Car taxation in Belgium: ready for the labyrinth?

January 16, 2020

It’s motor show time in Belgium, a lot of people are considering buying a new car. It’s already tricky and time-consuming to search for the best buy, but then there is taxation. In a country that is just twice the size of the city of LA and counts 11 million inhabitants, there are several taxation […]

Audi CEO Bram Schot: ‘Cars will become far more expensive’

January 06, 2020

Audi CEO and Dutchman Bram Schot, who will be leaving Audi in April, sees two evolutions shortly. First, a lot of brands will disappear because they can’t afford the energy transition. Secondly, a new car will be 3.000 to 5.000 euros more expensive within four years. “An electric car is more expensive at the moment,” […]

VAB: ‘Consumer not ready yet for EV’

January 02, 2020

Mobility club VAB has realized its first e-Barometer, surveying 4.000 car users in Flanders. On the question of what they expect from electric mobility, only 5% of individual buyers see themselves in an EV. “The first breakthrough will have to come from the fleet sector,” says Joni Junes from VAB. “There, 10% of the respondents […]

XR calls for boycott of ‘Brussels Motor Show of lies’

January 02, 2020

The Belgian branch of the global environmental movement, Extinction Rebellion (XR), calls for a boycott of the Brussels Motor Show. They baptized it the ‘Salon of Lies’ in a press release. XR is planning actions on Saturday 18 January to ‘disturb’ the motor show’s last weekend. Details will be published later. In that press release, […]

Ghosn’s escape surprised everybody

January 02, 2020

The escape of former Alliance CEO, Carlos Ghosn, has surprised many people. He was under confinement in Japan attending his trial and wasn’t allowed to leave the country. Last Monday, he made a ‘James Bond’ escape to Libanon, apparently aided by a private company hired by his wife, Carole. His Japanese lawyer, Junichiro Hironaka, has […]

Le Monde: ‘France has to reduce speed limit to save lives’

December 29, 2017

Lowering the speed limit on secondary roads in France from 100 to 90 kph is inevitable to save lives, and should be implemented as soon as possible at beginning of the new Macron government’s term, as intended. France’s leading newspaper Le Monde is quite straightforward in its editorial opinion. The discussion about lowering the speed […]