles on ferries

May 28, 2024

Those planning an electrified car holiday for the upcoming summer must plan their trip when visiting Greek islands. The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) have imposed new safety guidelines on electric and hybrid vehicles traveling on ferries, which Greece has adopted as restrictions. For safety reasons, electric […]

Renault presents concept vehicle for rolling medical practice

May 27, 2024

Software République, an open innovation ecosystem for intelligent, safe, and sustainable mobility in which Renault is involved, has now presented the ‘U1st Vision’ concept vehicle. It is intended for neighborhood services and can, for example, be equipped as a doctor’s surgery on wheels. The ‘U1st’ demonstrator consists of two parts: a self-contained multi-service module (‘pop-up’) […]

59 accidents caused by ignoring red light in Brussels

May 27, 2024

Last year, 59 accidents were caused by ignoring red lights in Brussels. From 1 June, Brussels will launch a new awareness campaign, “Do you think 1 minute before the red light is too long?” to call on motorists, cyclists, steppers, and pedestrians alike to obey traffic rules and respect traffic lights. Vulnerable road users are […]

A fast-charger every 25 km on Flemish motorways by the end of 2025

May 24, 2024

By the end of next year, EV drivers will be able to access 130 (ultra) fast-charging points on Flemish motorways. Actually, there are already 95 of them available. “With this, the Flemish government will meet its target of installing every 25 km charging infrastructure along or close to motorways by the end of 2025,” says […]

Number of fare dodgers at De Lijn increases by +70%

May 24, 2024

Despite more checks, the number of fare dodgers at Flemish public transport company De Lijn has increased by more than 70% in five years. Moreover, De Lijn is losing a lot of money because half do not pay their fines. Last year, for example, 4,1 million euros out of a total of 8,2 million euros […]

New Brussels tram line 10 to Military Hospital from September

May 23, 2024

The Brussels public transport company MIVB/STIB will start operating the new tram line 10 from Churchill to the Military Hospital on 23 September. The new line should mainly increase the accessibility of Neder-Over-Heembeek, a borough of the city of Brussels. Residents of that borough currently must do a lot to get to the center of […]

Electra to install 160 fast-chargers at Colmar restaurants

May 23, 2024

Electra, one of Europe’s experts in fast-charging stations, announces a collaboration with the Colmar Group, a renowned restaurant chain, to enhance the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Belgium and France. By the end of 2025, all six Belgian sites under the Colmar Restaurant brand will feature fast-charging stations managed by Electra. This collaboration aims to […]

April second heaviest congestion month in Flanders since measuring began

May 23, 2024

Since the Flemish Traffic Center started measuring in 2011, April was the second heaviest month for congestion. The record for the heaviest congestion month ever remains June 2019 for now. Moreover, traffic jams in February, March, and April – with 167 km of traffic jams per working day that month – were never as heavy […]

‘Transport sector hinders Belgium to achieve climate targets’

May 22, 2024

Belgium will probably not achieve the agreed European environmental targets for CO2 emissions and green energy, although there are differences per sector. The transport sector, in particular, is finding it difficult to transition away from fossil fuels. These are the conclusions of research by the Federal Planning Bureau. The European Commission imposes targets for 2030 […]

London donates 110 ‘scrap’ ULEZ vehicles for Ukrainian aid

May 21, 2024

Over 100 vehicles have been donated to Ukraine through London’s ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) scrappage program. Twenty of those vehicles have already arrived in the war-torn country this weekend, and another thirteen are en route. Transportation is vital for saving lives during the war. Once Londoners are accepted to the Ulez scrappage scheme and donate […]

Infrabel deploys AI cameras at railway crossings for safety

May 20, 2024

Track runners and incidents at level crossings cause more than 12 hours of delays every day on the entire Belgian rail network. To improve safety at level crossings and train punctuality, rail network manager Infrabel is now using artificial intelligence (AI). By the end of this year, 70-level crossings will be equipped with AI cameras […]

Colruyt experiments with self-driving tractor

May 17, 2024

Retail group Colruyt has launched an experiment with a self-driving tractor in Deinze (East Flanders). The vehicle will mow, spray, and transport fruit in an orchard. Self-driving tractors are already common in the US, but there is not yet a good legal framework in Europe. That’s why the experiment is organized on private property. The […]

Record profits seduce Eurostar to order up to 50 new trains

May 16, 2024

High-speed train operator Eurostar is to thoroughly renew and expand its fleet by ordering up to 50 new trains. It expects to put the first new trains into service in 2030. The HST operator also reached a turnover of 2 billion euros for the first time in 2023, a quarter more than in 2022. It […]

Oosterweel starts tunneling under Albert Canal

May 16, 2024

Lantis and contractor consortium TM Roco have started the construction of the channel tunnels between the future Oosterweel junction, located on the right bank of Antwerp near the Noordkasteel, and the Antwerp Ring Road. The tunnels, which start at the America Dock and run under the Albert Canal, should be ready by 2030 and form […]

VAB: ‘One in two goes on holiday by car, but only 4.2% electric’

May 16, 2024

With the start of the holiday season in sight, the Flemish mobility organization VAB traditionally probes the Belgian’s intentions about the means he intends to use to go on holiday. Almost 60% are going to use a vehicle on four wheels somehow. And although it’s already double the number of the year before, only 4.2% […]

Renault concentrates on public transportation for autonomous driving

May 15, 2024

Renault is adjusting its strategy toward autonomous vehicles. Regarding individual vehicles, Renault Group concentrates on the L2 or L2+ level for the moment. However, when it comes to public transportation, Renault Group sees the relevance of offering real autonomous vehicles. CTO Gilles Le Borgne said Renault Group would not aim for so-called SAE Level 3 […]

Brussels applies for new tram line 15 building permit

May 15, 2024

In collaboration with Brussels public transport operator MIVB/STIB, Brussels Mobility has applied for planning permission to construct tram line 15, a new line to link Belgica metro station and the Thurn & Taxis neighborhood with the North Station and later with Central Station. The public space along the approximately 2 km route will also be […]

Dozens of De Lijn buses out of service due to Van Hool bankruptcy

May 15, 2024

Several dozens of buses are idle at De Lijn because the right spare parts are unavailable. These should normally come from Van Hool, but due to the bankruptcy, the bus manufacturer cannot supply them to the Flemish public transport company. De Lijn expects it will not stop at these dozens of buses and has set […]

Losing up to 1h15 in traffic jams on Brussels Ring

May 14, 2024

These days, it is best to avoid the Leonard intersection on the Brussels Ring with the E411 highway and an even broader area around it in Tervuren. Due to the work on the Leonard Tunnel, there is a lot of traffic congestion around the tunnel complex, which will cause you to lose at least one […]

Average delay in Wallonia for technical car inspection is 58 days

May 13, 2024

Last year, almost 1.2 million cars were presented for technical inspection in Wallonia. According to statistics from the Public Service of Wallonia, Mobility, and Infrastructure, 20% of them came later than the expiry date of the inspection certificate. On average, Walloons were 58 days late; in 2019, for example, it was 55 days. Different problems […]

Brussels Avenue Charles Quint to become green urban boulevard

May 13, 2024

Boulevard Charles Quint in Brussels is to be transformed into a city boulevard with more greenery and cycle paths. Brussels Mobility has applied for planning permission to do so. The avenue, which runs from the commune of Berchem-Sainte-Agathe through Ganshoren to the Basilica of Koekelberg, is an important but unattractive access route to the capital. […]

NMBS/SNCB sells its office complexes at Brussels South

May 10, 2024

Belgian railway NMBS/SNCB is looking for a buyer for four office complexes at Brussels South, or Brussels-Midi station, representing 150,000 square meters, writes the business newspaper De Tijd. Usually, the consortium that may build the railway company’s new headquarters on the site of NMBS/SNCB’s buildings on Avenue Fonsny would take over the site. The sale […]

MediaMarkt sells ‘street-illegal’ e-scooter with 70 km/h topspeed

May 09, 2024

Electronics chain MediaMarkt, which opened its first European ‘Urban Mobility Store’ in Antwerp on Tuesday, is selling a racing e-scooter that reaches 70 km/h. Such devices are not allowed on public roads in Belgium, where the maximum speed is 25 km/h. However, the electric chain claims that such a device is “ideal for commuting,” says […]

Vinci: ‘aggressive behavior, insults, and stress prevail among EU drivers’

May 08, 2024

Despite prevention campaigns and an apparent increase in the number of people killed on the road in 2024, aggressive behavior, insults, and stress still prevail among European drivers. These are the conclusions of the 14th ‘Barometre de la Conduite Responsable’, a study by market research company Ipsos, published on Tuesday by the French foundation Vinci […]

High Health Council wants ban on night flights at Brussels Airport

May 08, 2024

The Belgian High Health Council is calling for a ban on night flights at Brussels Airport. This is the advisory body’s first recommendation of such a measure. According to the Council, at least 160,000 people living nearby are at increased risk of negative health effects, such as disturbed sleep, reduced lung function, and changes in […]

Flanders’ nest egg for EV premiums already exhausted in five months

May 08, 2024

The Flemish region is the only one in Belgium to grant a premium of up to 5,000 euros for private persons purchasing a new electric vehicle with a list price under €40,000. Second-hand EVs are awarded a premium of up to €3,000. But five months after installation, the €20 million of Flanders’ nest egg for […]

De Lijn goes for 100 e-buses from Spanish Irizar E-Mobility

May 07, 2024

Spanish manufacturer Irizar E-mobility has won the Flemish public transport company De Lijn’s tender for a framework agreement for up to 100 electric buses for ‘high-quality public transport’ (HOV). Modern articulated buses bet on passenger comfort and are intended for longer-distance journeys. A possible investment of 117 million euros would be involved. According to De […]

Specialized, Gazelle, and Riese & Müller are ‘VAB Bike of the Year 2024’

May 07, 2024

Three bicycle models – the ‘Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0’, ‘Gazelle Eclipse C380 HBM’, and ‘Riese & Müller Charger4 GT Rohloff HS’ – are the winners of mobility organization VAB’s ‘Bike of the Year 2024’ election – the tenth edition. Ordinary consumers and a professional jury consisting of bicycle journalists and people from the bicycle leasing […]

Belgium’s oldest train station in Tienen threatens to collapse

May 06, 2024

According to a stability study commissioned by the city council, the right-wing of the station building in Tienen is in danger of collapsing. The building has been languishing for several years, and the Belgian railways NMBS/SNCB wants to assign it on a long lease to a partner who must also be responsible for its renovation. […]

Channel tunnel celebrates its 30th anniversary

May 06, 2024

Thirty years ago, the railway tunnel under the Channel between mainland Europe and the United Kingdom was inaugurated. Construction started in December 1987. For seven years, more than 10,000 people worked on this site of the century, which was often perilous and required the invention of new technology, such as the iconic giant tunnel boring […]

Dubai builds world’s largest airport for 260 million passengers a year

May 03, 2024

With 400 gates, five parallel runways, five passenger terminals, and an area of 70 km², Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport is set to become the largest airport in the world. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, gave the go-ahead for the ambitious construction plans this week. […]

Siemens to supply first high-speed rail trains for US

May 03, 2024

German technology conglomerate Siemens may build the railcars for the first high-speed rail line in the US between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Brightline, which is leading the project, has announced this. A fleet of ten railcars is involved. Siemens will also build a plant in the US to manufacture the ‘American Pioneer 220’ (AP […]

Brussels university develops sensor to avoid blind spot accidents

May 03, 2024

Research center Imec and eXia, a spin-off of the VUB (University Brussels), have developed the ‘Active Side Guard Blind Spot Sensor’, a revolutionary warning system that should prevent blind spot accidents involving trucks. Last year, the number of fatal blind spot accidents increased by 10% to a record level of 136 casualties. For comparison, in […]

Liège Airport gets new environmental permit

May 02, 2024

The Walloon government has granted Liège Airport a new environmental permit. The Council of State initially threatened to annul that. Still, strengthening the permit’s legal basis, including the limit of 55,000 authorized flights per year, remedied that shortcoming. At the end of February, the auditor at the State Council ordered the annulment of the license […]

‘Strikes cost Brussels Airlines €14 million, Lufthansa €350 million’

May 02, 2024

The recent social unrest, with several strikes and strike notices, has cost Brussels Airlines an estimated 14 million euros. As a result, the Belgian airline went deeper into the red in the first quarter than during the first three months of last year. Strikes didn’t affect the Belgian airline alone, as parent company Lufthansa saw […]

From next year, Flemish teachers can lease a bicycle cheaply

May 02, 2024

From next year, teachers will be able to use part of their gross end-of-year bonus to lease a regular or electric bicycle. According to Flemish Minister of Education Ben Weyts (N-VA), the option is part of a series of measures to make remuneration for the teaching job more up-to-date and attractive. Among them are a […]

SNCF’s new high-speed train officially presented

April 30, 2024

French public railways SNCF has presented the new TGV train, the so-called ‘train of the future’ expected for the second half of 2025. The train has a rather understated aesthetic and is all white, with some red accents for the logo and doors, as opposed to the striking orange of the early models. The SNCF […]

Danish DFDS electrifies cross-channel transport

April 29, 2024

Danish shipping and logistics company DFDS, one of Northern Europe’s largest shipping companies, is to deploy a fleet of battery electric vessels on the English Channel. The company reports this in a press release, after meeting with UK Minister for Investment and Regulatory Reform, Lord Dominic Johnson. DFDS’s long-term goal is to have up to […]

Brussels and Vilvoorde reconnected by Waterbus

April 29, 2024

The Waterbus, which connects Brussels and Vilvoorde, will resume its service on the canal from 1 May. This has been announced by Brussels by Water. The liner will commute every weekday until October and at weekends during the summer holidays. The Waterbus sails between the Stone Quay in Vilvoorde and the Barges Quay in Brussels, […]

14% of CARA fit-to-drive tests resulted in final ban in 2023

April 29, 2024

Last year, 5,317 Flemish people took a fit-to-drive test at the CARA center. Almost fourteen percent of them received negative driving advice, meaning that even with car adjustments or driver license restrictions, they could no longer participate safely in traffic. CARA, a subdivision of the traffic institute Vias, is the Test Center for Fitness to […]

Flemish regional airports get one digital control tower

April 26, 2024

Air traffic controller Skeyes is also preparing a digital control center in Flanders, which will serve the airports of Antwerp, Ostend, and Kortrijk. Skeyes and the Flemish government have reached an agreement on this. The decision that by 2026, air traffic at Charleroi and Liège airports, which are 100 km apart, will be remotely managed […]

Brussels restriction on shared e-scooters suspended

April 26, 2024

The Council of State is blowing the Brussels government the whistle over its decision to limit the number of shared e-scooters, according to newspapers La Libre Belgique and La Dernière Heure. Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt (Groen) reacted with disappointment but was delighted that the Council did uphold the drop zones and fines […]

Belgian driver with €6.2 million in outstanding fines stopped (update)

April 26, 2024

On Wednesday, during an extensive joint police and customs control in South Limburg, a motorist was intercepted with outstanding fines totaling at least 6,238,607 euros. The man – an 81-year-old Limburg advertiser – could not pay the amount, causing the police to confiscate his vehicle. Jean-Paul N. was sentenced to four years in prison in […]

Labour opts for re-nationalizing UK’s railways

April 25, 2024

It has been known for a while that the UK government wants more control over rail transport, but if it depends on the opposition Labour Party, that will effectively come about when it returns to power. So write British media such as The Guardian and the BBC. If Labour is again in government, it wants […]

Accidents involving e-bikes almost as bad as those involving motorcyclists

April 24, 2024

E-bikes are popular among the elderly, and the number of Belgians buying them is rising. Still, you better use a helmet when you get on your e-bike. According to a recent study from Zurich, the injuries you can suffer in a fall or accident are even more comparable to those of motorcyclists rather than conventional […]