Dutch to measure air pollution in detail worldwide

December 04, 2017

Scientists are delighted with the first results of the Dutch space instrument Tropomi, on board of the European satellite Sentinel-5 Precursor. It can measure air pollution like NOx or CO in unprecedented detail, everywhere in the world and pinpoint out the sources responsible for it. “I’m very happy with the first results”, says Piternel Levelt, […]

Ex F1-pilot d’Ambrosio hops on Swiss electric bike

December 04, 2017

Former Belgian Formula 1 pilot Jérôme d’Ambrosio jumps onto the Swiss electric folding bike Voltitude by investing in the startup and become ‘global brand ambassador’ for the company. He will also reside within the advice committee. “Electric bicycles will play a major role in the future”, d’Ambrosio says, “especially in the so called last mile. […]

FCA to jump on Hyundai’s hydrogen wagon

December 04, 2017

The Fiat-Chrysler Group (FCA) is negotiating with South Korean car maker Hyundai to bundle forces to develop new hydrogen cars. This was confined by FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne to the Bloomberg news agency in the weekend. First mass produced fuel cell car Hyundai, together with Japanese car makers Toyota and Honda,  is one of the […]

‘Hundreds of platooning convoys between Rotterdam and Antwerp’

December 04, 2017

After successful small scale testing, heavy truck platooning convoys  should be possible on a daily base by the hundreds by 2020, from the harbour of Rotterdam (Netherlands) to Antwerp (Belgium) and Venlo (Netherlands). With this initiative the Dutch government and some 20 companies want to make the transport more efficient, faster and cleaner. Connected by […]

Artificial intelligence to process car damage claims

December 01, 2017

Within six to twelve months Belgian insurer KBC Insurance will process car damage claims automatically with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). A pilot project just finished, showed to be successful. Self learning robot During several months KBC had its car damage claims checked by a self learning ‘robot’ and a human inspector at the […]

Car drivers forget wiper replacement

November 30, 2017

Dutch car supplier organisation BOVAG ordered a study about the replacemnt of worn wipers on passenger cars. The study of bureau Markteffect showed that only 4% of the car owners replace their wipers after a fixed period.The rest is waiting until they hear screeches or have their vision blurred. The study from Markteffect asked 1.026 […]

CMB: Belgium’s first hydrogen ferry to avoid Antwerp traffic jams

November 30, 2017

Belgian shipping group CMB will use a hydrogen ship, the ‘Hydroville’, to transport people and avoid traffic jams in Antwerp. It is considering hydrogen as an alternative fuel to propel his  entire fleet of (big) ships (in total 96 vessels). Green and clean The Hydroville has been baptised on Wednesday 29th and will cruise to […]

Belgium one of Europe’s forerunners on clean technology

November 29, 2017

Clean technology or sustainable tech is growing in Belgium, making it one of the forerunners in Europe. Especially in waste recycling and offshore wind farms. Less in electrical cars, although the growth percentage looks spectacular: +147%. These are some of the results you can read in the yearly report of i-Cleantech Flanders, a networking organization […]

Audi Ingolstadt gets two electric SUV models to build

November 29, 2017

German car builder Audi is going to build two new electric SUV models in its home factory in Ingolstadt (Germany) from 2021 on. This was confirmed by CEO Rupert Stadler on Tuesday. He promised the German Audi employees job security until 2025. Audi’s two first electric models will be build in Brussels (Vorst), starting in […]

5G-Tech campus opens for developers in Hasselt

November 29, 2017

Tech company site Corda Campus Hasselt, together with Swedish telecom specialist Ericsson, are going to make Belgium’s first 5G telecom network available in the first quarter of 2018 on its campus to developers and companies who want to build on this technology. 5G is considered indispensable to connect autonomous driving cars for instance. Faster and […]

Airbus, Siemens and Rolls-Royce to build hybrid plane

November 29, 2017

European airplane builder Airbus, German technology concern Siemens and British airplane engine builder Rolls-Royce are teaming up to build a hybrid demonstration plane that will make its first test flight in 2020. This is what the three concerns announced on Tuesday at a press conference in London. One electric motor to start For the test […]

New laser technique to detect fine particulates in blood

November 28, 2017

Belgian researchers of the UHasselt and KU Leuven universities have developed a new laser technique to accurately detect fine carbon particulates in the human body. Most dangerous are the particulates PM 2.5 (smaller than 2.5 µm) caused mostly by industry and traffic. Recent studies showed that worldwide more than 4,2 million people die prematurely due […]

Shell to roll out 80 superfast Ionity chargers across Europe

November 28, 2017

Dutch oil company Shell announced on Monday an agreement with tech company Ionity, to roll out 80 of their superfast chargers in Shell’s own pump station network. Ionity, created by car makers BMW, Daimler, Porsche, Audi and Ford in 2016, develops chargers that allow to charge a battery in five to eight minutes. Ionity’s mission […]

Skoda’s think tank DigiLab: working on apps rather than cars

November 27, 2017

In its new DigiLab in Prague, Czech car maker Skoda is working on new ideas for the car driver of the future. And that means rather working on apps than on new cars, in practice. Like and app to drive your sick mother to the hospital, for instance. Never in the front row Being part […]

‘Electric cars only get 60% as far as advertised’

November 27, 2017

The most popular and affordable electric cars sold in Europe today perform on average only 60% of the maximum range advertised by car makers. This was found out by a test of Swiss television show “A bon entendeur” in cooperation with consumer organizations UFC Que Choisir, Test-Aankoop/Test Achat (TA) and other European sister organizations. For […]

Belgian finishes Route 66 by solar bicycle

November 27, 2017

Belgian telecom engineer Michel Voros (53) accomplished his dream: doing the whole 3.940 km long Route 66 in the United States by ‘solar bike’, a self build bike with a trailer equipped with six solar panels. Voros started in Chicago (Illinois) and finished last week in Santa Monica (California) after 49 days, doing some 3.940 […]

Dark side of the electric car: its life cycle

November 23, 2017

Electric cars are regarded ‘greener’ and and alternative for the combustion engine. But are they really? When studying the whole life cycle, the electric car often reveals its dark side according to an article in the Financial Times, published also in Trends. With its petrol engine, a simple Mitsubishi Space Star doesn’t resemble a futuristic […]

Weyts to allow ‘supertrucks’ on all Flemish highways

November 21, 2017

‘Supertrucks’ with almost double capacity of a normal heavy freight lorry will be allowed on all Flemish highways and a so called ‘basic road network’ from January 1st 2018 on. A decree proposal of Minister of Mobility Ben Weyts (N-VA) is examined by the State’s Council at the moment. Two supertrucks already A first pilot […]

Uber orders 24.000 Volvo XC90s for autonomous fleet

November 21, 2017

Uber, worldwide operating transportation technology company, has ordered 24.000 Volvo XC90s with the Swedish-Chinese car manufacturer for its future autonomous driving fleet. The cars will be build on the Volvo’s SPA platform (Scalable Product Architecture) for bigger cars like the XC90 SUV and will be delivered between 2019 and 2021. Volvo didn’t say how many […]

‘Elon Musk scatters new promises but can’t fulfil old ones’

November 20, 2017

Last week Elon Musk surprised the world again after introducing the Tesla Semi electric truck, with a late Steve Jobs like ‘one more last thing’: a new Tesla supercar rolling out of the back of one of the trucks. The charismatic entrepreneur keeps on scattering new promises, but can’t fulfil the old ones up today, […]

OnePark: ‘booking.come’ of car parking

November 17, 2017

French start-up OnePark collects 12 million euros to develop its activity in France and Europe. OnePark offers drivers the possibility to reserve vacant parking spots from hotels or companies, with an app. A kind of ‘booking.com’ of car parking. OnePark is a French start-up that claims to be number one in parking spots booking to […]

Tesla unwraps 600 km range Semi e-truck

November 17, 2017

After revolutionizing the electric car, Tesla’s flamboyant CEO Elon Musk wants to do the same for heavy transport lorries. Musk himself drove a prototype of the ‘Semi’ on stage in Hawthorn, California, on Thursday, a fully electric 40 ton lorry with a range of 600 to 800 kilometres. Tesla’s Semi is a futuristic looking lorry […]

Tesla’s ‘e-truck’ already faces competition

November 16, 2017

American electric car maker Tesla is to present its long awaited first ‘e-truck’ on Thursday evening with a live video broadcast. The e-truck “will blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension.”, according to Elon Musk on Twitter. But it won’t be the first. There already is competition. “It can […]

PSA and Huawei to partner for connected cars

November 15, 2017

French car maker PSA Group and Chinese telecom manufacturer Huawei announced a new partnership to develop a platform dedicated to connected vehicles. Named CVMP (Connected Vehicle Modular Platform), this new platform has been created by the French car manufacturer group PSA and Chinese telecom manufacturer Huawei. “It will allow to deploy new services such as […]

Elia: ‘Gas needed for electricity to replace nuclear’

November 15, 2017

In a report, unveiled on Wednesday, Belgian national grid managing company Elia, states that in spite of renewable energy sources, new gas powerhouses will need to be build to replace nuclear power after 2025. Elia sees three possible scenarios. And it urges the government to act fast. Basis scenario The basic scenario starts from the […]

Wolfsburg orders 14 fuel cell trains from Alstom

November 14, 2017

Last week, the German city of Wolfsburg (Lower Saxony) signed an 8,4 million euro deal with Alstom to equip the region with 14 hydrogen-powered trains. The development of the fuel cell train comes from a 2014 initiative regrouping Alstom and four German Landers. Wolfsburg, the home city of Volkswagen and dieselgate, will see its regional […]

Rubber pads to reduce train noise by half

November 14, 2017

Belgian railway network administrator Infrabel has presented a new rail pad, a rubber mat between the rails and sleepers, that reduces the noise nuisance of rail traffic by an average of 3 decibels or nearly half. “Infrabel will undoubtedly inspire other operators in Europe,” said Minister of mobility François Bellot (MR). Infrabel presented the new […]

‘Hydrogen could represent one fifth of total energy in 2050’

November 14, 2017

According to a McKinsey study, if necessary investments are realized, hydrogen could represent one fifth of the total of energy consumed in 2050. The Hydrogen Council considers this fuel could power 10 to 15 million cars as soon as 2030. “Deployed on a big scale, hydrogen could represent one fifth of the total of energy […]

For sale: world’s largest lithium mine

November 13, 2017

Chilean mining company SQM, exploiting the world’s largest lithium mine today, is up for sale partially, for 32% or somewhat 4 billion dollar. Twelve companies are said to have made a bid, among which some big Chinese state owned, but also Belgian battery component supplier Umicore. Stakes are gigantic: a dominant position on the booming […]

Umicore and Voxdale step into electric racing

November 10, 2017

Indian Formula-E Mahindra Racing has announced a three-year partnership with Belgian companies Umicore and Voxdale. They will develop a new racing car for next seasons’ E-circuit formula, the electrical variant of Formula 1. Battery components and recycling specialist Umicore will investigate how it can improve the performance of the small 12-volt battery in Mahindra Racing’s […]

Audi: all synthetic diesel, made out of CO2

November 10, 2017

Creating diesel out of CO2 from the atmosphere isn’t a theory anymore. The proof is that Audi will build a synthetic diesel production plant in 2018. This possibly ideal fuel emits less sulphur and would be neutral in terms of CO2, but its production will be marginal for now due to costs. Producing fuel synthetically […]

Lampiris switches entire fleet to electric

November 10, 2017

At Lampiris, all workers will have to drive electric by 2021. The Liège based energy supplier wants to become an electric pioneer in the world of company fleets. “We are the first in Belgium to completely switch to electric cars, but at the same time it is becoming a testcase’, says Gaëtan Mondet, general manager […]

Sales of electric cars go up in EU, Belgium stays behind

November 09, 2017

Sales of electric cars in the European Union increased again in the third quarter. This says European sector organization ACEA. Sales increased by nearly 61 % to 23.841 cars on a yearly base. In Belgium growth was limited to 21 % or 560 cars. Almost all EU-countries saw a strong growth. In the Netherlands sales […]

UberAIR: ‘same price as UberX but at 320 kph in the air’

November 09, 2017

During the Lisbon Web Summit, Uber chief product officer Jeff Holden confirmed a partnership with NASA for its future air taxis. Part of the Uber Elevate program, the company wants to revolutionize the urban air transport with small electric air taxis by 2023. Flying taxis With Uber Elevate, the amercian company aims at a friendly […]

Container shipping company CMA-CGM to drive ships with natural gas

November 08, 2017

French shipping company CMA-CGM decided to equip its future container carriers with a power plant running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) to reduce emissions. Deliveries are planned for 2020. CMA-CGM claims to be “the first maritime shipping company in the world to equip its container carriers with this power plant”. Using LNG as fuel will […]

La Rochelle launches first ever hydrogen powered ‘sea bus’

November 08, 2017

As part of the Yélo 2 project, La Rochelle city’s sea shuttle replaced its batteries with four tanks of hydrogen and a fuel cell creating the first ever hydrogen powered “sea bus”. The experiment will continue until August 31st 2018. The small sea shuttle from La Rochelle has seen its powertrain change as part of […]

Waymo sends out autonomous taxis without driver

November 08, 2017

Waymo, a subsidiary company of Alphabet (the mother company of Google), is going to drive his autonomous cars on Phoenix roads without a human driver to intervene. This was announced by the company’s CEO on Tuesday. It is the next step in autonomous driving vehicles. Waymo is planning to start a taxi service in Phoenix […]

Belgian AI-expert trains robots with virtual reality

November 08, 2017

Belgian professor Pieter Abbeel, worldwide renowned artificial intelligence and robotics (AI) researcher at the Berkeley University (California), has left the university to start up his own company, Embodied Intelligence, aimed at training robots. Like the ones used massively in car production for instance , by ‘getting into the robot itself’ by means of virtual reality […]

Uber Belgium to enhance driver’s status

November 07, 2017

Uber Belgium has listened to the different demands from its drivers and the company will now offer more flexibility, reduce the passenger free cancel period to 2 minutes and charge the passenger 25 cent/min when the driver has to wait more than 2 minutes. Job’s attracticeness Before, we put our priority on growth and perhaps […]

ICCT: cars consume 42% more than advertised

November 07, 2017

Fuel consumption of new cars on the road is in average 42 % higher than what the type-approval test results promise. This says a survey by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). In 2001 the difference was only 9 %. The ICCT is a non-governmental organization based in Berlin and the US, that published […]

Belgian electric bike built out of bamboo

November 07, 2017

One year ago, 31-year-old Perrine Collin launched Cycad, a young company building electric bikes out of bamboo. They now offer these ecological bicycles for long term rent at a degressive rate. “I met Narciso while I was working for an NGO in the Philippines”, explains Perrinne, “He was building bicycles out of bamboo and I […]

850 shared bicycles in Brussels and counting

November 06, 2017

Since September 2017, numerous shared bicycles from different renting companies such as GoBee Bike, OBike or Billy Bike are appearing all around Brussels., totaling around 850 today. These “free-floating” bicycles can be picked-up and dropped-off wherever the user desires it, without the need of a station. In Brussels, the concept of the shared bike is […]

Zolder circuit loses ‘Electric GT-race’

November 06, 2017

The Electric GT championship, an European series for race prepared Tesla’s, is in the air again. Initially planned to start this month in the Marseille region, the start of the  championship is postponed until at least mid-2018. The race in Zolder scheduled on June 23th 2018 has been cancelled and Belgian race director Pierre Delettre […]

Belgian startup building fast electric speedboats

November 06, 2017

A growing number of lakes and rivers prohibit the use of combustion engines in leisure boats. The Belgian Liso Yacht anticipates this trend by building luxury electric pleasure boats, capable of reaching speeds up to 100 kph on the water. “We are the Tesla of the boats,” says Dirk De Munter, the founder of Liso […]

Every bike to get a passport against theft

November 06, 2017

The Belgian bicycle sector has developed a digital system called Velo-Pass, which must help in the fight against theft. Traxio is aiming for a launch in early 2018. In Belgium, almost 100 bikes are stolen every day. To counter it, umbrella organization Traxio, which also represents the bicycle sector, developed the digital bicycle passport Velo-Pass. […]

BMW, VW, Daimler and Ford to build 400 fast charging stations in Europe

November 06, 2017

Four big car makers have created a joint venture under the name Ionity with the objective to build about 400 fast charging stations all over Europe by 2020. The point is to have one charging point each 120 km. One year ago, BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler and Ford signed a memorandum for the construction of a […]

Dutch industry asks government to invest in hyperloop

November 06, 2017

“The Netherlands should have the first test section of the hyperloop in Europe, a vacuum tube through which passengers can travel at speeds up to 1.200 kph. That’s why the government should make a one-off investment.” This is the message sent today to The Hague by companies and the semi-public sector. Cost for the construction […]

Flanders promotes ‘green’ asphalt for less CO2

November 06, 2017

From January 2018 on, the Flemish region will promote the usage of a ‘greener’ kind of asphalt, that reduces CO2 emissions by one third when applied. Ben Weyts (NV-A), Minister for Public Works, even wants to make the ‘green asphalt’ mandatory form 2021 on. The asphalt used is a new kind that only needs 110 […]

Elon Musk promising too much too soon?

November 03, 2017

Elon Musk himself predicted that the production start of the Model 3 would be ‘a hell’. But the actual problems go beyond his worst case scenario. Especially the software for the Model 3 batteries from Tesla’s own Gigafactory turns out to be problematic. Production prognoses are delayed by another three months. GigaFactory If all goes […]

Bike hunters to retrieve stolen bikes as police proves powerless

November 03, 2017

Dutch bicycle maker VanMoof developed a tracking system for stolen bikes and sends out its own ‘bike hunters’ to retrieve them. A service that is proposed at an annual fee of 100 euro. In Belgium every quarter of an hour a bicycle is stolen. Police is powerless with a result that only 4 % of […]

Erdogan wants new car brand ‘made in Turkey’

November 03, 2017

Turkish President Erdogan announced a plan to launch a new car brand, entirely made in Turkey. His aim? To see a car rolling off the domestic assembly line by 2021. For years now, a domestic produced car has been an objective for the Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AK Parti), as a symbol of the […]

Car maintenance costs shot up with 32,6%

November 03, 2017

Car maintenance and repair costs shot up with +32,6% in Belgium since 2008, higher than in the neighbouring countries the Netherlands (+21,9%), Germany (+25,5%) and France (+24,5%). This is one of the conclusions of the latest study of the Belgian Price Observatory, part of the federal Agency for Economics. The study focuses on the total […]

Mobile gas power plant at sea to supplement wind farms

November 02, 2017

Dutch start up Circular Energy from Delft has worked out a concept to ‘harvest’ gas at sea on mobile gas power plants and produce electricity without CO2 emissions. The gas power plant can compliment wind farms when there is no wind and use their power lines to supply to the grid on the shore. A […]

Tesla struggles with biggest quarterly loss ever

November 02, 2017

Californian electric car maker Tesla announced on Wedsnesday its biggest quarterly loss ever, due to continuing production problems with the new Model 3 and 700 sacked employees. Since it entered the stock market back in June 29 2010, Tesla has experienced eight annual losses. Yesterday, the company announced its biggest loss ever of 620 million […]

ACEA: ‘Electric car market only growing in wealthier countries’

November 02, 2017

“Electric car sales are progressing all around the world, but only evolve in EU countries with a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of more than 30.000 per inhabitant, the more wealthy countries”, European Automobile Manufacturers Association ACEA explains. Since the beginning of this year, electric car sales are taking off. This market growth is pulled upwards […]

Smart car suffers from ignorant driver

November 02, 2017

Modern cars are loaded with safety systems, but most drivers hardly ever use them. They simply don’t know what smart gadgets their car is equipped with. This was one of the remarkable results of the study carried out by the Connecting Mobility, a project office of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management together […]

Test driver autonomous Waymo car fell asleep

November 02, 2017

One of the side effects of self-driving car is that the drivers tend to fall asleep and are unable to intervene when something goes wrong. “A scary experience”, Waymo CEO John Krafcik told Reuters on a visit of its Phoenix area test facilities this week. After experiencing this in 2013 during highway testing, Waymo, sister […]

‘Autonomous car might tempt people to flee the city’

October 30, 2017

According to American real estate experts Justin Thompson and Garth Bostic the autonomous car can tempt people in the future to flee the city and move back to the green countryside, while traffic jams around the city will still remain and parking spaces in the city will become obsolete. The Los Angeles based experts asked […]

Belgian students to design warning system for train passengers

October 27, 2017

Belgian Rail is challenging technical students to find a solution to warn passengers being too close to the edge of the train platforms while waiting, despite of the yellow line indicating the safety distance, the signs and the public call systems. Every day, railway company NMBS/SNCB transports 850,000 passengers in 3.500 trains on the world’s […]

Nissan wants to be Belgium’s no 1 in EV

October 26, 2017

With the launch of its new Leaf 2, Nissan wants to remain the world’s number one in electric vehicle. In Belgium, it hopes that the new model will oversell the Tesla Model S that is currently the country’s best selling EV. Nissan has been playing in the electric vehicle segment for much longer than its […]